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links and loves for 9/18

It is time again for 5 things I loved from the internet this weeeek . . . katespade

I really need a new wallet. I always like to spend a little money on them so they’ll last. I’m almost sold on this one, but the coin section isn’t that big so I’m torn.


don’t forget to check out my post last week  with a go to outfit for the farmers market

a little vulgar, but i’m from Indiana so please forgive me. but i’m still upset . . .



This lady right here is a good friend of mine with a beautiful, big heart, and she put herself out there with post. I’m super proud of her and let me tell ya . . . I know I’m a an older millennial, but I still qualify, and it really resonated with me. For a long time I didn’t think I was good for God because of the way I was treated at the church regarding my past, but I eventually realized that it was all I my head. Since then I’ve held grudges and been very defensive about it. But Liz found a way to say what I’ve felt for a long time without being rude or judgmental right back.

It’s time again for one of our fabulous contributor giveaways! We have an awesome team of contributors from My Cooking Spot and My Crafty Spot who are bringing you this month’s giveaway.


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Enter below to win $100 to Target through 9/28!


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the one with a DIY ‘beaded’ leather bracelet

We all know that changing your accessories can take an outfit from casual to fancy . . . daytime to nighttime . . . boring to fun . . . frumpy to fab. But accessories can also break the budget. So today I’ve got a quick and easy tutorial on making some jewelry yourself. Head on over to My Crafty spot for the full run down, but here’s a sneak peak.


All you need is craft leather, puff paint, scissors, half an hour, and a marker to make this diy ‘beaded’ leather bracelet yours! I’ve worn it as a headband as well as bracelet and let me tell ya . . . I love it more every time I wear it. I’m thinking of trying it out as a choker since those are making a comeback. You can’t beat custom jewelry for $5 that’s versatile. Don’t forget to head over to my crafty spot for the tutorial.

Today is the day that the influence conference officially starts! If you are there PLEASE come find me, I want to meet as many ladies as possible. If you’re not you should really think about joining this amazing group of ladies!

Somehow I still found the time to come up with 5 links and loves for you tomorrow so be sure to come back to check those out! If you need me I’ll get back to you on Monday afternoon once I’m back in sunny and still blistering hot and wet Florida (not complaining because no snow). Have a great weekend friends!



5 pieces vol. 1

I find a lot of things easier to bear when you just break it down a little, especially numerically. Need to make 100 cupcakes . . . ok that’s only 8 pans.  Picking your outfit every day doesn’t have to be hard either, especially if you just break it down numerically. So I’m going to try something new here on the blog. A couple times a month I’ll show off an outfit – either on me or put together on polyvore – that features only 5 pieces. All you need is 5 pieces to design a stylish outfit. It’s easy as pie right guys. Which I’ve never understood that expression because pie crust is hard so pie is not easy unless you buy pre made pie crust . . . maybe that’s the point and I’ve been missing it all these years.

5 pieces 9-11

September is always a weird month weather wise. You never know if it’ll be hot or cold – is it summer or are we at fall now? I still say it’s summer and refuse to put out pumpkins until the end of the month, but there are days when the weather sure feels like fall. This is one of those outfits that are perfect for those transition days. Plus how awesome are the emerald accents. They’re awesome. Super awesome . . . that’s how awesome.

1. english factory plaid dress
2.  peep toe booties
3. reversible tote
4. kate spade emerald studs
5. watch

See easy as pie, just like I said. Let’s break down one more thing. I have the only – just the one – beauty blogger you’ll ever need. That makes it easy, right!? Lindsay knows her beauty business. And ya’ll, her home state – Kentucky – is right below mine – Indiana – so you can trust her. Lindsay brings her knowledge to you in such a fun, witty, down to earth way that makes her so relatable. I just know ya’ll will love her if you don’t already. Let’s hear what she has to say . . .


Hello! I’m Lindsay and I blog at Bourbon, Lipstick, and Stilettos. While I don’t consider myself a “beauty blogger” (I’m a bit too camera shy for that!), it is my favorite topic to discuss. I share my monthly favorites, an occasional tutorial, and thoughts on popular topics, while trying to maintain my sense of humor. I like to tackle tough subjects like maintaining positive body image, and am currently co-hosting a “Blogging Basics” series. I hope you’ll find there’s something for everyone!

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the one with the obligatory scarves


Don’t worry guys, I know how this goes. I am a mostly fashion blogger, I know what is expected of me. And even though it doesn’t feel like it, it is going to officially be fall next week. So it’s time for a post about scarves. You’re welcome, you guys.

Today I’ve got 5 scarves – a fall collection – for you, that I believe will get you all through scarf season. Scarves are lovely to have a lot of, but there’s just no need with this little collection. As long as you have one of each of the below, you’ll get through to next summer.

black and white poncho // Not technically a scarf, but it’s close enough. Plus it adds a large punch of style to any outfit that you need an extra layering piece for.

double wrap infinty scarf // There really is a lot you can do with infinity scarves. Add a double wrap to this one and you’ve got extra style for the fall and extra warmth for the winter.

watercolor floral scarf // Fall calls for lightweight scarves to add some flair and some layers. Watercolor just won’t go away so I say embrace it.

confetti pom pom infinity scarf // a fashion collection made by me isn’t complete without something that’s only here for fun. The colors on this will even take it into spring.

houndstooth blanket scarf // I’m still madly in love with the blanket scarf that we all have from last year, but I think we all wore it so much that it might be time to add an extra blanket scarf into our repertoire. This one is simple and neutral , so perfect.

What are your go to scarves this season?

the one with a fall kimono


jean shorts . t-shirt . kimono c/o shop bop (sold out) similar here . booties . necklaces c/o rocksbox (usecode rebekahbff48 for a free month)

How was your weekend guys? Mine was pretty glorious. I’ll be gone for a bit this week so the husband and I just chilled at the beach and spent some quality time together. It’s really awesome being married to somebody I don’t like to be away from for even 4 days. Iron Man is just the best. Anyway enough lovey dovey stuff. It is officially fall transition time, but I’m not.  ready to say goodbye to the shorts yet. So I’m trying out a couple of new looks in the next few weeks that are majorly fall . . . but feature shorts. Let me know what y’all think. This fall kimono was the perfect option to get us started, don’t ya think!?

The reason behind this is because these particular shorts are a couple years old, and you guys . . . THEY FINALLY FIT AGAIN! My friend Nina got me hooked on this food as medicine when she was here at the end of June, and ya’ll it works. I feel better, I have more energy, and my old shorts fit.

Also, just realized I’m start to say ya’ll just as much as I say you guys . . . the Midwestern girl in me is disappointed in myself. But I guess that means I’m enjoying Florida.


the one about Poise Impressa

Wednesday I leave (still sunny) Florida and head to Indiana for the Influence Conference. This is my second time so I have a little experience under my belt. I know and am so excited to meet some of you who I know are first timers so I thought I’d share some of my knowledge with you. Of course, you’ll need the normal things you need for going out of town for something work related – business cards, your computer, clothes, toiletries, your purse. But a blog conference is a whole new ball game so today I have a short little list of 5 things you might not think to bring with you.


Extension cord // 4 girls in 1 little hotel room . . . let me rephrase 4 bloggers in one hotel room. You’ll need more outlets. Lots more outlets.

a roomie gift // these people will be putting up with you for a few days so they get a gift. I’m sure you’re a real joy, as am I, but we all have idiosyncrasies. So get those girls a gift ya’ll. Candle and mugs are always classics . . . I’m doing something a little fun this year so check the blog next week for that.

extra concealer // those friends you’re gonna make, all that laughing you’re gonna do . . . you’ll be up late 🙂

a scarf // a blog conference in the middle of Indian Summer, and I’m telling you to take a scarf. yup, cause those conference rooms get real cold, ya’ll.


Poise Impressa Bladder Supports // Guys, let’s be real for a few seconds. We’ve all been there. At the gym, sneezing, or simply laughing . . . you’re enjoying yourself, not thinking about much, and some pee comes out. WAIT WHAT!?! Yup, I know a number of you have been there, and so have I. It’s just simply Stress Urinary Incontinence. But it’s not something you want to have to deal with especially at a busy blog conference. So these bad boys are here to help. You simply insert it like a tampon and it gives your urethra the support it needs to prevent the leaks (and catch the extra). I can’t believe we’re having this conversation either, but this is a real thing that happens and I’m here to support you guys. So is poise. Their are 3 different sizes  – depending on how much of a problem you have. So just start with size 1 and go up from there. They also last for up to 8 hours so the whole time I’m the blog conference I’m not going to be worried about what might happen while I’m making new friends and laughing the nights away. I won’t have to rush to change undies or go the pody to fix things up. I’ll just be laughing and jumping and sneezing thanks to these. Wanna try? Here’s a coupon!


What’s on your packing list you guys? Don’t forget to go get your coupon to #tryimpressa.

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Rules for a Strong & Happy marriage with Mrs. G

Hello Butcher’s Niche Readers!! 

I’m Faith and I blog over at Life w/ Mrs G & the Artist. I’ve been blogging for a little over 5 years and I love it! Life w/ Mrs G & the Artist is a lifestyle blog where I blog about life, love & marriage, my walk with my Jesus, books reviews, some DIY & recipes and we throw in some blogging stuff every once in a while too. However, my heart for the blog is creating a community where women can have authentic & real discussions of things that are heavy on their heart. A place where they can come and be uplifted and encouraged by women that are going though the same thing or have been through the same things and can help them through the tough situations and pray for them. 

When Bex asked me to be her guest and to talk a little about marriage I was so excited. LG & I have been married for 13 years and I’m still learning what makes a good marriage work but I have a figured out a few things that I would like to share with you if you don’t mind. 🙂 Marriage is definitely hard work … I love LG and I love our life together but if anyone ever tells you that marriage isn’t hard or that you don’t have to work at it every day … I give you permission to slap them! Ha! 




So marriage is hard … but just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it isn’t rewarding. Marriage can be very rewarding as long as you remember a few things … they are what I like to call the rules of marriage. Now everyone might not agree with me but these are the things that I have found make my marriage work. I’m working on hanging this where I can see it because I’m human and let’s face it … I need reminded!! 




Now as I said … these may not apply to everyone but they have been what works for LG and our marriage. A couple of the big ones that I have to constantly remind myself of are these …


1. Be the first to say I’m sorry. Now you may not think that this would be a hard one for me because I usually have an easy going, go with the flow temperament but IT’S HARD!! When we argue I get very upset and I have to talk and talk until I get it all out and LG is the complete opposite and so it makes for a frustrating argument and when I get so upset and I don’t think he is seeing my point … the last thing I want to do is be the first to say I’m sorry because frankly … I don’t think I’m wrong. Has anyone ever had that thought? ha! Well, if you haven’t I want to sit down and have a conversation with you. Help me! ha! But if I’m honest with myself … on the times that I’m willing to forgive and say I’m sorry first, I feel so much better. 


2. Never bring up past mistakes. Sadly, and I’ve had to ask for forgiveness so many times from God and from LG because I do this. I don’t always do it and I’ve gotten better in recent years but … I’m human and sometimes that ugliness rears it’s head and I spit out something spiteful and hurtful from the past because I’m angry and frustrated and not communicating like I need to. Did you see what I did there? I’m not communicating. I’ve not let something go from the past or I’ve not forgiven something that’s in the past … It’s on me. I have to forgive and let that go and not bring it into the present if I want my marriage to work and survive and be successful. 


3. Well … actually  #7 & 8 kind of go hand and hand for me. I think if you put your spouse first before anything else you won’t have a problem with taking them for granted. I don’t do this a lot but LG and I are very busy people. We both have full time jobs and then I have my blog & he has boards that he sits on and we both have responsibilities at church. Sometimes, we have been guilty of putting all that stuff before doing date nights together, or having dinner as a family, or taking vacations. And we have just realized that for our marriage to work and be successful … we can’t do that. We can’t let other things be first. We have to make each other a priority and since we started doing that … it has been great for our marriage and we don’t take each other for granted as much. There are still the occasional slip-up but nothing like it used to be.  


So that is it for me. Those are my rules for a happy & strong marriage and I hope these tips work for you. What are some rules/tips you have for making YOUR marriage the best it can be? I would love to hear what you have to say. Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. 



I would love for you to stop by and say Hello! Life w/ Mrs G & the Artist is designed to be an authentic place where you can find encouragement and strength. If you would like to follow along, feel free! 


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the one at the airport


nike dual fusion // similar nike’s . similar t-shirt . jogger pants . sunglasses . fedora . tote . luggage

1 short week from today I will be leavin’ on a jet plane, I don’t know when I’ll be back again to head back to Indiana for the Influence conference. To say I’m excited is an understatement. Last years conference was life changing for me and I expect this year to be full of inspiration for both life and work. Plus I get to see some of my bestest friends and grow with them in Jesus.

When I’m at the airport, I like to look fresh and put together but comfortable. I fly out of Orlando so that means lots of children who just got to see Mickey Mouse or are on their way to Mickey Mouse are on my flights. It’s also most likely their first flight. So comfort is key, and jogger pants hit the nail on the head. Paired with a graphic tee, and some chic accessories you’ll also look put together in case you run into anyone famous or important. Obviously, if you’re on a business trip this won’t be chic enough . . .and for you I am sorry because when that kid is kicking your seat complaining about his ears popping listening to Disney music there’s not much that can help. But comfy pants, some headphones, and a hat to pull over your eyes helps a little.


What’s your go to in flight outfit?