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the one with my favorite shoes

IMG_2221 IMG_2220 IMG_2219 IMG_2215 IMG_2218 IMG_2216Who watched the Oscars last night? I, of course, did because I’ve been a fan of Leo since growing pains. I’ve been waiting for 23 years, so last night I didn’t even complain about how terrible and boring the rest of the show was or how late I was up.  This morning I’ve got an extra cup of coffee, and luckily I’m not complaining how it all was a waste. I did learn that I cannot hangout till midnight anymore. There’s a real possibility I may be dead to the world about 2pm no matter how many cups of coffee I have.

Let’s talk about the outfit for a second. I’ve mentioned before that before purple became my favorite color it was the pairing of navy and maroon. So I decided to rock it out with my new favorite shoes. Do you have those shoes that are your favorites and you really just have no idea why? They aren’t particularly comfortable, they don’t even really fit you properly, but you love them and wear them almost every day. These are them. And as usual . . . the entire outfit is from old navy. somebody please tell them how much I love them so maybe I’ll make it in this blogging world.

the one with a spring wishlist

Spring is right around the corner, and that always makes me want to shop. So I made a wishlist of all the spring things.


tea kettle – I don’t know, they’re just really cute, and I really want one. I do drink tea so it wouldn’t be a complete waste. Right? What I’d do with a whole pot of tea I’ve not a clue.
pencil pouch – I keep my purse extremely organized by using little pouches like this. For some reason (because I like to shop), I switch them out all the time. Every time I buy one it has to be better than the last one.
gray druzy necklace – I love druzy jewelry, and I’m ready to add something to my small collection. Something in a neural color that’s dainty or could be added to for more of a statement seems perfect.
dress –   Since I never dress up anymore, or at least rarely dress up, I’ve been craving some new dresses. This one is graphic and chic. Perfect combination.
notebook – I’ve been writing a lot lately. to do list, ideas, journaling – just writing. And it’s always better when in an adorable notebook. Target is my favorite place for those.

What’s on your spring wishlist?

the one with throw pillows

Someone asked me recently if I had a $100 to spend at Target what would I buy. I instantly without hesitation said throw pillows and rugs. I’m just ready for a quick, inexpensive, and easy change in our living room. A throw pillow is the perfect way to do just that, so I gathered together some of my favorites from recent searches to show all of you . . . funny enough only one is from Target.

throw pillows

tribal print . mostly I just love the colors in this one. plus it’s so not crazy with the tribal pattern so when that style is no longer popular this one could still be left out.

geo floral . I’m sort of obsessed with cross stitch right now, and since I have no clue how to do it myself this pillow is definitely on my wish list.

owl  . owls will forever more be one of my 2 favorite animals, and it’s so hard to find owl decor that isn’t cutesy. you know what I mean.

ampersand . we actually have this pillow, and it may be described as me in pillow form.

metallic . metallic is really in right now for home décor. a throw pillow is a great way to introduce it and not commit to it.

pom pom . at least one throw pillow has to be fun so why not go pom pom fun! plus Jonathon Adler never goes wrong.

watercolor I’m still obsessed with watercolor, and I believe every room needs just a little floral.

What are your favorite throw pillows?

the one with updated classics


jeans . flats . button up black tee . sunglasses . madewell tote . pixi lip balm in ripe raspberry

When you wear the classics – like a black tee, black and white, a button up and jeans – you need something to make it your own. Something for you to stand out from the crowd. Even if it’s just a neutral pair of black flats so you blend in, you’re making it yours. Just like how you add a secret ingredient to a basic recipe to make it yours, you need a little something to add to the classics in your wardrobe to make it yours. A trendy hairstyle, a hat, a bold lip, some killer shoes, a large tote, or most, if not all of the

For me this is a fun take on a classic outfit, and I include the shoes as a classic. One thing that makes me sad is when my old stand bys start to get too worn. I’m almost there with these shoes, and I feel worried. Will I be able to find another pair I love just as much and that will last me 500 wears? How much will I have to pay for these bad boys!? The struggle is real.

what do you pair your classics with?

5 pieces 1 outfit : spring beach

Spring break is right around the corner for many college kids, and a month or so away for all those in high school. If it’s not in March for you then I apologize for bring it up. With a march birthday half of my spring breaks started or involved my birthday and it was pretty glorious! No one wants to go to school on their birthday no matter how many cupcakes you get to eat in class. I almost always had a great excuse not to go so thanks for getting knocked up in June mom. For most people though, spring break means beach vacations and a little break from the cold. So for all the moms out there and the girls in need of new clothes that means it’s time to go shopping in preparation for spring weather and beach trips. To help I’ve brought together some of my favorite beachwear for this edition of 5 pieces, 1 outfit.



sunglasses . tote . flip flops . coverup . suit

I’m really feeling patterns and bright colors this season. Its the perfect time to bring in one of the colors of the year – serenity – or light blue as I like to call it. This cover-up and beach bag are the perfect way to do so. What are you wearing for spring break this year?

the one with homemade blackhead remover

Over on My Crafty Spot today I’m talking about one of my favorite beauty diy’s – shower jellies. I love lush products, but I can’t always afford them. DIY shower jellies are the perfect match for me and girls like me! They’re quick, easy and just as wonderful as they’re lush inspiration.


To make them you need plain gelatin – what in the world else do I use plain gelatin for? I looked up several recipes, and decided to use another one of the packets for another beauty related diy. The one I decided on was a homemade blackhead remover! I don’t have a lot of blackheads, and the ones I have are all on my nose. So no need to spend a bunch of money, right!? To make the blackhead remover all you need is two tablespoons of milk and one sachet of colorless and flavorless gelatin. Heat the milk and pour the gelatin sachet, then stir continuously until the substance is completely mixed. Once you have finished mixing, the resulting substance can be applied to areas where you have blackheads and leave it on the skin until it dries and hardens. Finally, pull the pore strip carefully in order to remove blackheads. Before you make this mask the skin should be clean and you can keep your head over a hot pot of water for steam to open the pores.

the one with sandals


jeans . aerie boyfriend tank . blazer . necklace via . shoes

How was your valentines day yesterday? Tell me all about it, I love a good love story. Iron Man and I just did our usual date night of dinner and a movie. This week we dressed up a little nicer, and spent a little extra on dinner and gave each other homemade gifts! It was a perfect low key valentines day to round out our first year in Florida.

From what I hear it has been like spring weather around the states, which means we haven’t gotten a lot of snow this winter! Even though I live in Florida that still makes me happy because I truly hate snow. I truly hate snow. The biggest reason I hate snow is because I hate having my feet covered. Sure, I love a riding boot. But a good sandal with a sweet pedicure is so much better to me. And in springtime I love wearing an outfit that’s usually for winter with some sandals. A breezy top with a cute jacket or blazer to keep you covered when it’s too cool . . . and some killer sandals. It doesn’t get much better in the spring time for me.



the one with last minute valentines day gifts

Valentines day is on Sunday, literally just around the corner. I don’t hate Valentines day like I know a lot of gals do. It may be a hallmark holiday, but I still love it. Iron Man and I never go big we always do little things, and don’t spend a lot of money. So all of the gift ideas I have are ones that you can grab at the last minute! Sometimes – most of the time – last minute gifts are the best ones to receive. You have to think about it hard to be sure they don’t know you just thought about it yesterday!


Sneak out and get your man some coffee before he wakes up on valentines day! bonus tips if you write a corny love note on it!


7 reasons you love him with 7 of his favorite candies. I don’t even know if Iron Man has 7 favorite candies.


What about a corny, romantic breakfast? I would prefer to sleep in for my gift, but ya know, some people like breakfast.


I love to give Scott coupon books, and this is a fun new take! A punch card for back rubs, date nights, whatever you man wants!


Such a cute gift basket!

What are you getting your man for valentines day?