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Friday favorites November 13th

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Friday fave’s post so I figured today was the perfect day to share some of my favorite things. I’m not superstitious, but Friday the 13th’s usually turn out being bad days for me. I’m determined for this one to not be like this one though because I have a lot going on and it would be bad if it were to go wrong. So focusing on my favorite things seems like a good solution. . . at least a good way to start the day of.

  1. I really love this scarf from leah which you can get from asos.


2. And these slingback flats are what dreams are made of. They’re on my Christmas list, and I’m already regretting not just buying them up right now.


3. My girl Nina hit the nail on the head twice in the past week. So you should go read her whole blog. Focus on do I have it out for men? and the only way I can keep blogging. I should post directly to those two posts, but I really want you to read all of her blog . . . and also it’s Friday and I’m a little lazy.


4. Wednesday 11/11 was my main man Leo’s birthday, and tomorrow is my best friends bachelorette party. So that up there is what I’ll be up to. all. weekend. And no there will probably never be a favorites post without a comment about Leo because he is my favorite.

5. the husband and I took a few shots for our Christmas cards . . . just wait until you see the rest 😉



the one with festive holiday foods

Festive foods are the best foods in my book. I love some brightly colored foods that remind me of the holiday’s and taste delicious. Don’t worry, they aren’t considered festive if they don’t taste good. But they aren’t considered festive if they aren’t pretty, and maybe even a little awkward to eat. Festive foods, well, they’re just more fun to eat, and I’m probably having more fun while eating them. I’ve contributed to some other friends blogs recently, and I’ve shared all the festive holidays foods. Of course, I wanted to share with you because you guys are my favorites.


First up is this pretty (And delicious) fall salad. Every holiday meal starts with a salad, right. I’ve often wondered why. Like who cares about a salad when you’ve got all that starch and pie to eat . . . So if I’m gonna spend time on a salad it’s gonna be delicious. This pomegranate fall salad is the ticket.


And second is an easy recipe that’s perfect for brunch or even to give out as gifts, cranberry bread. I love to bake, but I hate spending time on baking homemade. I just don’t have the patience. This recipe is the perfect match for all that.

What are some of your favorite festive foods?

the one with the bridesmaid remix

Being a bridesmaid can be expensive. At it’s root you think there’s only one dress, and one event you have to buy. But there’s nothing more wrong when it comes to weddings. The shower, the bachelorette, the rehearsal, sometimes a brunch, sometimes 10 showers. But I’ve decided I’m only buying one for my best friends wedding which happens in just a few days . . . so for this weeks wedding related post I wanted to show how I remixed 1 dress for all the wedding events – minus the wedding, of course.


The first look is a simple and fun one that can be worn to showers or a bridal luncheon/brunch. A shower or a brunch is the perfect time to wear a hat. I pull one out for almost every shower I attend. If you’re a bridesmaid, the shower is probably where you’ll be doing most of the work so you’ll want to be comfortable. That’s why I kept the look simple, and paired it with my favorite wedges.


Adding a blazer to the look takes it to sort of business professional look – in regards to a wedding that makes it perfect for the rehearsal dinner. You’ll probably be walking down the aisle before the dinner, but still in this outfit. So be sure and wear similar shoes to what you’ll be wearing the day of the wedding.


The bachelorette party is all about being glam, and I think we all agree that there’s nothing more glamourous than a red lip. I kept my accessories fairly simple, and added some comfortable shoes. Walking from bar to bar wouldn’t be fun all decked out and 5 inches taller.

What do you normally wear to bridesmaid events?

the one with Hallmark

It’s November 10th and I’m posting my first Christmas post. I have held off long enough, you guys. But I have good reason to bring it up. No seriously, I am team no Christmas dĂ©cor until after Thanksgiving. I’d rather put up Christmas dĂ©cor than go shopping on Black Friday. But Christmas shopping I will do all the time especially when I see all the fun things at Hallmark.


Last week I waltzed in to Hallmark because I heard they had amazing wrapping paper. (Here’s where I admit that I’m almost done Christmas shopping, and am ready to start wrapping. I know a lot of you are in the same boat so let’s just embrace it, ok girls!? Let’s get our wrapping on so our trees will be perfect Black Friday morning.) Anyway, back to the point . . . while I was hanging out in hallmark, I saw so many cute stocking stuffers. And so many of them were Star Wars related. I’m sure you’ve heard that there’s a new movie coming out close to Christmas.  That’s when I realized there were a few people who I had forgotten to add to my list.


Iron Man (my husband) and I recently joined a small group at our new church here in Florida. We love our people, and they love Star Wars.  They open their home to us every week and they give us sweet treats every week. So we had to treat them with these star wars salt n’ pepper shakers.

There are several people like that in our lives, aren’t there? People that aren’t family and aren’t necessarily our best friends, but they are good people. They deserve some attention and love from us especially a the holiday season. Hallmark is the perfect place to find those gifts and the perfect wrapping paper for them.

the one about daylight savings time


hunter boots . olive coat . oatmeal tank . hat . jeans

Guys, this whole getting dark early thing sucks. Some of you might think that’s a harsh word, and to you I am sorry. But I needed a big word to get the point across because, ya’ll, I hate it. I thought being in Florida it would be a little different. Daylight savings time is day light savings time, and I knew that. But sunshine, guys. Sunshine! I always had a plan that blog pictures would be taken between 5-7. It was perfect . . . no matter what day, no matter what I would be doing that day . . . I could get dressed at 4 if need be, pick up the husband at 5, we’d have dinner, and then take blog pictures. Not anymore . . . not. anymore. Now we have to take them EXACTLY at 5 or on the weekends. And you guys, that’s frustrating. First world problems I know, but a problem nonetheless. Daylight savings time is serious, and dangerous.

On the blog, I sometimes feature a collage of 5 items that create one outfit. I have yet to show one on the blog. I’m sure there are some, but never one that I talked about. Well, here’s one. See I really do the stuff I talk about on the blog in real life.

5 pieces vol 4

5 pieces 11-15

Once a month or so I like to share 1 outfit from just 5 pieces. You don’t need several pieces to make an outfit that’s amazing. You simply need 5 pieces – sometimes even less – to make an outfit that shows off your personality, style, and be functional.

You can even layer with only 5 pieces. This outfit is proof. Will you have that cool layering with like a collared shirt underneath, then a sweater, then a jacket!?! Sure. . . you won’t get to add accessories with only 5 pieces, but when you have that many layers going on are there really any accessories that you need? You don’t want things to be too busy? So maybe some simple studs is all you should think about . . .

This outfit is all about those fall colors, and some comfy layering. Burnt orange and plum are some of my favorite fall colors. You might not automatically think they go together, but when paired with a simple and consistent neutral it all works out. For this look I choose a lighter, brighter neural to keep things warm and happy. With the lace on the sweater along with lattice beanie, you have just enough ‘fun stuff’ to keep it interesting and . . . well, fun.

the one about bridesmaid makeup

My best friend is getting married this month. Ya’ll I’m so excited. AND I have a couple weeks worth of bridesmaid posts for you, so you should be excited too. The first one is all about bridesmaid makeup.

I’ve been in several weddings, and I’ve done my makeup for each and everyone (even my own). I’ve had it done professionally, and every time I’m just a little disappointed so I gave up. But I’ve never been in a glamorous winter wedding so I decided to practice a little for this one.


That’s how we ended up. I like it. I didn’t use too, too many products, and I got it all done in 15 minutes. To get started I fixed up my eyebrows. I learned this trick from Michelle Phan. Your eyebrows frame your face so starting there gives you the full frame you’ll be working in. I used a Jouer Brow Definer and anastasia brow gel.


Once that’s all done use your favorite foundation, concealer, and setting powder to give yourself an even complexion. What I’m currently using is tarte 12 hr full coverage foundation, fake up crease control concealer, and tarte smooth operator finishing powder.


I wanted to have dramatic eyes, but nothing too dramatic. So after I primed them with e.l.f. Primer, I covered the lid in Mary Kay Cream Eye Color ~ Pale Blush, and put mary kay mineral eye shadow in granite in the crease. To finish off I did a kitten eye with benefit they’re real! eyeliner, and several coats of my favorite mascara.

I did a simple pink cheek with stila Custom Color Blush, Pink, and then to finish up the look I used a light coat of Mary Kay CrĂšme Lip Stick Red. The lip is a dramatic color, but I didn’t want a completely bright red lip so one coat with some clear gloss over the top was perfect!


All done! Have you been in a glamourous winter wedding? I’d love to hear your tips!

the one with fall florals


chambray popover . similar dress . similar dress . grey ballet flats . earrings via (use code REBEKAHBFF48 for a free month)

Florals aren’t really a fall thing, but I petition that we start bringing in what I like to call fall florals. Fall florals will basically just be our regular florals, maybe in darker colors (maybe not), and we’ll match them with our favorite fall basics. Things like suede, jeans, boots, scarves, and even sweaters would be perfect when matched with a floral to take it up a notch to fall florals. What do you guys say, are you with me on this?

I’m full of questions today so here’s another . . . Do you guys think chambray will ever go out of style? It probably will if we’re being real. Back when I was a teenager, stonewash jean anything or a jean shirt was almost as bad as mom jeans. And you absolutely never wore two things of denim especially not different colors. But I hope those days never return because I still love chambray, and I vow to wear it whenever it is cold enough here in the great state of Florida. So like two days in January maybe a few in February.