the one with the purple sunglasses

the one with the purple sunglasses






purple sunglasses  .  tank  .  similar shorts .  necklace  .  wedges

I’m convinced that everyone needs some purple sunglasses in their life. Also, a picture of themselves in honeycomb sunlight. There are just certain things that make you happy in life, and those are two of mine. Not even happy really, but giddy. Purple sunglasses and honeycomb sunlight make me giddy.

So does this outfit. This is my official favorite thing I’ve ever done.

I knew a girl once who was going to use blue and purple for her wedding. This was many moons ago, and I at the time said horrible things about how her marriage wouldn’t last since she was starting out with such horrid color choices. The wedding didn’t end up happening . . . But not because of her color choices. But in my ignorance at the time I was convinced that was why. I have since learned from the error of my ways. I like this girl, and she had a beautiful wedding years later with the right guy. I was excited for her when she chose the same colors – blue and purple – because I had finally learned the most important lesson of all. Purple is wonderful and matches everything including most shades of blue.

What things make you giddy in life like my purple sunglasses do for me?



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