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5 pieces vol 2

Every once in a while I like to share 1 outfit made only from 5 pieces. Fashion doesn’t have to be complicated. 3 pieces is really all you need – shirt, pants, shoes . . . maybe even 2- dress, shoes. But 5 is enough to give you a little flair, and some accessories. And accessories are really the best part of an outfit, right?!


booties /  flare jeans / tote / sweatshirt // sunglasses

1. I like the shorter booties that have ties. They remind me of a different decade. Like when my mom was my age. And these are neutral and lovely.
2. Flare jeans are making a big comeback, and I couldn’t be happier. I love skinny jeans, especially as a curvy woman. But when I was younger skinny jeans were not cool. They were not cool until I was in college. So there’s a soft spot in my heart for flare jeans.

3. Have I ever told you of my love for honeycombs?

4. Have I ever told you of my love for brunch? I’m a blogger after all. I’m also a millennial woman. So brunch and sweatshirts are pretty much up my alley. But I refuse to call myself basic. I don’t like pumpkin spice lattes or fall so I got that going for me.

5. If you only get 1 accessory, my #1 choice is sunglasses. Sometimes I’ll choose something else, but usually I’ll choose sunglasses. These are pretty amazing.

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