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the one the perfect jacket









shein jacket . Michael Kors pumps . more affordable pump option . fit and flare dress . jewels via rocksbox use code ‘REBEKAH48’ for a free month

I’ve never been a big jacket girl. I don’t know why, but if it wasn’t cold enough for a winter coat then I probably wasn’t going to have on a jacket. But life has changed, and so has my style. So now I have several jackets all in my closet. The most recent one I acquired is this one which is the perfect fabric for rainy Florida days. Plus, it has a fabulous moto jacket feel to it to keep stylish and edgy and perfect for my closet. Shein does it again, you guys. Affordable, stylish, and trendy pieces – it will never get better than that.

In other amazing news, I became an auntie again this weekend 🙂 My dear friend Shanna had her baby girl Kierstyn this weekend! I’m so in love already, being an aunt is the best. 10 days and we’ll be in the same state again so we can meet and she’ll know the lady who will take her out for her first shot and teacher her all about how to find her syle!

the one with a Samsung kitchen

Guys, I’ve probably told  you this before, but just in case I have not let me remind you my feelings on living in a rental house . . . blerg. I have owned my own home twice, and both times had to move back into rentals. It’s where we currently are now since our recent move from the north to the south, and I know it was a good decision. We also get lucky with our house, and our landlord. I recently found out about the new Samsung line of black stainless appliances at hhgregg, and decided to put together a mood board for my next house.

There is just nothing like having your own space to do with how you see fit, and no one asks you questions or gives you permission. ESPECIALLY your kitchen. Only Jesus and I know just how deep my yearning for my very own custom made kitchen is. I got close at our last house with our kitchen remodel. It wasn’t custom, but we did renovate extensively. I loved it, and it was all me. I learned some things during that renovation, and it just makes me want to renovate another kitchen to make it even better (and even more me). Here’s 5 things on my list . . .


A big ol’ fridge :: The hubs and I like to eat fresh food. We like to eat healthy. We try out bests, and having a big ol’ fridge helps motivate me to do so. Besides having the cool black stainless steel look, Samsung has a 4 door fridge! 4 doors! you only have to open the section you actually need. And it holds 23 bags of groceries so all that fresh food will fit and be organized.

A stylish rug ::It’s sort of hard to add in textiles to your kitchen, right? It shouldn’t be because everybody needs a rug and some towel’s. I know I’m risking a lot with a white rug in the kitchen, but guys it’s so plush and wonderful. I won’t actually do this, but I wanna.


A fun color cabinets and some open shelves ::I love the look of open shelving, and it makes everything simpler to get to. I know it means you can’t hide your mess, but I’m a neat freak so that wouldn’t be a problem. I love white cabinets, but in our next kitchen I definitely want to try something fun like black or navy!


A killer dishwasher ::I have never had a good dishwasher. It’s a true tragedy in my life, and I will rectify the situation when I get to design my next kitchen. Samsung has this pretty amazing dishwasher. Just some of the fun stuff about it . . . it cleans the dishes faster, holds 15 place settings, has adjustable racks, and has waterwall and zone booster technology to clean  the dishes better.

A butcher-block countertop ::I decided to get a butcher-block island I our last kitchen, and instantly regretted not having them throughout so next time butcher-block all over it is. It’s so versatile and hardworking, while bringing in a little rustic yet modern quality that I love.

What’s in your dream kitchen? tell me all about it so we can dream together! And while you’re at it be sure to check out all of the new Samsung appliances. The black stainless is amazing right!?! Head on over to their website and come back here to tell me which appliance you want in the comments below. On Dec 31st, I’ll choose one of you to win a $25 hhgregg giftcard!!

If you’re in the market hhgregg is having a great sale through 12/31 (no promo codes needed):

Up to $1000 Off Samsung Refrigerators
Up to $1000 Off Black Stainless Steel Refrigerators
Up to $500 Off Black Stainless Steel Ranges
Up to $200 Off Black Stainless Steel Dishwashers
Up to $100 Off Black Stainless Steel Over-the-range Microwaves

the one with the blanket scarf







jeans . shirt . scarf . earrings c/o . sunglasses

Last month when I was home in Indiana for my best friends wedding I was actually really dreading the weather situation. See I had told everybody that I vowed not to become one of those people who came home when it was 40 degrees and had on a parka and gloves. When you grow up in a place where 40 is the norm – even warm for winter time – then 40 degrees barely is good enough to break out a coat. But here I was living in Florida where it’s still in the 70’s and even 80’s regularly. I was real worried, and had the come back of ” shut up, at least I live in Florida” all ready for the several people I knew would let me have it. And then while I was packing I remembered something that comes with cold weather that would make it all better . . . a blanket. specifically blanket scarves. There really is nothing like curling up with a cuppa and a warm blanket.

There are so may new cute blanket scarves out there right now, and I can’t justify buying any of them so here I am rocking the old stand by. It’s lucky it’s so dang awesome. Which new ones have you picked up this season? let me live vicariously through you

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the one with a paypal giveaway

I’m just stopping in quickly today to let you know that with the holidays quickly approaching the girls and I decided it was time for another fun contributor giveaway hosted by a few of the contributors of My Cooking Spot and My Crafty Spot! We are so excited to give one lucky blog reader the chance to win $100 in PayPal cash! Just in time for the holidays to help you get all of your shopping done! Be sure to come back tonight and link up with the Wednesday showcase!

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the one with the versatile Christmas sweater









 sweater . pumps . chiffon skirt . skinny tan belt . all jewelry via rocksbox

Remember when I talked about my Christmas sweater that looks nothing like a Christmas sweater last week? Well, I dressed it up a bit, and today I decided that you needed to see it. The funny thing is, I wore this on thanksgiving for a bit even though last month I talked about how I never dress up for holidays. But this skirt is like having on a nightgown so I got what was important. Which is comfort, obviously. If you can find a dress or a skirt that is classy, fancy, comfortable and versatile then you’ve hit the jackpot. This skirt is all those things, and I feel really, very lucky that it has come into my possession. I have truly hit the jackpot.

But let’s talk about this sweater a little more. When I buy my Christmas sweater every year, versatile is not usually on my list of needs or wants. I just want a fun, fashionable sweater. But this year versatile is what I got. I’m 100% certain it’s because this is not anywhere close to a Christmas sweater. But it is the sweater I have chosen to rock this December for all Christmas events and therefore has become my versatile Christmas sweater.

the one with Christmas wrapping and hallmark

I love brown paper packages tied up with string. As cheesy as it sounds, it tis true. My husband says it’s why love Christmas so much . . . I only think about the brown paper packages and string I get to buy and wrap. But it’s really just something about seeing all the packages wrapped up under the tree, and thinking about how much love is being shown in your home amongst your family and friends. This year though . . . all my packages get to be transported with me on an airplane 1100 miles north. BUT thanks to Hallmark, my packages will still be cute, festive, and look like the love they are filled with!


I always like to add a little something, something to my brown paper packages . . . like a chalkboard tag with their name written super cool. Or a HUGE bow wrapped around it in a fun color. I always like to go for pink or mint sometimes even ice blue – pastels of Christmas colors 🙂 Yup, I know it’s werid, but my fam bam has come to expect it and love it.


But since all my packages have to go on an airplane this year, and then be wrapped quickly on Christmas Eve Hallmark is pulling through for me yet again. Their wrapping paper is AMAZING! Just look at this navy wrapping paper I’m using! They also have a super cool package that comes wiht 4 kinds of plaid. My mama picked those up and I may have to steal some of it for a little change up while I’m at home. All I need to make pretty packages is the wrapping paper and some string. Gold foil string, of course, because this isn’t a barn (unless it’s a pretty barn with chandeliers and candles, then yes, this is in fact a barn).

This season Hallmark has pulled though for me numerous times! With quick and asy gifts, to the perfect thought out gifts, and now even the wrapping. Are they your one stop shop this holiday season?

the one with my 2015 Christmas list

My Christmas list this year looks a lot like this . . . gift card, clothing, gift card, clothing, gift card, clothing . . . and then these 5 things. For some reason, there just isn’t a lot I want this year. But I love clothes and I love to shop. My family hates buying gift cards. I get it, they want to give gifts with meaning. But for me it’s like 2 gifts in one – a gift and the gift to shop. Plus I have to fly home with everything, so this might be the year I actually get everything I want. But just in case . . . here’s the other 5 things on the list.

my christmas list

camera strap – I really love using my camera, and I’m starting to be one of those people who carries it everywhere. Since I’m an amateur fashionista I need a camera strap that shows that!

pointed slingbacks – I’m just in love with these shoes, ya’ll. I need them so bad. I tell the husband about them daily so I’m sure he’ll get them for me.

area rug – Our current living room needs a new color, and when we move again I’ll definitely be redoing the dĂ©cor totally. This rug will give me the color, and something to base the dĂ©cor off of in the new house. Even though we won’t be moving for at least a year.

pioneer woman adeline collection or the watercolor blooms – guys her Walmart line is the bomb!!! THE BOMB!!!

stephanie ryan art print – I don’t know I just love it.

What’s on your Christmas list this year?

the one with the Christmas sweater







christmas sweater . jeans . leopard flats . jewelry via rocksbox
Every year I buy a new Christmas sweater, and every year it gets less and less Christmasy. I have no idea why. I’m a big fan of Christmas, and I even like to add Christmasy stuff to it. But the sweater itself is not a Christmas sweater. This years is at least green, and a dark – pine tree (Christmas tree) green at that! I love a good mint, but greens really don’t get better than Christmas tree green for me. Navy has also slowly become a neutral for me. I say slowly, but if you would have asked me 10 years what my favorite color was I would have said navy. Nope, purple has not always been my fav. So it was just a natural progression, not slow at all. But when you put my love of dark green and navy together this sweater was the obvious choice for 2015’s Christmas sweater. It’s also a  lighter fabric which is perfect for the cold back home again in Indiana, and the warmth here in Florida. Next week I’m coming back with a fancy outfit featuring this years Christmas sweater.
What does your Christmas sweater look like this year?