the one with the anniversary shoot

the one with the anniversary shoot




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On December 31st, 2010, I ended up at this guy’s apartment who I had met two weeks before (at an ugly christmas sweater party). His name was Scott, and my best friend Tiffany had just started seeing his best friend Drew. Scott and Drew already had tickets to some party downtown so we were just dropping by for the two love birds to see each other. Scott had on this amazing plaid blazer that really brought out his blue eyes. Yup, plaid.

Just after midnight, I heard Drew was coming down to see Tiffany so I stole Scott’s number from her phone and asked him to come. He did. We walked the streets of Indianapolis in the rain, he dropped me on the dance floor at The Wild Beaver, and we had our first kiss at midnight Pacific time. Tiffany told me that night she demanded to be a bridesmaid, so 2 and a half years later she was.

2 more years later ( 4.5 total so he said I could round to 5) here we are. Celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary (well these pics are a month late).

If you’re in the Chicago-Land area I highly recommend contacting Nina @ NB Creative for any photography needs you have – engagement, anniversary, pregnancy, newborn, portrait – I could go on, but you get the idea.


  1. Emily says:

    oh my gosh- this just totally warmed my heart!! Beautiful pictures, Bex!!! You can just feel the love, even through the screen 😉

    (he dropped you on the dance floor?! I mean, I’m not judging at all… I drop myself on the dance floor all the time. The first time X ever saw me dance he said, “Wait. Are you just joking right now or do you really dance like that?” I’ve been scarred ever since.)

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