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the one with neon in fall


chiffon skirt . nude peep toes . black v neck . wide belt . jewels via use code rebekahbff48 for a free month!
I have some quirks in life, you guys. We all do . . . it’s what makes us, us. I’ll list some of mine – I twirl my foot when sitting or laying (but only the right never the left). I laugh like a grandpa. If I wear a watch and long sleeves, the watch will go on the outside of the sleeve- sort of wrapped around it. I hate tomatoes also cinnamon, but I love spaghetti sauce and Big Red. I get real hangry. I own several pair of sunglasses, and I know the exact location of them all and the last time I wore them. I will never wear a pair two days in a row. I love to pack a suitcase – just ask Nina. I will purposefully wear a color in a season I should not. like red and green in summer. or neon pink in fall.

That brings us to the outfit. I know you were on pins and needles. It’s all about contrast in fashion for me and my style. Every outfit needs something that stands out and breaks up the monotony. Sure all black with some simple gold earrings is nice, but it’s not really me. I’ll only wear that on a day I don’t want to deal with life or need something specific. I like my quirkiness, my contrast, and my neon pink necklace in the fall. I can get away with though right right because Florida never really has a fall.

What are some of your quirks?

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  • Reply Jo-Anne

    Looking good, like the necklace and the shoes

    October 5, 2015 at 8:07 pm
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