the one with the first black and white outfit

the one with the first black and white outfit







similar black shorts similar topsunglassesleather sandalssimilar emerald earrings

I realized a few days ago I have never done a full black and white outfit. It’s either all black or all white. I do mix the two colors . . . I mix the two colors a lot so it’s only natural that they be on the blog. It’s shocking that they aren’t on the blog almost every week, really. But, better late than never right.

Now, serious question. Have you ever walked out of the house with two different earrings on? two different shoes? different socks? I do the socks thing on purpose sometimes, and somehow I’ve never walked out with two different shoes on. There have been times when I’m running so late that I’m sure the only reason that worked out is because of my C.O.D. – closet organizational disorder. (overly organized life really not just closet) But wearing two different earrings. I tend to end up doing that a lot. I try one on to see if it looks good . . . then I try another in the other ear . . . and then I just walk out the door. Proof is up above in the 3rd picture. It was only a matter of time before it happened on the blog.



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