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Fun things around the niche

The end of a long week has finally come. The weekend is here. Let’s all sit back and let out a huge sigh of relief. Here’s some fun things that have been happening at the niche while you relax . . .

1. Patches and pins are making such a huge comeback right now. I haven’t figured out how to mix them in with my personal style, but I love it all the same. All of these are available over at ShopBop.

2. Leo won the globes you guys. not just a globe, but the whole event. I bought a clutch the next day called the leo clutch . . . I might have a problem. My favorite part of the whole event can be found here #sideye.
3. My niece/little sister (long story) came to see me, and we found all kinds of fun, hipster, young people places in our little retirement community of a town! Seeing this place through new eyes was wonderful, and spending time with her was better.
4. I’m terrible with words, especially when someone amazing passes so I’ll just leave this here.
5. who wants to do this with me? get motivated for the new year!?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! This weekend is going to be full of the grill and some laid back time with the husband for me. What do you have in store?

the one with 4 bags for 2016

I truly believe that a bag can change your life. I am living proof of this very fact. I wish I had a clear or a funny story of how a bag changed my life, but I don’t have one. I just know that there’s a feeling that comes around when you find that perfect bag. But there is a problem . . . there’s just never one perfect bag. Every girl deserves to have those perfect bags in her closet, and I love to start my new year with those perfect bags. This year here’s 4 bags I’m planning on picking up (or maybe I already have, I probably already have, yup I already have).


Merona clutch with tassel . The perfect little (but spacious enough for a big phone) bag for those nights you need a little something fancy.

h&m small crossbody .  Some days you just need to grab a quick bag, throw it across your body, and run out the door. This one has some tassels on it to give it a little style. Black is the perfect color because it matches most everything, and adds a little edge to any outfit.

merona satchel work bag. We all need a good, big, structured work bag. One we can throw it all in . . . literally all of it . . . the inside of that bag can be a mess, but outside it still looks like your act is together.

asos big eyes novelty crossbodyjust a fun bag . . . because fun bags

What bags are you snatching up this year?

the one with madewell










jeans . tank . hunter boots . tote . jacket

It’s still raining fairly frequently here on the east coast. Can I say I live on the east coast? I do say it, and I will continue . . . east coast of Florida counts. Anyways, it’s still raining here and so the rain jacket and the hunter boots are still frequently seen around our little town. With this outfit, I decided to keep things pretty monochrome – black, grey, denim.

I’ve decided this year that I’m going to invest in some quality accessories. What do I mean buy that?  I’m still figuring it out, but ya know, some accessories are necessities . . . like belts, a nice leather bag, black pumps.  I’ve decided that this year I’m going to invest in quality pieces. No more $10 belts or $20 Target pumps. Those are perfect for crazy colored accessories that I don’t wear a lot. But my necessary, accessories are being upgraded this year.

So first up was a black leather bag that can fit a lot of stuff in it, and still be fashionable. Obviously, madewell was the place to go. And guys, I’m in love with it. Madewell killed it with this bag.

Do you have a madewell bag?

the one with diy laundry detergent

In an effort to be more green, cut down on chemicals, save money, etc . . . and the fact that we finally have a place with our very own washer and dryer . . . I decided in 2013 to make our own laundry detergent. Recipes for these are not hard to find it’s just deciding which one you want to use. I chose to go with Liz Marie, for a few reasons – 1. I like how she gives a 1 year review so I know what to expect. 2. She talks about how to prevent the hardening. 3. Most importantly, my hubbers is obsessed with oxyclean, and I wanted there to be a stain fighter in my recipe.


Here’s what you’ll need . . .

1. One four pound twelve ounce box of Borax. You can use 2 smaller boxes.
2. Three bars of Fels-Naptha soap. You can use any soap of your choice.
3. one four pound box of arm & hammer baking soda.
4. one box of arm & hammer super washing soda
5. four pounds of Oxy Clean
6. Laundry softener cyrstals for scent.

and here’s the how to . . .

1. Grate the fels-naptha bars into a bowl
2. dump fels-naptha into a large container
3. Mix all other ingredients into the bucket & shake it all up together.
4. Place into container of your choice

You can find this all at your local grocery store or . . . I did go to a super target and couldn’t find some of it (like the bars of soap), but every other grocery store I frequent has it all (walmart,kroger,marsh).

I have a 64oz rubbermaid container from target to keep what we’re not using in. With the lid snapping shut it will prevent the hardening, and it’s really convenient to store in a cabinet with the rest of my cleaning supplies. It was also really easy to just dump everything in and then let my husband mix it all up (so he could touch the oxyclean, boys are weird).

The cute little 1 gallon glass container that I keep on top of the dryer along with the homemade fabric softener is refilled about 4 months from that rubbermaid. It’s very easy, convenient, and neat. My favorite 3 words.

This cost me (with the containers) about $25 and usually lasts me over a year. Every recipe I found says it lasted them a year, and I only have 2 people so our first bath made in late 2013 lasted us until the beginning of 2015. We’ve got about 4 or 5 months left of that round. $25 = 1+ year of laundry, that’s

the one with rain boots and grace











Badgley Mishka . earrings . sweater c/o shopbop . hunter boots c/o shop bop
I love it when a mom lets her little girl dress herself, especially when that little girl is a girly, girl and loves tutu’s, sparkles, and bright colors. The outfits that end up on that little gal are almost always the most perfect display of her personality and all good little girl things. Have you noticed that most of them involve rain boots?Out of all my nieces and nephews (9), only 2 are girls. And only 1 of them is little. I have learned from her that even the girliest of girls need rain boots. Because when they see that puddle of water, they HAVE to jump in. There is no care of the risk that her clothes will be drenched, her hair will be ruined, or that the puddle might swallow her up. So when she chooses her outfit, and she picks her teal tutu to go with her pink rain boots – it’s like she’s preparing to take that risk. She knows it’s going to be a big day, full of adventure, and she’s ready for whatever life will toss her way. That’s how I want to be even though I’m not such a little girl anymore. Ready to take on the risk, and prepared to give myself grace if that puddle swallows me up.

the one with Christmas pictures

It’s time to share some delightful family pictures from Christmas and new years . . . holla! my favorite posts!


We all got pink pewter headbands for Christmas. I’m a little obsessed. I may have basically not taken it off, and my husband maybe sick of it. Also, sitting around the kitchen table with your mom and sister on Christmas day is the best.


The husband and I celebrated 5 years together on New Years Eve, while I wore my headband. It was the best, and he is the best, and I am the luckiest.


MY BEST FRIEND HAD A BABY!!! She’s the cutest, and her name is Kierstyn. Scott is her best friend, and I’m a little jealous.


Christmas with the family was amazing as per usual. This guy (my nephew) is a real live adult. blows my mind.


more nieces and nephews celebrating the holidays. so cute, I love them.

How was your Christmas, new year?

the one with one pot shrimp alfredo

Right now I am probably laying on the beach with one of my top 5 favorite people in all the world. My little sister is here to spend quality time with me in my new home town, and I am soaking it up. The water is probably way to busy to actually get in, and it’s probably cold for Florida – like 75 – but she’s here and we both need some rest and relaxation (and a cocktail) after the holiday season. So if you need me that’s where I’ll be . . . I’ll be back Monday when she leaves.


In the meantime, I wanted to share  quick and easy recipe that I’ve got posted over on My Cooking Spot as of yesterday. Once my mini vacation is over, and I’m sure for some of you it has already started . . . a new year brings with it a busy schedule. That means no time to cook. So I’ve got One pot 30 minute meals on the brain. Pinterest has a plethora of them that you can copy or adapt as your own! My favorite all include pasta because carbs are my best friend. Head on over to my cooking spot to see my recipe for One Pot 30 Minute Shrimp Alfredo, and then head back here and tell me what you think!

the one with Rita and Phil









skirt c/o . Chiffon Tops . heels

Let’s talk about butts for a second. Butts are a big part of my life . . . why? because I have a real big one. In the 30 years of my life, that has changed from a shameful thing to say to a real good thing to say. But it has always had this underneath it ‘so yes it’s hard to find things that fit properly because my waist is a size smaller than my ass’. Only other girls with big butts, and perverts that stare at the gap in the back of my jeans will understand. Jeans and pencil skirts are always the hardest. Jeans you can belt, and some brands even have curvy styles that work a little butter . . . I mean better. But pencil skirts and I have never worked out until I met Rita and Phil.

Rita and Phill is a clothing company – specifically custom made skirts for now. The name is inspired by “Groundhog Day” the movie – which at it’s heart is a classic love story. Phil just has to improve himself to move on with his life. That’s how Rita and Phil see fashion. It just needs some improvement. So they studied butts, and came up with the secret to making every butt as beautiful as possible. Check out the details of how it works here. Then pick out your favorite, and come back and tell me which it is.

Now until February 15th you can get a  30% discount using the code: CustomSkirt567