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5 Links Friday

It’s Friday! Hallelujah! How was your week? Here’s some fun things I found . . .

1. I’ve been needing a new dress for a few cocktail type of events and this one is just loverly.

2. If you missed the pink wall or our 2nd anniversary pics, go check them out! Some of my favorites ever on the blog.

3. I need to make this immediately. how cute!

4. Leslie Knope was nominated for an Emmy . . . this is how I feel



5. names impact us whether we want them to or not . . . this article was super interesting for me!

the one about a stylish door

Having a welcoming stylish door to your home is just part of taking of your house to me. I could walk up to a house with a plain white door and the people inside could be wonderful, inviting, warm, the best of friends. They probably are. I know that, and I do not judge. But walking up to a bright blue door with a green wreath lets me know they’re also a bit eclectic. Walking up to a large wooden door with a wreath floral wreath lets me know they’re earthy, rustic. Walking up to a black door with a monogram let’s me know they’re modern.

When you’re renting, that wreath becomes even more important. The front door of a rental could be any color, have any number of dents or scratches, and who knows how old it might be. I’ve had rust colored doors, red doors, orange doors, white doors, grey doors, doors that I’m pretty sure are a hundred years old, and doors that I’m pretty sure should be condemned. But I always have a pretty wreath on my door.



I almost always make my own wreath and find a jazzy door mat from Target to go with it. That wreath up there is my recent creation, and the how to is over on My Crafty Spot today. The watercolor coffee filter flowers were so easy to make. I want to make more, but have no reason to. It’s unfortunate.

How do you keep your door stylish?

the one with brightly colored walls







jean shorts similar earrings . top . Leather Sandals . sunglasses

There are so many brightly colored walls in Florida. I always knew that, but before we moved here I thought it was limited to businesses or houses by the beach. But nope, that is definitely not the case! These brightly colored walls are all over the place. Houses, buildings, government property, gas stations, etc. You name it I can find one in my little beach side city that has brightly colored walls.

What kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t start utilizing these brightly colored walls? A normal one. But I’ve always liked to stand out from the crowd. I want to stand out like these brightly colored walls. I’ve been looking for a purple one because it’s my favorite – in case you can’t tell. But the only one I can find so far is on a house. I learned recently I should not take pictures on private property. So my purple brightly colored wall and I are still searching for one another. Two unique things are bound to find each other eventually tho, right?

And yes I know that last picture is over exposed, but it’s awesome. I love it. so it gets included.

the one with July’s wishlist

Every month I come up with a wishlist of things I’m craving. Basically it’s all things I don’t need, but really want. It’s like shopping without actually spending money for me. And let’s be real, it’s mostly about the shopping. I know I don’t need it. I know it will barely be used. But I want it. I want the thrill of spending my hard earned money. So, anyway, here’s July’s wishlist. . .


Rifle Paper Co Books – I can’t get over how pretty these books are. I would probably keep other copies of them to read, and just leave these out to be pretty.

vip makeup bag – I saw this on so many ipsy reviews, and I just need it guys. I need it. I don’t even know why.

cami – Old Navy has several things in this pattern and I just love it. black, white, purple . . . nothing better to me.

tassel earrings – I feel like it’s about time I jump on this train, yea? It just seems a bit much, but I trust the way Lauren makes all of her jewelry.

camera strap – Finally got my first DSLR and it obviously needs a stylish strap. I don’t think anyone excepts anything less. I just can’t decide which one. A neutral color with the floral, this awesome green, or the orange! The orange is surprisingly amazing!

What’s on your wishlist?

the one with the anniversary shoot




IMG_3808 (1)






On December 31st, 2010, I ended up at this guy’s apartment who I had met two weeks before (at an ugly christmas sweater party). His name was Scott, and my best friend Tiffany had just started seeing his best friend Drew. Scott and Drew already had tickets to some party downtown so we were just dropping by for the two love birds to see each other. Scott had on this amazing plaid blazer that really brought out his blue eyes. Yup, plaid.

Just after midnight, I heard Drew was coming down to see Tiffany so I stole Scott’s number from her phone and asked him to come. He did. We walked the streets of Indianapolis in the rain, he dropped me on the dance floor at The Wild Beaver, and we had our first kiss at midnight Pacific time. Tiffany told me that night she demanded to be a bridesmaid, so 2 and a half years later she was.

2 more years later ( 4.5 total so he said I could round to 5) here we are. Celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary (well these pics are a month late).

If you’re in the Chicago-Land area I highly recommend contacting Nina @ NB Creative for any photography needs you have – engagement, anniversary, pregnancy, newborn, portrait – I could go on, but you get the idea.

5 links & a Target giveaway

Guys, this week I didn’t do a lot. You would think with back to back to back guests and a trip home I’d want to just get back in a routine. But instead I wanted to just have a week to myself. I try not to put too much emphasis on being introverts and extroverts, but in the past year I’ve realized just how much of an introvert I am. This past week proved it so much.

Since I’ve been by myself so much, you know I’ve spent lots of time on the internet so here’s some fun things I found.

1. This bulldog needs to come guard my closet. The glasses are purely for style reasons.

2. A friend sent me this post with some home decor recs. It’s pretty magical – pun intended.

3. Lurve, just lurve this dress on Amanda.

4. My love for apple season, sprinkles, and dessert are really happy we found this pin

5. And to end the week off right, how about $190 to Target giveaway? That’s exactly what some of my blogging friends and I have for ya today . . .
$190 Target Gift Card Giveaway

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

the one with the broken earrings

During a blogger swap sometime last year, I got these amazing green earrings. Emerald green earrings right before Christmas are my jam, ya’ll. These things were worn A LOT . . . and then they suffered a move to Florida. So the poor things broke. It was a very sad day when I put them on and they fell apart. You can see the original in the center of the very dark picture below.


All that happened was the little bauble on the bottom fell off; it was a simple break. All I needed to do was tighten the loop on the bauble that fell off, but I decided to get creative. I made 1 pair of awesome earrings become 2 pair of amazing earrings! Because that’s who I am.

It was really simple! I bought these earring hooks at Jo Ann’s (our local craft store) and grabbed my pliers.


Step 1. The hooks I chose could be shimmied on, we’ll say. So I went ahead and tightened the loop on the bauble so the hook didn’t fall off.

Step 2. Loop the bauble onto your hook and shimmy it all the way to the bottom.

Step 3. My bauble was pretty stiff once on the hook. I couldn’t get it to move around at all. This might be how you want it, but my bauble wasn’t straight on the hook this way. So I took the back of the hook and twisted it around a few times to secure things and make it a simple hook earring instead of a hook and latch.

That’s it! Now I have two pair of beautiful, emerald green earrings. I can’t wait for Christmas time. Have you ever DIY some earrings before?

the one in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Last Monday I got to enjoy a full day at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I really have no words for the joy I felt that day. I was late to reading the books; I didn’t start until right before the 6th book was coming out. Even at 19 years old the books hit me in the heart and changed the way I looked at the world. Reading them again at 28 (last year, and not the only time I’ve re-read them), I picked up on so much I had missed for the past 10 years. So this was the perfect time to go, and I picked the 2 best ladies to do it with! In the true dry and sarcastic humor you find around here, I decided to share my outfit and 7 more tips of what to wear that I found along the way.


1. Wearing a robe is obviously preferred, but if you can’t then be sure you wear a black tank top and thick jeans shorts. Both outfits – robe and black tank top – will be perfect for the Florida heat.


2. If you go the route of the black tank top, be sure you add some puff paint love. Draw Harry Potter figures all over (deathly hallows, lightning bolt), and add your name so strangers know who you are. Of course, be sure your friends have the exact look on their black tanks because #squad.


3. You’re going to be in the sun all day long, and ain’t no body got time for tan lines. So wear flip flops. You won’t have any ankle support at all. But your tan lines will be small and near your toes not large and at your ankle. If you’re lucky it’ll rain a little and your flip flops will slide off a lot. That means no tan lines. Worth it.


4. Choose a bright, neon purse so everyone can see you and find you. Be sure it’s cross body so the strap hits you in a place to accentuate your ample bussom. Self explanatory.


5. You’ll want to wash and blow dry your hair the night before so it’s super voluminous and beautiful the day of your trip. Obviously, the only choice is to wear it down while at the park – in the Florida heat and a rain storm (frizz). Really, it’s the only choice you have at all because you never know when you’ll have to be in a duel, and a wind machine will start. Bring a back up hair tie just in case, but be sure it’s a rubber band so it hurts and pulls. That way you’ll only wear it when absolutely necessary.


6. If you’ve chosen to go the black tank route (not the preferred robe), then people will assume you’re a muggle. It will be tough to deal with, and obviously extremely annoying. So be sure you have a scowl on your face Bellatrix style.


7. To help combat the fact that everyone thinks you’re a muggle, carry around a wand all day and shout curses at people. Witches and wizards do it all the time and that is exactly what you are. This is completely normal. My wand is black so you can’t see it in the photos, but rest assured it is there.


If you haven’t ever gone to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I highly recommend it. Especially if you’ve read and love the books. If you haven’t read them now.