5 links for Friday

5 links for Friday

5 links for Friday

.. a quick trip sounds really good right about now. And traveling at least once a month has become my norm since moving away from home, so this article on late summer travel deals is the bomb.com in my book. my favorite tip is to avoid checking bags . . . It’s a point of pride for me to fit everything into a carry on so I don’t have to pay for a checked bag. sunglasses2 .. I’m really into two -tone sunglasses right now. And I think i need these particular sunglasses. Amazon is my spot to get decent quality sunglasses on the cheap so I can have lots and lots of them.

.. don’t forget to read my post about how fashion impacts life and sage advice from Miranda Priestley. very important life stuff here, guys. That face down there  . . . i don’t even know where it came from.


 ..  I have a weird obsession with reading about serial killers, and a fiercely loyal love for Leonardo Dicaprio. The two are related because he’s finally making that movie about America’s first serial killer. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for a movie. Yes I was . . . it was Gatsby. Shocking. 

.. I’m loving all the post with Katie’s new blue purse, also she’s a colts fan like me so BOOM!

Have a great weekend!

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