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the one with green nail polish

The easiest and simplest way that can allow any woman to quickly change her look and enhance her elegance is using nail polish. Changing the color of your nails and making amazing artistic creations on them from time to time or even every day doesn’t even cost you a lot of money. You can decorate your nails on your own through making use of the latest nail polish trends and the nail art designs. Some trends to keep in mind for this season – short/rounded nails, negative space, opal nails, metallic colors, and ombre is still around making waves in nail trends just the way I like it.


Here today aragon tomorrow – opi . I dream of greenie – tru gel . Hunter by Zoya . billionaire Deborah lipmann

But the nail trend that is my favorite is green polish. Specifically dark, hunter, winter greens!  Dark nails have been here for a long, long time, and I think we can all agree that we love the edge and style they give. But in 2016 instead of blacks and red . . .  we’re all going green! So today I’ve got 4 lined up that I’ve tried out for you and know are great.

Have you tried green nail polish yet? Do you love it as much as I?

the one with surprises










jeans . tee . chambray popover . necklace . shoes

Sometimes you have to be open to crazy possibilities, and changing your schedule at the drop of a hat. Like crazy changes to your life, not just a hey you get off work at 6 instead of 5, but like hey you need fly 1100 miles north tomorrow. That was just one of the surprising changes to my schedule last week, and the most surprising part of all was that I took it all in stride.

See, I like to be in control. I don’t like surprises – not even surprise birthday parties. For many years, I’ve lived my life making sure I’ve had a certain level of control over it as best I could.  I am a woman after all. And used to I would freak out a little bit – a lot of bit – when I lost that control and something unexpected happened. I ended up taking it out on those close to me so much so that they expected it to happen. This past year it’s gotten a lot better. Moving 1100 miles away to Florida in 28 days will do that to you, I guess. But still, life is much more calm and laid back here in Florida so when all the surprises of last week happened I was pleasantly surprised when my attitude stayed steady.

I didn’t mention this outfit at all, but it speaks for itself right? Also when you go from 60 degrees to 10 degrees . . . layers.

the one about the perils of home ownership

Before we get started let me remind you, I am one of the queens of sarcasm. If I were to be comedian it would be the satire variety. The kind most people don’t like because all that crap she says it’s just a little too truthful, and you’re not sure if she’s really joking or not because she suffers from RBF (resting bitch face). I also exaggerate a little to keep things interesting. Keep that in mind as you read today’s short story . . .


As many of you know, my husband and I bought a house in August of 2014. 5 short months later we unexpectedly moved to Florida for his job. In those 5 months of home ownership, we spent a lot of time and money making the house just the way we wanted it to look. We loved that house, and still do. We’d move it to Florida if we could afford it (this is one of those things you’ll come back to later and be like is she for real – no I’m not for real). But our renovations were slow going because of time and budget. We also did what we wanted not thinking about resale because we’d be there for quite some time in our minds. . .buuuuuuuut here we are a year after moving to Florida finally selling that damn house. Guys, I’m never buying a house again because I never want to sell a house again.

If you’ve sold or purchased a house recently you know about this lovely website that sets up showings quickly and efficiently so we as home owners don’t have to do a thing. AND, lucky us, people get to provide us with feedback. Here’s some truly amazing heartfelt things we’ve heard about our home . . .

    • It’s priced about $10,000 too high because it’ll need paint throughout. :: Are you gonna have Van Gogh paint the house?
    • There’s too much caulk in that backsplash. It’s literally covering the wall. :: Yes, it’s there to hold the tile onto the wall.
    • This floor tile looks like a child did it. :: Actually the home owners previous to us, paid a professional child to do it. good eye!

and my personal favorite . . .

  • The fridge is too big for the area and as a realtor I’d recommend moving it the garage. ::  . . . . so walking to the unheated garage for food is better than a big fridge?

Before you go, I know some of these may have a little validity to them. I know I love this house more than any else ever will until they move in and make it their own. But it doesn’t change the fact that some of it is ridiculous and it’s all hard to hear . . . especially from 1100 miles away since that’s too far for my hand to reach . . . (to be clear my hand would be used to slap them).

the last one with the green dress









similar jacket . dress . similar shoes . earrings

Don’t worry guys, this is the last one with the green dress from rent the runway. Sorry not sorry for sharing so many outfits with it. There are outfits that make you feel fierce no matter how or where it’s worn, and this is one of mine. I was real sad that I only got to keep it for 4 days. It’s the perfect green dress, and with it I have found that green may be my color – which is not a disappointment. Emerald was the color of the year just a few years ago, remember!?

Of all the outfits I’ve shared with the green dress (which is from Badgley Mishka by the way), this one is by far my favorite. We all know that’s because of my jacket. It’s quite old, and I got it from the Target clearance section for $8. I linked up one that was similar which I’m thinking about purchasing. Unfortunately, my good old clearance jacket is starting to show it’s age. My matching shoes however, well they hurt my feet and they are way too tall, so even though they are older than my jacket you’d never tell. It’s a true shame.

Do you have old clothing items that you love to wear or don’t?

5 pieces 1 outfit :: black leather bag

Every now and then I post an outfit featuring only 5 pieces. 1 outfit . . . 5 pieces . . . that’s all you need to make an amazing fashionable outfit. I like to keep it simple so 5 pieces is all you need. Today’s 5 pieces is the first of 2016 so it’s special, ya’ll. Super special . . .


madewell bag . h&m dress . madden girl boots . pendant necklace . blazer

Mostly this round of 5 pieces is super special because it features my new madewell bag that I showed you last week. I just really love that bag especially how it features the cognac/tan handles and straps to accent the black. It adds the perfect amount of flair to take it up a notch from just a black leather bag. The outfit from last week featured the bag in a more casual look with a black rain jacket and my hunter boots. Today’s look dresses it up a bit making it perfect for work, a date after work, dinner with the girls, or even church. Usually, I’d grab a smaller bag for all most of those activities, but with a bag this awesome, why?! Sometimes making life easy is better than changing bags to match your outfit – and that’s a sentence I never thought I’d say #baglady.

Have a great weekend friends!

the one where I wear rose quartz

rosescarf4 rosescarf7 rosescarf6 rosescarf2 rosescarf3 rosescarf5 rosescarf1

jeans . tee . earrings . shoes . scarf sold out

Yesterday we talked about this year’s color of the year – well one of the two –  rose quartz. So it’s only fitting that today I’m finaly wearing the color out and about in real life. This shirt looks like just your usual tee, but it’s the softest material . . . seriously it’s the best shirt ever. I slept init  a couple nights, which might have ruined it’s wearability. But it was worth it because it is the softest material ever. Target just nails it every time, guys. #targetdoesitagain By the way they now have a crab pillow which we all need to match our lobster pillows.

Anyways, this scarf I’m a little disappointed in. I love it, and when the few days pass in Florida where we can wear scarves it is pulled out. But it’s marketed as a blanket scarf, and it needs about 5 more inches to be a blanket scarf. So I’m a little disappointed. Old navy made it up to me with these shoes, though. They were on my Christmas list, and my mama pulled through and got ’em for me. Mama’s are the best. Mine shares a favorite color with me, purple, so she bought me the purplish color instead of the black. It’s actually more of a dark rose quartz color. Perfect for 2016

Have you worn this years color of the year yet?

the one with rose quartz

Happy Hump day! Iron Man was off on Monday so it feels like Tuesday . . . it was a treat to have him home an extra day and to wake up this morning to find that we’re half way through the week already! We have some fun plans for this weekend so I’m excited for it to hurry up and get here. January always ends up being a crazy busy month for us, and for some reason this year I wasn’t prepared for it- hence the lack of sleep I talked about yesterday. I’m ready for it to be over, and this week has already reminded me the end is close.


watch . kendra scott earrings . pillow . vase . lipstick . nail polish . sunglasses . wallet . top . dress . shoes

Pantone picks a color to feature every year, and this year they picked two!! What a treat! NExt week I’ll talk about the other, but this week I wanted to talk about my favorite of the two – rose quartz. If you know my taste in colors, it’s no surprise to you that this is my favorite of the two. Rose quartz is essentially light pink and rose gold mixed together in my book. Rose gold isn’t going anywhere for awhile so it’s not a surprise rose quartz was chosen this year. Up above I’ve got some of my favorite things in this years color . . . tell me what yours are down below. . .

the one with a 4 hour nap.







tshirt . dress . necklace . jacketflats

Sleep has been missing in my life as of late, and so Sunday I took a 4 hour nap. It was the best part of 2016 so far. Taking a nap used to be underrated, and I’ve never been more thankful that they’ve finally found their place in the world. My world of the year is grace, and it’s going really well so far. Sunday’s nap is the best living proof of that. You guys wouldn’t wanted to have talked to me yesterday if I hadn’t taken it anyway. So consider missing yesterday as my little gift to you. You are welcome.

You guys know I love Shein for exceptionally reasonably priced clothing that is trendy and good quality. So I wanted to tell you about a sale they’re having. I may have loaded up on a few winter pieces while not blogging yesterday. The world will never know because I shouldn’t be spending money right now, and so I’ll never admit it. Be sure to head over and find your better winter look in SheIn. Seize the chance, fashion lovers. It ends tomorrow 1/20

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How was your weekend? Anybody else get in a nap?