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1 outfit from 5 pieces vol 3

Today is another addition of 1 outfit from 5 pieces! Get excited! After only 3 of these they are already one of my favorite posts to write! They’re even having an affect on how I dress during the day especially when choosing accessories. Less is more . . . less is more . . . ya just don’t need more than 5 pieces! Let’s go to todays addition . . .


There are two things in fashion that are straight killing it right now, and those two things would be 1. window pane print 2. old navy. Let’s talk about old navy . . . when do they not kill it? It’s a question I still have not figured out the answer to, but if there was a time where they’re killing it more than usual – now is that time. Every single thing at that store is on my wish list. From the socks to the winter coats. I just want it all. They’re having a huge fall sale this weekend so go check that out. Everything up above is from old navy . . . that’s how much they’re killing it right now.

Now let’s talk about the window paint print. It’s everywhere, and I’m personally loving it. It’s simple, clean, and structured. That means you can keep your outfit simple, clean , and structured or you can use your window pane as the base and add some crazy, whimsical pieces to take everything up a notch showing off your personality.

Are you loving window pane right now?

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