the one with a 4 hour nap.

the one with a 4 hour nap.







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Sleep has been missing in my life as of late, and so Sunday I took a 4 hour nap. It was the best part of 2016 so far. Taking a nap used to be underrated, and I’ve never been more thankful that they’ve finally found their place in the world. My world of the year is grace, and it’s going really well so far. Sunday’s nap is the best living proof of that. You guys wouldn’t wanted to have talked to me yesterday if I hadn’t taken it anyway. So consider missing yesterday as my little gift to you. You are welcome.

You guys know I love Shein for exceptionally reasonably priced clothing that is trendy and good quality. So I wanted to tell you about a sale they’re having. I may have loaded up on a few winter pieces while not blogging yesterday. The world will never know because I shouldn’t be spending money right now, and so I’ll never admit it. Be sure to head over and find your better winter look in SheIn. Seize the chance, fashion lovers. It ends tomorrow 1/20

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How was your weekend? Anybody else get in a nap?


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