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the one with fall in Florida

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kimono . booties . dress . oversized sunglasses . necklace via use code REBEKAHBFF48 for a free month

I’ve never been the kind of girl that enjoyed pumpkin things or fall. Pumpkin pie is the only thing pumpkin flavored thing I’ll request. While I appreciate the beauty and temperatures of fall, I’d much prefer spring. So when Iron Man and I moved to Florida I wasn’t worried about missing out on fall. Not in the least because I’d be getting summer and spring all year round! I was pumped. I was quite vocal about my indifference towards fall, so I was a little worried that it would come back to bite me in the rear when all of a sudden there was no fall. Would I mysteriously miss fall? I know all of you are thinking I’m going to admit that I miss it, but you’re out of luck. I still feel indifferent. Also, some of the leaves DO change color down ehre so I still get my favorite part.I do however want to wear some boots and sweaters. But I can’t. It’s much too hot outside for all that. So it turns out Florida isn’t all sunshine and ocean waves. A kimono acting like a cardigan over a sundress with some booties is the best I’ve got around here, and I’m going to rock it all day erry day.

What are you wearing this fall?


1 outfit from 5 pieces vol 3

Today is another addition of 1 outfit from 5 pieces! Get excited! After only 3 of these they are already one of my favorite posts to write! They’re even having an affect on how I dress during the day especially when choosing accessories. Less is more . . . less is more . . . ya just don’t need more than 5 pieces! Let’s go to todays addition . . .


There are two things in fashion that are straight killing it right now, and those two things would be 1. window pane print 2. old navy. Let’s talk about old navy . . . when do they not kill it? It’s a question I still have not figured out the answer to, but if there was a time where they’re killing it more than usual – now is that time. Every single thing at that store is on my wish list. From the socks to the winter coats. I just want it all. They’re having a huge fall sale this weekend so go check that out. Everything up above is from old navy . . . that’s how much they’re killing it right now.

Now let’s talk about the window paint print. It’s everywhere, and I’m personally loving it. It’s simple, clean, and structured. That means you can keep your outfit simple, clean , and structured or you can use your window pane as the base and add some crazy, whimsical pieces to take everything up a notch showing off your personality.

Are you loving window pane right now?

the one with DIY sugar skull

Roaming the dollar tree – specifically the dollar tree where everything is actually a $1 – for holiday decorations is possibly my favorite thing about the holidays. That’s a vast exaggeration, but I do really enjoy it. The dollar tree always surprises me with their selection of super cute décor, and since everything is just $1 it’s easy on the wallet. That’s where I discovered these super cute plastic skulls, and I just had to pick up two of them. But they needed just a little something . . . something special . . . so I grabbed some paint around the house and created some DIY sugar skulls.



  • something in the shape of a skull for the base
  • assorted acrylic paints – white, black, and bright colors
  • brushes, q-tips, sponges to paint with


The how to:
Well, it’s really easy. You pick out your colors, and your design and you paint it. HA! I would recommend a color scheme . . . I chose teal, purple, gold, and red! If you’ve never painted a sugar skull before – like me – then I’d recommend keeping things simple. I chose to do a little design around the eyes, forehead, cheeks, and chin. If you really want to dress it up, add a flower to the top of the head! Husband says it’s too much so I chose to lay off 🙂

Do you have any DIY Halloween decorations going on this year?

the one with monochrome







grey jeans . v-neck tee . belt . felt lilac hat . grey ballet flats . earrings use code ‘REBEKAHBFF48’ for a free month . sunglasses

I don’t do the monochrome thing very much. I like contrast, I like balance. Monochrome looks don’t give me that very much. But I decided to tried. It’s fall now, and grey is making waves. Again, for about the 8th season in a row. As if we expected it to do anything else or just suddenly disappear. Grey is around to stay for awhile . . . and I for one am happy about it.

As you can see my monochrome outfit still didn’t actually work out so well. I needed something, ANYTHING, to break it up, you guys. I’m a curvy gal (if you couldn’t tell) and I need something to make a waist for me. I’m also in a very deep affair with the color purple so it must be in 99% of my outfits. Any shade is fine as long as it’s purple. Blue undertones, pink undertones, dark, light, lilac, plum . . . I’m cool with it. It’s like Scandal, my affair with purple. I’m Fitz and purple is Olivia. That makes me the president of the United States, which is scary so this metaphor has now gotten out of control. But this lilac hat is magic and not out of control.

the one with demi lovato


sunglasses . leather jacket . jeans . tee . booties . tote . earrings

This months celeb inspiration is brought to you by the curvy and vivacious Demi Lovato and the website shopbop. and me, but that’s besides the point. should be obvious. I love celebs that stand up for girls of all sizes, and encourage us to accept ourselves just as we are. Demi Lovato is just that, and shopbop is the place to find the perfect clothes to fit a style similar to hers. The style she’s got on above is perfect for fall, and a simple, classic look. so I found some similar items to recreate the look all from shopbop.



ALL of that stuff came from shopbop. AND today I have a special treat to let you in on. They’re having a family and friends sale. You guys 25% off designer duds, and you can get it in 3 days because shipping is QUICK. Some hunter rain boots, and maybe even a Rebecca Minkoff bag because I”ve been saving up for one will be purchased by me ya’ll. And Christmas presents . . . think of all the presents you can buy and just get it over with. Ya gotta think ahead. So you all have to get over there as soon as you can the sale is Thru October 15th. 20151013_friendsfamily_01

the one about lime green


lime green maxi . vintage v neck tee . leopard flats . rose gold watch . braided belt . kate spade amethyst earrings . owl pendant

Today is my dad’s birthday. He’s quite the old man, like I don’t know how old he is. My dad is the kind of guy who stands out regardless of what he does. It’s not just his bald head that does this for him. He’s just a natural leader (my mom pushes him), and he’s also quite weird (very weird, the weirdest). But he’s the best dad, and he loves the 4 of us a lot. Well, that’s not completely true . . . I’m actually convinced that he loves my husband more than he loves any of his natural children – definitely more than me. Actually, no that’s not true either . . . he likes my mom the best even though she’d never believe you.

So this outfit is sort of inspired by him. He’s very wise like an owl hence the necklace. And he taught me to stand out no matter what others think hence the BRIGHT lime green maxi skirt. Turns out thought that people really like this skirt so standing out only gets me compliments. Dad is definitely up to something with this standing out stuff.

5 link and loves

I hope you all had such a wonderful week, and are planning some AMAZING things to do this weekend. Here’s some links and loves for you to get started . . .

  1. I’m not sure if you know this about me, but Chuck Bass is my tv boyfriend. Ed Westwick is coming out with a new show and it looks real good ya’ll. It looks real good . . . check it out here
  2. Guys, grace and her boots. I just love them.
  3. neon in the fall  . . . be your quirky self . . . don’t forget chiffonskirt2
  4. I’m back and forth on the whole bandana trend, but when marc Jacobs.
  5. this basically says everything I need to say . . .


the one with fall shoe trends

Fall is always where I’ve struggled with my shoe game. When winter falls, it’s boots every day. When spring comes I can’t wait to let my feet breath and just wear sandals all the time. But in the fall you never know what you’re gonna get. Some days it’s too hot for boots, some days it’s too cold to not wear socks . . . some days its both put together. Of course, I’ve only ever experienced Indiana falls. Indiana weather is unpredictable, but now that I live in Florida I feel pretty confident in saying I won’t be wearing boots much. I still must be stylish though #fortheblog so I’ve during Fashion week I did a little research on fall shoe trends, and I wanted to share my findings with ya’ll. Here’s 4 fall show trends in 2015 . . .


Fringe has been in for awhile, and it’s not going anywhere. If anything the fall temperatures, and darker colors are bringing it out in full swing. Get it . . . fringe in full swing.

tall fringe boot 
charlotte russe fringe ankle bootie 

Velvet always has a negative connotation to me. I can only think of this ugly velvet dress I had when I was little that my mom made me wear, but it’s time to embrace it, and these two pair are making it easy.

lauren conrad velvet cobalt heel 
kate spade velvet flat 

Cut outs have always been in style as far as I’m concerned. I love a good peep toe. But this year, the cut outs are all over.

black cut out bootie
cut out tan heel

Laces, laces, laces. laces on boots, laces on flats, laces on heels, laces everywhere!

dirty laundry tall lace up boots
lace-up flat

What’s your favorite fall shoe trend?

the one with boyfriend jeans








cognac leather jacket . similar jeans . wedges . navy top . purse vintage .

I had to use another photographer than my normal 2 go-to’s for this one. Photography is not her forte . . . making chicken and dumplings, praying a lot, and having cute grandkids are her forte. She’s my mother, and I actually think she did pretty well. I considered it a success when she didn’t drop the camera, and listened to me when I said to wear the strap. But we even got decent pictures at that. I’m just super proud of her. Now if we could work on her driving skills . . .

I really love distress boyfriend jeans, and I knew they were going to be a staple here in Florida for the fall. But I have a little problem. My hips are quite different than the typical boyfriend. They will one day carry children . . . I have baby makin’ hips. Boyfriend jeans are much too tight is what I’m trying to say. So I made myself some. They may not be the perfect boyfriend jeans, but they work for me. All I did was by some flare jeans, roll them up loosely, and distress them. Easy peasy and super comfortable!

What’s your go to jean for fall?