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the one with a baseball t








similar tee // similar tee . crepe dress . wedges . sunglasses . purple necklace // another purple necklace

I’m sort of obsessed with putting a cute shirt over an adorable dress.  I’ve done it at least twice on the blog (just thought of a third time), and I’ve done it about a thousand times in real life. But this baseball t adds a little extra flare to the whole outfit. Baseball t’s are just as comfortable as a regular ol’ t-shirt, but they give a little extra flair, and even another color for contrast. You guys know how much I love contrast.

These wedges – it’s a love story between the two (three?) of us. You’re going to see them a lot more on the blog. They’re basically the perfect shoe. I got them at rack room shoes – can’t find them online anymore, but they’re still available in my local store. I’ve linked to a really similar pair, but I’m not sure they’ll wear the same. AND that is what makes these shoes so perfect. A wedge that you can dress up, dress down, and your feet don’t hurt after 8 hours of walking through an airport. The perfect shoe . . .

Do you have a pair of perfect shoes? What about rockin’ t-shirts with a dress?

the one with the perfect hostess gift

Last week at influence I knew I had to treat the girls in our room to something extra special. I am quite a weird person, and if I sleep on my back I snore. So they needed a treat. With limited space in my suitcase, I was a even more limited on what to give. I also had limited time to go find something once I arrived. While I was brainstorming, Iron Man said if you were receiving a gift and throwing a party what little gift would you want someone to give you . . . with all the stress my first thought was ‘I’d want a drink’. And an idea was born . . .


For the situation of Influence I knew a little drink together before we started on an emotional journey together would be perfect, and as I thought about it some more I realized this would be a perfect hostess gift, too. You guys! People show up late, you only have a limited amount of drinks and food, you’re trying to make sure everybody has a good time . . . then somebody hands you a little bottle of champagne or a beer and says ‘thanks for hosting now go hide in the bathroom for a second’ . . . or you can just hide it and drink it after everybody’s gone.


Here’s what you’ll need ::

paper straw – or even a stainless steel one for some extra fancy

scrapbook paper

hot glue and gun


gift tag and a pen to label it

champagne bottles, wine, or beer bottles – the mini ones are cuter, but you can do big ones if you wanna


Here’s the how to ::

  1. cut a heart (or any other) shape out of your scrapbook paper and hot glue it onto the straw. Be sure not to use too much so you don’t melt the paper.
  2. Label your gift tag while you wait for it to dry.
  3. Once it’s dry weave the twine through the tag and around the straw before wrapping it around the bottle neck. Tie it securely!
  4. Enjoy the look on your friends face when you present them with a drink 🙂

What’s your favorite hostess gift to give?



Special thanks to Nina for taking these pictures while I packed her bags because that’s what’s friends do when life hands them an emotional weekend.

the one with a the striped shirt









leather jacket . similar wedges//similar wedges . jeans . striped shirt . watch . similar earrings

I have decided that myself and Iron Man moving away from Indiana was not good for the Colts. We must be some sort of lucky charm that we didn’t even know about. If you’re a fan, you know what I mean . . .if you’re not a fan . . . well I don’t even want to talk about it. What does this have to do with this outfit . . . nothing. Except I took these pictures while I was Indiana for Influence, and there’s a banner behind me in one or two of the pictures. I miss Reggie Wayne.

I guess we’ll move on to the outfit now. These jeans are basically amazing. I haven’t talked about it on the blog a lot, but since moving to Florida I’ve lost a significant amount of weight. It’s just doing what people always say . . . eating right and working out. It’s been slow going, but these jeans prove it’s working. I bought them 4 years ago, and only got to wear them twice before I gained some weight . . . and then gained some more. It feels great when your skinny jeans fit again, guys. Especially when they are as great as these jeans. Jeans totally change the way your bottom half look, don’t they. I have a friend . . . love her so much . . . but her bottom half is the opposite of mine and recently she bought a new pair of jeans and was soooo excited that they gave her a little shape. a lot of shape actually . . . all from a pair of jeans.

What are your favorite jeans?

life update 9/25

It’s been at least a month since I updated ya’ll on life so I figured it was about time. Especially since we’ve had lots going on.


I was in Indiana last week, and I got to enjoy lots of delicious foods. Indiana is like a hidden gem of delightful, hipster restaurants. I think it’s what i miss most about living there. Not my family, not my house . . . the restaurants. The girls and I got some sangria at Bakersfield, and my main gal Elizabeth and I tried out Milktooth . . . and holy, holy, holy it’s so delicious. Please try it if you’re local.


Influence was last week, and as I expected, the time with my ladies was the best part. Lots of tears, and lots of laughter, and some more tears. So worth it . . .


Next week hopefully . . . hopefully . . . I’ll be able to process all my feelings into coherent words. In the meantime please enjoy the beautiful campfire scenery I was surrounded by all weekend.


That doggy up there is Barney Fyfe the basset hound. He and I played with glitter preparing for his mothers bachelorette party. I think she was there and filled my heart with joy to spend time with her . . . but I can’t really remember.


Justin, my littlest nephew, and I spent some time together. When we moved down here in March, he was barely one – had just started walking and barely any words. He’s a very quiet dude to begin with . . . but this week he talked to me! I think it was the cake I had.

the one with the blooper reel

Fashion blogging is a weird thing you guys. I have so many pictures of myself. and some of them are truly awesome . . . and I mean that in a sarcastic way. I’ve never shared a blooper reel so today you’re in for a real treat 🙂 my first blooper reel. . .

Growing bangs out suuuuuucks . . . I can’t decide what to do with them. They don’t go all the way back for a pony yet, but they’re long enough to blow around and get in my face a lot.


It looks like I was trying to do duck face, but that’s not the case. I’m saying something real smart to my husband right now.


This is what happens when you try to jump and skip and don’t know how to use your camera.

This is how this went between my camera man and I . . . my camera man is my husband . . . “I want to get one once I push my hair back” “cool, I got it” I still can’t get it through my head that he doesn’t listen to everything I say.


and this is how this one went . . . “say something funny to make me laugh so my smile is natural” “penis”

I actually like this picture . . . but you can’t see my face. So that’s a good fashion blogger.

And I just have to throw this one in here because you guys don’t get to see his face enough 🙂 thanks for helping me with my lighting iron man.

the one with an ode to the 90’s


shorts . similar boots // similar boots . sunglasses . watch . (bracelet a diy coming soon!) . t – shirt . plaid top (last season of this exact)

I am a child of the 90’s, and for 2 years I was a teenager of the 90’s. You guys, the 90’s were amazing. I just recently found out that college freshmen don’t have memories of a world without Jack Dawson or Harry Potter. This was life changing entertainment for me, guys! Life changing. So many life lessons learned from these two men, and the women in their lives. COLLEGE . . . COLLEGE freshmen. 3 things I hope from this . . . 1.I hope I’m not really as old as this makes me feel 2.They don’t know how good they have it. 3.I hope they went back and watched these movies or filled the holes in their heart with similar entertainment from the 2000’s. But, you guys, they don’t do it like they did it in the 90’s.

Also, thanks to my brother – a young adult of the 90’s – I know the wonders of grunge. Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, the pilots, the pumpkins, did I mention Pearl Jam because they were his favorites.  My mother still had a heavy hand in what I wore so the closest I got to wearing grunge back then was a plaid shirt. So you can imagine my excitement when grunge got a little updated and brought into this year.

What’s your favorite decade?

The Wednesday Showcase #16

Welcome to The Wednesday Showcase! We had a lot of fun introducing our new hosts last week. A special shout-out to all the new people who linked up with us last week, too! We all had a hard time choosing the features because there were so many great posts to choose from.

TWS-hosts-03 Read more

the one with the butterbeer recipe

Guys, my favorite thing about Harry Potter was the butterbeer. There are so many things I could choose because it is a truly enchanting place taken straight from the book that changed so many lives including mine, but I choose butterbeer. You may think I’m being sarcastic or just exaggerating. Of course, she means the time with friends or the experience . . . nope. My favorite part was the butterbeer.


My favorite version was the warm version – there’s also cold and frozen. But when we got home, I immediately started playing around in the kitchen with several different recipes of the warm version to find the perfect one. I think I found it, and I had to share with all of you. Even if you’re not a Hp fan this stuff is delish, and you must try it.


Ingredients ::
2 tabs butter
2 tablespoons of brown sugar
mug full of milk (about 12 oz)
1 teaspoon vanilla
dash of cinnamon
marshmallow fluff (optional)

Recipe ::
In a medium saucepan, melt the butter and brown sugar together over medium heat. Once caramelized, fill saucepan with milk. Add vanilla and cinnamon before bringing to a boil. Once butterbeer is boiling, remove from heat and let cool before adding a spoonsful of marshmallow fluff! Enjoy


Will you be trying? Who loves my Bellatrix Lestrange mug :)?

the one with a work outfit


skirt . tank . heels . drop earrings . blouse

When I see this look, all I can think about is that it would be perfect to wear to work. It sort of even makes me miss having a 9-5. Before moving to Florida for my husbands job, I worked at a car dealership. I miss the hustle and bustle . . . I miss the people . . . the smell of the gas as the cars were driven onto the showroom floor . . . the headache that came as the gas smell died down . . . the white chocolate popcorn from the vending machine . . . the paper cuts from filing all the warranties . . . yup, I only miss the people.   They’re good people.

Swing skirts were my favorite thing to wear to my 9-5 for several reasons. Mainly they’re comfortable and versatile. You can wear them with a cute t-shirt and sandals, a blouse and heels, a work polo and converse, the list just goes on . . . Swing skits are perfect to wear when you want to feel really girly, and working at a car dealership I always wanted a little something to make me feel a little more girly.

What’s your favorite way to wear a swing skirt? Do you have a 9-5 – hopefully you like it ( or at least the people) 🙂