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the one on the day we did 5 outfits

One of the things I love about fashion blogging is showing different ways to wear a piece of clothing. I do this here on the blog ALL the time.  But I can’t really have 4 different outfits a month that are the same – it’s boring. But it’s also real life. Unless I’m doing a capsule wardrobe – you guys, my readers – except things to be changed up for each post. This blog only gets 7-8 of my monthly outfits . . . that’s at least 20 more days that I get dressed a month. Outfits are repeated and my favorite pieces are re-worn often.


One of the keys to fashion blogging is organization. As long as I’m organized, there are a variety of outfits, and I can make sure my favorite pieces get featured in different ways.  One of the ways I stay organized is by shooting several outfits on the same day. By that I mean 2 or 3 – usually featuring 3 or 4 of the pieces. Then I schedule them throughout the month.


One day back in June, my friend Nina and I shot 5 different outfits – and around 10 different posts through those outfits. It was glorious when it came to the blog organization, and getting things done. But it was exhausting. We tried to do it again a few days later, and just did not have the energy. But once a month or so I always get a yearning to do it again. Here’s some tips if you ever wanna have a busy blogging day . . .


1.Pick out the spots you want to take the pictures beforehand. This helps a couple different ways . . . you can come up with a plan of where to go and when, where to change, and you can figure out if you’re allowed on the property. It sounds weird, but something I’ve run into before.
2. Pick 3 or 4 items you want to feature for the month and come up with two different ways to wear them. keep everything in separate bags so it doesn’t get mixed up.


3. Once your outfits are planned pick your accessories and lip colors. and put them safely in your purse – separated into individual baggies of course!
4. keep your makeup simple, but glam. So that way a lip color can drastically change it to whatever you need for each outfit.
5. don’t stress too much! it’s gonna be fun, and it’s all gonna be ok.


HAve you ever done tons of blog posts in one day? How do you keep organized?


the one with shopbop’s Thanksgiving sale!

First things first . . . thanksgiving is in two short days. It’s not my favorite holiday, but I do love thanksgiving! I’m a firm believer that *most* of the Christmas décor should wait until the weekend after and ALL stores should be closed that day. But Black Friday is a huge part of Thanksgiving for me so the days before and the day of while cooking and spending time with my family and serving others I look at all the sale ads, and I make a plan. This year shopbop has made it easier for me . . . they’re having a huge sale so most of my shopping will just be done online.


The sale even starts today so most of it might even be done before the turkey is cooked. I decided to round up a few things that are on my list to show you what you can get over there to share with your loved ones. Remember you are one of your loved ones so feel free to maybe buy yourself a little something as well 😉 . . . also remember that some exclusions may apply find those here.


leaf stud and branch earrings


lace dress


balloon elephant money bank




good vibes pouch

What are your favorite store to go shopping for on Black Friday or are you a cyber Monday person!? Let me know what you pick up at the shopbop sale!


the one with another idea for Thanksgiving



fancythanksgiving 7





similar cognac heels . sweater . black dress . kendra scott earrings c/o rocksbox use code REBEKAHBFF47 for a free month

I try to re-wear as much as I can during the winter months because I know people will give me clothes as gifts – so I might as well spend my money elsewhere . . . or save it . . . that’s probably not gonna happen much to the chagrin of my husband. You’ll remember last year I did a capsule wardrobe during the fall and winter. I loved it! But this year since I live in Florida I feel a little different – I don’t feel the need to do a capsule wardrobe because my wardrobe is already pretty limited (i.e. no much layering). But since Christmas and my birthday are right around the corner I’m trying to save my doll hairs. So here I am with another idea for Thanksgiving featuring this stellar sweater that I wore a few weeks ago with my still new hunter boots. This one is for those of you who want to get a little more dressed up on Thanksgiving. I couldn’t give up the idea of being comfortable, and luckily this sweater is very comfortable. I paired it with the most comfortable dress I have in my closet . . . and one that will not show any stains. . . and the most uncomfortable but amazing shoes in my closet.

What are you gonna rock on Thursday for Thanksgiving?

Friday Favorites 11/20

so much has been happening in life recently that I figured I owed you guys an update. really I just like to talk about myself because, well, I am a blogger – and I finally have enough pictures to back up my exciting life. I don’t take as many pictures as I used to since we moved to Florida for some reason, but I recently went home to Indiana for a week.

          I know you’ve seen so many pictures of fall foliage that you wanted to see another. guys, there’s not a lot of fall foliage in Florida so I was pumped for this . . .

fall foliage

          the bestie gets married TOMORROW!! tomorrow . . . next week i’ll have a run down of the bachelorette bash and her wedding. It’s sure to be glamorous 🙂


it’s been a few months since yo guys have seen my favoritest little girl, but I got to spend lots of time with her recently. She’s gonna be 6 on Sunday. That’s insane to me. I can’t even explain how much I miss spending a full weekend with her and her brother every month and seeing movies and eating pizza. So Thursday I took them out of school and we did just that 🙂


still loving all my star wars stuff from hallmark. you guys should seriously go check all their stuff out.

next week is thanksgiving, and i’m super pumped for the best time of the year. we’ll be in here with my brothers family. spending the holiday in warm weather will certainly be weird, but at least I get to see family!


What’s been going on in your life lately – i’d love to hear!?


the one with iron man’s Christmas list

My husband always has the weirdest things on his Christmas list. This year it’s a Zimbabwean trillion dollar bill, a coffee mug warmer to heat up his shaving cream, and a broom for tall people. That one actually he may get because I hate to sweep so he needs motivation to do it more. Without him I am nothing and our house is not swept. True story, ya’ll. Don’t get me wrong I love his quirkiness, and I encourage it a lot. But I want to buy him real things, things that are actually useful. A Zimbabwean trillion dollar bill is only worth $25 American dollars and therefore not useful, sorry iron man. So here’s the top 3 ideas he’s given me, that are actually useful.


Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB :: I know these seem almost ridiculous with all that our phones can do, but if you have a gentlemen who likes to workout these are useful. They aren’t as cumbersome, hold just enough music for a few workout playlists, and they clip to their shorts.

Spyderco Tenacious Folding Knife :: pocket knives are just useful in lots of different ways.

Typo Keyboard for iPad Air and Air 2 :: if he has an ipad, then this will make his life much easier. and it corrects his typo’s. perfect.

What’s on your husbands Christmas list this year ya’ll!?


the one with a jeans remix

Being a bridesmaid can be expensive. At it’s root you think there’s only one dress, and one event you have to buy. But there’s nothing more wrong when it comes to weddings. The shower, the bachelorette, the rehearsal, sometimes a brunch, sometimes 10 showers. Last week I shared how I remixed 1 dress for all the wedding events – minus the wedding, of course. And this week I thought I would share how I remixed some jeans for a few other weddings events. Some of us are lucky enough to get to go super casual for some and even all wedding events. But there’s no need to buy several pair of jeans or even several different accessories. But wearing jeans can be a little difficult even if the event is casual. You still want to look put together for the many pictures that will be taken, and a little fancy because it is a wedding.


Here’s your look for the shower/brunches/luncheons! Last week I said this is always when I want to wear a hat, and I didn’t pair a hat with this look. I guess I wanted to show you an option without a hat, but I’d still rock one if I were actually going to a shower.


Just like last week, adding a blazer takes your look to a professional look. Perfect for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner when you’re expected to be on your best behavior and impress the parents!


My favorite, the bachelorette party! lots of glam, lots of sequins, lots of jewels, even some killer heels – but still in your comfy jeans!

What’s your favorite way to rock jeans at a wedding event?!

the one with the hangover kit

3 days ago (or would it be considered 4, I never know if I should count today) was my besties bachelorette party. One thing you need to know about me is that I’ve been in quite a few weddings, and I’ve been the maid of honor in every one. I think it has something to do with my type A tendencies, organizational skills, party planning, and over all love of spoiling people. So it’s where I really shine – especially the bachelorette party. Now I am a Christian woman, and I love Jesus. But I also love champagne, and I knew the day after the bachelorette party was gonna be a rough one. So I created a hangover kit to give each girl attending.


What’s in the kit is pretty self explanatory, and if you’re making them yourself should be adapted to yours and the brides preferences. But for ours I included . . .  A snack and a water for later in the evening or for a quick breakfast the next morning, chocolate in case you get snacky while drinking, a fun straw so we were stylish while annoying other bar hoppers, a hair tie to pull your hair back for obvious reasons, some gas x also for obvious reasons, Tylenol for the next morning, gum for fresh breath and big drunken bubbles, a metallic arm tat because those are better than waking up with a real tat, glitter for throwing, and a bachelorette scavenger hunt for some party fun!


The scavenger hunt was the best part to put together, and I figured what better way to celebrate that than to share with all of you. So here it is . . . save it, print it off (5×7), share it with friends, pin it whatever you want to do!

Copy of bachelorettehunt

What are your hangover kit necessities?

the one with an idea for Thanksgiving









jeans . sweater c/o . leopard flats . rose gold watch . similar rose gold bracelet . coach leather cuff (Very old) . coral beaded bracelet

My family does not dress up on holidays – especially not Thanksgiving. Nope we like to keep it casual. Last year my sister surprised us by having family pictures taken by her step son (who’s an awesome photographer/graphic designer), and my sister in law and I looked at each other like . . . BUT WE’RE IN JEANS AND I DIDN’T WASH MY HAIR! Luckily we all looked put together because we had come from church so the pictures turned out great. But it got me thinking. . . should we dress up a little more for the holidays!? The decision was no, just a flat out no. I like our casual holidays of sitting around watching movies, eating lots of food, and laughing at my brothers ridiculousness.

So this Thanksgiving this is what I’ll be wearing. I fully admit that the bracelets will definitely come off during dinner. Bracelets are heavy and I do not need to be hindered when digging into the turkey and sweet potato casserole. But they sure are cute, and you never know when a photographer is gonna show up. We have to at least look put together, right?! 🙂

What do you wear on Thanksgiving? Come back next week when I will have an idea for you if your family dresses up.