the one with Easy Abstract Art

the one with Easy Abstract Art

I’ve decided that I’m going to become a painter. Not really . . . I just wish I was a painter. Kinda like how I wish I was a grammy award winning singer. I can’t sing that well, and I can’t paint that well. But practice makes perfect so I’m singing a lot more, and painting a lot more. Here’s a fun tutorial for some easy abstract art I recently did . .

Canvas or Heavy Paper
angled brush set                                                                                                                                                              Washi Tape (or painters tape)
acrylic paints

The first step in this art piece is laying out the overall shape.  Using a pencil, I roughly drew out the shapes I wanted – a diamond and a hexagon. Then I outlined them with washi tape so it would have a crisp edge when all finished.


Once your main shape has been laid out, it’s time to create all the smaller diamonds and triangles that make this art piece unique and abstract.  You can use a ruler, but as I’m sure you can tell, I just free handed mine.

Then, start filling in each of the shapes one by one with whatever paint colors you choose. To keep it abstract and fun, I’d choose 3 or 4 different colors and just go crazy. Be sure to use them all and in different patterns. You can cover each section with an outline of tape so it’s easier to stay in the lines. I didn’t and I bet you can see which shape I did first. Then my hand got steadier for the 2nd.


Once your paint has dried, remove the washi tape. Be sure you wait until it’s dry . . . find patience . . . go find things to do . . . wait until the next day.

Then hang it up and enjoy!


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