the one with hunter boots

the one with hunter boots








hunter boots c/o . sweater sold out – similar here . jeans . earrings old – similar here

There are purchases for each person that mean a little more than others. Buying a house, a car, a crib, a ring . . . boots. I don’t know when or where or why, but hunter boots became one of those kind of purchases for me. Hunter boots stood for some special kind of fashion to me. If I had those boots then I was a true fashionista who made wise fashion decisions. They’re not extremely expensive, but if I had saved the money to get them then I had also made wise financial decisions. Well here we are.  I now own hunter boots, and I feel no more a fashionista than I did at the age of 4 when I had a mullet (true story, thanks ma). I’m just a normal girl who really likes fashion, and really likes sharing ideas and stories and supporting other women. So I blog . . . and the hunter boots must be put on the blog because if not then I don’t really have them do I?!

I also still make unwise financial decisions for the record – don’t we all. But at least I have cute boots.


What’s one of these fun purchases for you?


  1. Jo-Anne says:

    I have boots that look like them but I can’t wear them, why you ask, ok you didn’t ask but I am going to tell you anyway, they hurt the top around the calf yes I fat calves hell I have fat legs

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