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the one with peanut butter fudge

If I’m being totally honest with you right now . . . I’ve always thought fudge was too sweet. That’s a crazy thing for me to say right now because the sweet tooth is super high on this one (this one being me). But I had never actually made it myself, and I had some marshmallow crème in the pantry that needed used up. So peanut butter fudge was made in my house, and guess what, I still think it’s too sweet. Delicious, but too sweet. Luckily, it was easy to make, and our Wednesday small group liked it so it all worked out.


Ingredients :
3 cups sugar
3/4 cup butter
2/3 cup evaporated milk
1 cup peanut butter
1- 7 oz jar marshmallow creme
1 tsp vanilla


Recipe :
Combine sugar, butter, and evaporated milk in a heavy 2-1/2 quart saucepan. Bring to a full rolling boil, stirring constantly. Continue boiling over medium heat for 5 minutes, stirring constantly to prevent scorching. Remove from heat. Add the peanut butter, stirring until melted.. Add marshmallow creme and vanilla; beat until well blended.

Spread in a buttered 9 x 13 x 2 – inch pan. Cool at room temperature, then refrigerate. Cut into squares when firm.


Even though I think fudge is too sweet, most people love it. like a lot. So this is gonna be one of those things that I make a lot for people at the holidays. and I can’t wait you guys. I can’t wait. What’s your favorite fudge recipe?

the one with an olive jacket


leggings . tank . jacket . heels . necklace option 1 . option 2 . option 3

I’m not a shoe girl. I don’t know why. But every now and again there are shoes that come into my life that I love on a very deep level. These wonderful black strappy heels are those kinda shoes. I think it’s because they’re heels that are actually comfortable, and I just don’t find those like ever. Since I don’t walk in heels that much, it’s very awkward when I do so. But once I got these broken in, we were good to go in our love affair. I love them so much I think I might wear them when I go back to Indiana for winter. That’s deep.

But the jacket is the main part of this outfit, and rightfully so. It’s an amazing jacket. Sturdy, yet whimsical. Warm in the mornings, yet cool enough to keep on when the 80’s peak up in the afternoon. Practical yet also fashionable. Versatile pieces are perfect, and if fashion bloggers have taught us anything, it’s that an olive jacket is a versatile must have piece for your closet. I’m really excited that I got this one from Romwe.

Do you have a favorite jacket to wear in the fall?

the one with a pottery barn wannabe

I used to post my goals on the blog, and they definitely kept me accountable – coming back here and saying I hadn’t accomplished them was not cool so I worked my hardest to not. Those posts didn’t stop because of that – they just don’t fit much around here anymore – but last week I got a welcome reminder of what those days were like. I posted all about my newest tablescape to hide our table that we needed to refinish last week, and guess what!? I got the motivation to finish it.


The table was a steal at $50 from an online garage sale. It’s in good, solid condition with no problems AND it holds 8 people. We have a big family so fitting 8 people around a table sounded amazing especially for $50. But I didn’t like the stain on the table top and it did show some wear. Here’s the before . . .


The spindle legs reminded me of something pottery barn would make, and since the table is in such great condition I wanted to do this the right way and make it something that would come out of those glorious pottery barn catalogues. That was a daunting task, even for someone who loves DIY, so the table sat for a year. We did move 1000 miles away from home unexpectedly and on a month’s notice during that time, but still this could have been done a long time ago.

The most daunting part of refinishing the table was getting that varnish and stain off the top. So I took it a little at a time using Citri strip to get it all started. This paint/varnish stripper is genius. you spread it evenly and thickly over your area, leave it for 30 minutes, then sand it off. It was sticky and got really clumpy so the sanding took awhile, then I washed it off, then I sanded it again. Once it was all off and not sticky anymore I sanded the whole table down some more. If you don’t have an electric sander, I’d definitely recommend buying one if you have a project this big. Amazon has several for around $20 and just the help you’ll get to your hands is worth that.


One it was all sanded and cleaned again, it was time for paint. This table is going to be heavily used so I put one coat of Rustoleum flat black ultra cover for industrial use. I know it sounds like a bit much, and this stuff stank. But once it was on it’s so worth it. The application was smooth, and I could tell it’s gripping to the wood the way it’s supposed to so it won’t show wear and tear easily. To get that pottery barn affect, once it was completely dry I took my sand paper – 120 grit- and gently went over the entire top. Some spots came off easier than others, and some spots nothing happened – distressed. On the curved edges, I purposefully pressed harder with the sand paper I spots so the wood would show through. I put 2 coats of flat polyurethane on top for some more protection, and then let everything dry completely.


It’s been two weeks since the table has officially been done, and I have to tell you I wish I hadn’t waited so long. I’ve been sitting here everyday working instead of at my desk or on the couch, and we even . . . wait for it . . . we even sit at the table and eat dinner sometimes now.  I guess I’ll be putting more things that need to get done up on the blog.


the one with hunter boots








hunter boots c/o . sweater sold out – similar here . jeans . earrings old – similar here

There are purchases for each person that mean a little more than others. Buying a house, a car, a crib, a ring . . . boots. I don’t know when or where or why, but hunter boots became one of those kind of purchases for me. Hunter boots stood for some special kind of fashion to me. If I had those boots then I was a true fashionista who made wise fashion decisions. They’re not extremely expensive, but if I had saved the money to get them then I had also made wise financial decisions. Well here we are.  I now own hunter boots, and I feel no more a fashionista than I did at the age of 4 when I had a mullet (true story, thanks ma). I’m just a normal girl who really likes fashion, and really likes sharing ideas and stories and supporting other women. So I blog . . . and the hunter boots must be put on the blog because if not then I don’t really have them do I?!

I also still make unwise financial decisions for the record – don’t we all. But at least I have cute boots.


What’s one of these fun purchases for you?

the one with fall trends from shein

As I get older I just have no interest in wearing trends. Especially not spending lots of money on them. But sometimes there are trends that are worth it, and sometimes there are trends that you might already have in your closet. So today I’ve got a list of trends for fall and winter that I think are worth it or I’m sure you already have in your closet to pull on out. All of them are from! Shein is quickly becoming one of my go to websites for good and inexpensive clothes so be sure to check it out!

mod mini dress

mod dresses – think graphic prints and mini dresses with high necks from the 70’s (60’s maybe?).

gaucho pant

gaucho pants – pants that look like a skirt . . . I don’t know like it just seems like a win.


plaid – of course it is. but specifically this season it’s all about lumberjack plaid.


robe coat

robe coats – if they feel like a robe it’ll be perfect. but seriously, comfort, easy wear, and the tie cinches the waist to create a shape.


pastels – if you’ve been around for a couple weeks, you know I love wearing weird colors for the season. and this year everybody else is on board with pastels in the fall!

What are some fall trends you want to try?

the one about styling my lob

It’s time for another  infamous post about hair. I’ve never been good at styling my hair, and I have hair that’s hard to manage (very fine, too healthy, extremely thick). So these posts are few and far between. But a few months ago I cut my loooooong hair into a lob, and all of a sudden I’ve decided to spend more time finding ways of styling my lob. I’ve always know this and haven’t washed my hair every day for several years, but since having a lob it’s become very obvious that my hair does better when it’s not washed. Like it actually does stuff other than hang there when it’s not washed. It’s pretty amazing. Here’s how I make it 4 days (maybe even 5) without shampoo, but still have clean hair and an unitchy scalp.


Day 1: I switch up shampoo’s every 4 or so months because my hair gets ‘used to’ products. Right now I’m using Clear Shampoo. So on day 1 it gets a wash, repeat, and condition If it needs it I’ll do a deep condition with Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist .  I use my Wet Brush Brush to get all the tangles out and spray a little volumizer on the roots. If I can I let it air dry before finishing, but I do use a hairdryer if necessary. I play with my hair a lot so this works to give it a nice straight, volumes down hair for the day.


Day 2: A little dry shampoo on the roots, and some teasing at the crown to give it some volume – we’re all set for another day of it being down. It feels the same as it does on day 1.  Sometimes I tease the bangs and pin them or part it in the middle if I want them out of my face.


Day 3: This is the money day. It’s got enough oil and product in it that I can do whatever I want and it will actually hold! All that thick hair will even hold a curl, but it’s not dirty enough to feel gross. So a little dry shampoo on the bangs to keep them looking less stringy and I pull it into a high pony, a chignon, some waves – something other than just down. And yes I know the picture below is not a lob, but it’s good example of what I do on day 3.


Day 4: It feels gross on this day if I’m being real honest. I could wash it, and sometimes I do. But most of the time I just wrap it up in a top knot with lots of dry shampoo. I tease the bangs and pin them back because ‘hello straw’. I actually really love my hair like this, but by the end of the day my scalp is itchy 90% of the time. It’s still worth it though to me to make it 4 days.


Day5: If for some reason my scalp isn’t begging to be washed, and I’m not working out on day 5 (the sweat would make it itchy) then I’ll braid it up. If the bangs don’t go back with it they have to be washed. My hair is really oily by this day, and there is just nothing to be done about it. Worst case scenario I can’t wash it or braid it then it’ll work hidden under a hat 😉


There you have it! There’s my weekly hair routine! What’s yours?

the one with the cat print

catprint5 diycatprintshirt

jeans . blazer . watch . ballet flats

Let’s be real for a second. I’m a complete DIY’er my thought is always to DIY before it is to buy. And I HATE hiring someone else to do anything for me. Sometimes I end knowing it wasn’t worth it, and sometimes I even spend more money than if I would have just bought it. Sometimes I spend way less money, but it just doesn’t turn out ok.  That is what happened here with my cat print shirt. But sometimes they don’t turn out ok, but I still use it and rock it. Because life isn’t always perfect, and it shouldn’t look it, right?! Right.

I always like to have a new t-shirt for Halloween to wear around. One that’s simple and is a neutral color so I can dress it up or dress it down. But this year I just couldn’t find one I liked well enough to spend $20 or even $10 on. So I decided to make it. You can find the tutorial here on my crafty spot. It was easy, and inexpensive. Plus it gave me the pleasure of saying I made it. And that’s the main point of DIY right. It is for me . . .

Are you a DIY’er?

the one with a Halloween tablescape

There’s a giant table in my dining area that we got on an online garage sale. I love it, and iron man really loves it. Especially when he gets to pull the leaf out and show people how cool it is. However, we purchased it knowing it needs to be refinished. Guess what? We’ve had it almost a year, and it hasn’t been refinished yet. It’s a huge project, and I’m avoiding it. So I finally found a way to hide the maply, oaky, whatever color it is . . . decorating the table. I know. It’s so easy it sounds ridiculous. But I’ve never really been one do more than just a simple centerpiece so having a Halloween tablescape is pretty exciting for me . . .


To do this simple Halloween tablescape all you need is – 2 pumpkins, 6 votive candles, vase with dark flowers, cheesecloth, black and white fabric.



Once you’ve gotten your supplies together, just layer it together in a straight line the length of your table. Use the cheesecloth to connect the fabric to the items in an almost creepy way to bring in the Halloween factor! All of the items I used were pulled together from things I had at the house or from the dollar tree. That’s the best part of holiday decorations right!? When they don’t cost a lot, and are still awesome!



Do you have any fun Halloween décor at your house? What about projects still sitting around waiting to be fixed?