5 things from an epic week

5 things from an epic week

Last week was pretty epic. There was something going on every day. This week I’ve spent cleaning the house and letting my body recover. I haven’t even done a lot of online window shopping. That’s partly because all of the orders from last week came in so I got to re-shop the delivery boxes. Online shopping is seriously the best. SO let’s recap last week . . .


1. Tuesday I went to Epcot and got my day drank on with Liz Tippy. Let me tell you, the 3 amigos ride in Mexico followed by fish tacos and then grand marnier slushies and macaroons in France is the way to go for meals every day.

2. Wednesday I got new tennis shoes. They’re purple and pink. That’s about all that needs to be said about that.


3. Thursday Iron Man and I went to Universal with his little brother. It was the best time I’ve had at an amusement park in a long time. We missed Ben and Jen by 2 days, but not everything can be perfect.

hangry towel

4. On Friday, the brother in law told me I was the hangriest person I ever met. And so I’ve decided to take the plunge and buy something hangry for the kitchen. This tea towel is #1 on the list so far.

5. I made butterbeer at home . . . it was delicious. look for the recipe soon on a blog near you.

how has your week been? any exciting plans for the weekend?


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