the one with fall in Florida

the one with fall in Florida

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kimono . booties . dress . oversized sunglasses . necklace via use code REBEKAHBFF48 for a free month

I’ve never been the kind of girl that enjoyed pumpkin things or fall. Pumpkin pie is the only thing pumpkin flavored thing I’ll request. While I appreciate the beauty and temperatures of fall, I’d much prefer spring. So when Iron Man and I moved to Florida I wasn’t worried about missing out on fall. Not in the least because I’d be getting summer and spring all year round! I was pumped. I was quite vocal about my indifference towards fall, so I was a little worried that it would come back to bite me in the rear when all of a sudden there was no fall. Would I mysteriously miss fall? I know all of you are thinking I’m going to admit that I miss it, but you’re out of luck. I still feel indifferent. Also, some of the leaves DO change color down ehre so I still get my favorite part.I do however want to wear some boots and sweaters. But I can’t. It’s much too hot outside for all that. So it turns out Florida isn’t all sunshine and ocean waves. A kimono acting like a cardigan over a sundress with some booties is the best I’ve got around here, and I’m going to rock it all day erry day.

What are you wearing this fall?



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