the one where Bex is a ballerina

the one where Bex is a ballerina








chiffon skirt . top similar .  sandals // similar sandals

Doesn’t every little girl wish at one point in their lifetime or another that they were a ballerina? I did. Well, I guess it was more like i wished I was a dancer, but a ballerina is like the prima dancer so it all works out. Actually, I wanted to be a singer so I guess I would be like a pop dancer . . . hip hop, maybe. Not a ballerina. It all makes perfect sense, and if you know me then you know that it could have been possible (no it couldn’t have). But I went down a different life journey (thank God). and thus no Grammy’s . . . and only occasionally Zumba. But I can still wear pretty little ballerina outfits, right? Especially when my hair is braided like Heidi – thanks to Nina.

My favorite part of this outfit is the edginess the shoes bring. A little delicate ballerina skirt with some studded shoes puts the contrast for the outfit on the perfect level. There isn’t a better combo than girly and edgy, in my opinion. Ok, maybe peanut butter and chocolate or Oreo’s and milk. Those are actually much better, but when it comes to this outfit there’s nothing better than girly and edgy.

What’s your favorite combo? Did you dream of being a ballerina?


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