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the one with spring jackets

I’ve talked many times about my love of spring and the fashion that comes along with it. I love shorts with long sleeves, and jeans with heels and tank tops. In the morning, you always need a jacket so It’s like two outfits in one . . .  with the jacket, without the jacket. Spring jackets should never be underestimated. I like to think of them more like blazers than jackets. They add a certain style factor to your outfit – but they still have a distinct purpose. Here’s a few of my top choices for this years spring jackets.

spring jackets

utility – They’ve been in for awhile, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. So if you don’t have one pick one up finally.

  jean – The classic standby. I always recommend getting it in a darker color. Jean trends change, but dark denim is always in style.

rain – April showers bring may flowers so the main reason for the jacket is the rain. Try one in a fun color to keep it stylish.

statement – Bigger lapels were in this winter, and they might as well come on into spring. This one has a sort of cape style to it as well which makes it the ultimate statement piece.

trench – Another classic, this one for the rain.

hooded . You have to protect your hair sometimes with the changing weather and the rain. A hood is the best way obviously.

sleeveless – Why it’s called a sleeveless jacket I’ll never know. It’s a vest, right!? But I love them, and I think we should all have one for spring.

the one with green after St. Patrick’s day

greenskirt7 greenskirt4 greenskirt5 greenskirt3 greenskirt8 greenskirt2 greenskirt9 greenskirt1 greenskirt6

exact skirt . similar skirt . tank . similar wedges . sunglasses . necklace via

Last week my husband and I went to see Superman vs Batman (not a great movie, but I’m confused why it’s getting terrible reviews online). I wore this outfit because of it’s comfort level – also because green is not limited to St. Patrick’s day around here. Scott ran in while I parked the car so we could get good seats. On my way in, some young men outside kept hollering at me to see if it was St. Patrick’s Day. I ignored them . . . I have no time or respect for cat calling. But then one of them asked me if I was too good for him . . . Too good isn’t the words I would use, but yes I have more respect for myself to acknowledge a man who isn’t observant enough to see the ring on my finger, the little baby bump I have, thinks cat calling is appropriate, or thinks green is only appropriate one day out of the year. I’ve also recently (about 14 weeks ago) lost any filter I might have had before and so I decided to tell him.

I love this skirt mostly because it was $3 on Target clearance. But also because it’s just super comfortable, and I think it might expand a little with the growing belly – here’s hoping.

the one with Florida living room reveal

I try to keep this blog about things that are happening in my real life or in general for the world. . . like spring jackets because it’s spring, maternity dresses because I’m expecting, etc, etc. So for today’s post I had originally listed nursery ideas. But then I realized that would be 2 weeks in a row with 2 posts all about the baby. Welp, I don’t plan on turning this into a momma blog so I had to rethink some things. That’s when I realized . . . I’ve never shown you my Florida house! So today we’re starting with the living room!

a little back story . . . When we moved down here a year little over a year ago, we wanted a place to rent that was reasonably priced, in a safe and quiet neighborhood, and that would fit our current furniture (we didn’t have time to sell and restart which might have been easier). This place was perfect for all of those conditions. The plan was to live here a year while we got to know the area, made friends, found a church, and settled in with Iron Man’s new job. Well, we ‘ve done all those things and we love our quiet beach town, but with his job we’ve found that a move to another city is possible in about a year. We also discovered about 3 months ago we need to save some money for a little person growing in my belly. So we’re staying here for another year.  It’ll be a tight squeeze once the little one is here (if I just had about 2 feet on the side for storage), but he’ll be sleeping in our room for a few months and the financial benefits of staying here are MAJOR. Plus we like our little house – the room I’m showing you today is what sold us on it. And the fact that it has a nice greige paint color throughout so I didn’t need to paint! Let’s get to the fun part the pictures . . . .



the one about the first trimester

FullSizeRender (2)


When I first started blogging, Jessica Garvin was the first blog I read regularly. Her pregnancy updates with Harper were my favorite day of the week, and I dreamed about the day I’d get to do the same. AND THAT TIME IS HERE! I hope you guys enjoy reading them as much as I do, and that mine are as interesting as hers! If you don’t, don’t worry I’m not gonna do them every week 🙂 Here’s all about the first trimester. . .

How far along? 12 weeks
Maternity clothes? I bought some shorts and a dress on sale. I don’t really need them yet, but they are the best things I’ve ever worn so I wear them a lot. All my old clothes still fit, although not the same – and belts with my jeans are the worst idea EVER.
Sleep: getting better. I’m incredibly tired all the time, but for the first few weeks sleep was hard to come by.
Best moment: seeing the baby move at our first ultrasound

Miss Anything? sushi specifically spicy tuna. I’m not a big drinker, but I would kill for a Moscow mule right now.
Movement: the Dr. says he/she moves a lot, but I’m not feeling it yet.
Food cravings: croissantwhiches from burger king, spaghetti, now n laters but specifically the kind from the dollar tree
Anything making you queasy or sick: the smell of raw ground beef
Gender: we find out this week!

Symptoms: dry skin, nauseous, headaches, super tired, superhuman smelling, tender breasts . . . all of them
Belly Button in or out? in
Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: happy most of the time! much more chill than usual actually. but every now and then I feel the need to cry . . . for no reason.
Looking forward to: telling everyone the gender!

the one about spring 2016








shorts . tshirt . belt . fedora . jacket . sandals

I love it when Spring first comes around and the mornings are a little chilly, but the afternoons are perfectly warm. You still get to wear that cute little jacket, and after 11 you get to roll the windows down and take the jacket off. Here in Florida it’s already too hot for all that, and the season where you complain about the heat has officially begun. Super excited to be pregnant during the hottest months of the year. BUT if I needed a jacket this would be the perfect one. Go pick it up, now.

My 30th birthday was Saturday. I know it’s sort of shocking that I didn’t make a big deal about it on the blog. That’s usually not my style, but I’ve been growing a child. Birthday month is no longer. I’m not disappointed about it- next birthday month I’ll be cuddling my 5 month old so I think it all works out. I’m also not trippin’ about turning 30 even though everyone keeps asking me. I feel young, I am young, my 30’s are gonna be the best decade yet! Don’t worry, I still treated myself though to a little day trip to Disney, a new hair cut, a pedicure, and lots of cake.

the first one about the baby

Thank you for all your sweet words on the impending arrival of our new baby! It’s so great know we have so many great people sending happy thoughts and prayers our way. Today I wanted to share how we told everyone! This is my first kid so I’m excited, bare with me 🙂 I’ll try to keep it short and sweet.

At the end of January, I flew to Indiana at the last minute to get our house there ready to sell. I painted, cleaned, did electrical work, saw all my friends and family, kept up with the blog, SOLD the house,  – basically I was waayyyy too busy, had way too many drinks, and way too much coffee for a pregnant lady within 5 days. My cycle is always very regular- like besides a few times in life when I went through some changes I could tell you the time of day I would begin 4 days from hell. So while sitting at the airport flying back to Florida sipping my 4th cup of coffee that day I realized I was 2 days late and obviously was pregnant.  On the way to our house from the airport I picked up some pregnancy tests to be sure, and the lady who checked me out asked if it was a good thing. Why would you ask the woman buying pregnancy tests anything? What if it’s not a good thing? Anyhoo, I ran home right passed my husband on the couch to the bathroom  took the tests and they instantly . . . instantly . . . confirmed I was pregnant. I cannot stress the instant enough. I skipped into the living room after grabbing this onesie I was saving to surprise my husband with and said ‘hey I got you something in Indiana’. He calls me boo so the baby is little boo 🙂 He started laughing, and I don’t think it’s sunk in that his firstborn is currently growing in my belly. Also, pregnancy tests are gross, but this is the only picture I have from that night.


I did tell my niece and my bestie – my niece has had 3 babies and is like a sister to me so she was my girl to call and I knew she’d talk me off an the edge when my symptoms got crazy – and my bestie is having a baby AT THE SAME TIME so I had to tell her! We didn’t tell anyone else for 6 weeks, and it nearly killed me. We live 1200 miles away from our nearest and dearest, but still wanted to make it special – this is the 10th grandchild for my parents and the 1st for his – so we overnighted them all something special in the mail.

my parents – My dad has been helping my husband and I lot a lot lately. Especially with our house in Indiana so we bought him a bible to say thanks! THEN when we found out we were having a baby we decided to have this verse engraved on it and included an ultrasound inside! FullSizeRender

his mom – She keeps saying ‘I’m so happy for me’ haha!

our siblings – my brother had the perfect reaction – that **** got my sister pregnant. We’ve been married for 3 years, brother. IMG_7965


So that’s how we told our family! Everybody else saw the announcement you all did on Wednesday – they just saw it a few days before 🙂 Next up is our gender reveal! Tell me how you told your friends and family the babies gender – I need creative ideas!

the one with an explanation

I’m sure some of you have noticed that I’ve cut back on blogging and social media lately and if you haven’t . . . well, it’s good to know you have a life that’s not taken up by the internet, I guess. Today I just wanted to give an explanation why and where my heads at . . .





I’m also sure that all of you looked at the picture before reading anything I had written. Thanks for ruining the surprise. Iron Man and I are having a baby. We’re 12 weeks along and things are going great (well, the babies ok so that’s great). We’re excited and thrilled and amazed and he’s a little scared all at the same time. I don’t have the energy to be scared anymore. I won’t talk about the baby much, but as a fashion blogger I can’t hide the fact that I’m pregnant either, ha! So there will be pregnancy updates starting on Friday! Talk to all of you then! In the mean time check out this HelloFresh giveaway!

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