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5 pieces vol 4

5 pieces 11-15

Once a month or so I like to share 1 outfit from just 5 pieces. You don’t need several pieces to make an outfit that’s amazing. You simply need 5 pieces – sometimes even less – to make an outfit that shows off your personality, style, and be functional.

You can even layer with only 5 pieces. This outfit is proof. Will you have that cool layering with like a collared shirt underneath, then a sweater, then a jacket!?! Sure. . . you won’t get to add accessories with only 5 pieces, but when you have that many layers going on are there really any accessories that you need? You don’t want things to be too busy? So maybe some simple studs is all you should think about . . .

This outfit is all about those fall colors, and some comfy layering. Burnt orange and plum are some of my favorite fall colors. You might not automatically think they go together, but when paired with a simple and consistent neutral it all works out. For this look I choose a lighter, brighter neural to keep things warm and happy. With the lace on the sweater along with lattice beanie, you have just enough ‘fun stuff’ to keep it interesting and . . . well, fun.

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