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The Wednesday Showcase #2

Welcome to the second week of our newly revamped party, The Wednesday Showcase! We had a lot of fun introducing our new name last week. Thanks for joining us for another great week. Share your posts and be sure to stop by a few of the other links.

Just in case you missed our announcement last week, Hump Day Happenings is now The Wednesday Showcase! It’s still the same party with the same rules, but with a brand-new name!

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the one with a Father’s Day Gift Guide

I’ve never done a Father’s Day Gift Guide before. That is for two reasons : 1. my dad is super easy to buy for. 2. my father in law is also. They want time, life experiences, conversation. So they get tickets to events or nicer than usual dinners. This year might be a little harder considering they live 1200 miles away now. But if I know them at all, I know they’d rather wait until we’re in town to receive their gifts.

That leads me to the theme of this year’s Father’s Day Gift Guide, what I would get my husband if he were a father. Hopefully, next year he will be so I need to prepare. Besides he’s so much fun to buy for!


Weber’s Way to Grill :: I don’t wanna brag, but we can grill year ’round down here. I usually come up with recipes and the meal plan, but one day a week I let him take over and we grill.

Damn Handsome Beer Soap :: weird gifts that have to do with beer are perfect for the 21-40 year old man who loves beer. Iron Man is one of those.

Dollar Shave Club :: Funny story – For the first 3 years that I knew Iron Man, he grew a beard every winter. Seriously, I thought I loved Christmas before I met him, but I had no clue how wonderful it could be. One year for his birthday (which is in early spring=beard turns to scruff) I got him some really nice shaving stuff so he could get a good shave. Worst mistake I ever made, but best gift I ever got him. It’s a clean shave all day, erry day.

Old Navy Tee :: Old Navy’s tee’s for guys are so soft. It’s a win, win for both of us.

bourbon marshmellows :: I probably won’t ever buy these for him because he gets really upset when I share his gifts. He calls it many things . . . sharing is not one of them.


the one with a summer scarf








scarf and watch // gifts // similar watch   .  Levi’s Juniors Mid Length Short.  t shirt  .  Gladiator Sandals w/Woven Heel

Sometimes . . . a lot of times . . . I have no idea what to say in a post. It’s just that the outfit and the pictures speak for themselves. This is a light, fun, colorful outfit with a delightful summer scarf. Isn’t it obvious why I’m wearing it? So what really is there to say?! Not much really, you guys. I thought about writing about how my husband tells me dirty jokes to make me laugh during blog pictures. But then I realized I probably shouldn’t tell you the joke he said so that’s a bust. I know you’re all curious now so maybe I’ll tell you later.

But when your friends buy you cool watches and a summer scarf, you talk about them on the blog . So thanks, Nina! This summer scarf is a wonderful silky material making it perfect to wear in the summer for an extra pop of color. and the watch is my new favorite thing ever. Mostly because it ties, so it doesn’t pinch my skin.

How was everyone’s weekend? My parents arrived with the prettiest little 5 year old girl you ever did see. We get to spend a week at the beach and Disney with her big brother. So we’ll be super busy, but we’ll be having lots of fun.


High Five for Friday 6/12

I figured it was about damn time I did one of these bad boys. Lots has happened since the last one. The biggest part of life recently is the week long trip to Indiana Iron Man and I just got back from. AND we celebrated our 2nd anniversary. After this month I can officially round up and say we’ve been together for 5 years. I’ve been waiting for this to happen for 5 years.

Considering we just got back from a trip home, if you expected anything other than a full post of nieces and nephews you came to the wrong place. Because High Five for Friday 6/12 is full of them . . .


1. That’s one of my best gals up there, and she’s havin’ my baby on Christmas Day. Not really my baby, that’s physically impossible. Also, the plan is before Christmas Day. But it’s gonna be a new little niece or nephew for me to love on and I’m SO EXCITED! I’m pretty sure it’s a girl, so it’s probably gonna be a boy.


2. Speaking of new little babies, Iron Man has finally contributed a niece to our bunch. He’s super pumped about it, and you can see from his proud face in this picture. Her name is Stella and she hails from his best guy Drew and wifey Tiffany (who introduced my husband and I). She coos and eats a lot, and we love her a lot.

3. Speaking of proud aunties and uncles, this guy. I can’t. Yes, he really is related to me. I’m positive it all comes from his mama (my sister in law). Follow him for more fun


4. and me and the homie are chillin in Flo Rida for the week. He’s so pumped about daily ice cream.


5. This lady is called Faith. I met her almost a year ago at Influence and she has been such a blessing. She came to see me last month, and then I got to see her again when we were home.

How has your life been lately?

the one with celeb inspiration June ’15


Every month I share 1 outfit from a celebrity to inspire and enthrall along with how I’d style the look and where I’d find the items much cheaper! 

For Celeb inspiration June ’15, we’re visiting with Vanessa Hudgens! Hudgens is such a boho babe. Sometimes this plays out in really odd ways and some really insane outfits. Just google her Coachella outfits and you’ll see what I mean. Most of the time it results in the beauty we see above.

I love how effortless she always looks, and how she mixes her leathers. I almost always match my leathers. You know what I mean by that? Let me explain . . .The things I wear made of leather commonly are purses, belts, and shoes. I, usually, am sure they match or accent the outfit. I’ll never wear a black belt with a brown bag. I might mix black and cognac, but that’s as far as I’ll go. Vanessa seems to have a brown belt, cognac shoes, tan hat, and black purse. She rocks them all and yet it works.

The pieces I chose are simple pieces from Old Navy’s Summer collection. You’ll notice I chose very similar cognac leathers for the belt and shoes. I’m just not ready to mix the brown in yet!



the one where Bex goes hiking








The North Face Osito in Magenta
shorts diy . similar here
New Balance Women’s Running Shoe
*shirt was special edition Influence Network at Conference last year*

There are definitely days that I just don’t want to be active. I’d rather lay in bed, not think about anything, eat pizza, and watch Netflix all day long. But the next day I have to force myself to get out of bed and participate in some sort of activity. On those days I like to go hiking or a long walk. I haven’t found very many hiking trails in our area of Florida so there’s been lots of walking. Back home in Indiana there are lots of hiking trails, so while I was there last week I was sure to hit up a couple.

It was a bit chillier than I expected it to be at certain times in Indiana. I had to bum this fleece off my mom, and it almost ended up in my suitcase. Before I permanently borrowed yet another thing from my mom, I remembered that I live in Florida. She needs a north face much more than I do – especially right now.

What are you favorite easy workouts for lazy days? Anybody else permanently borrow things from their mom?

the one with diy cut offs

You guys, I know you’ve heard me say this before. But I shall say it again. I am a curvy lady. Finding boyfriend fit jeans and shorts is kinda hard. Turns out boyfriends do not have curvy thighs. I feel bad for them, really.

Since we’ve moved to Florida, I’ve worn jeans twice. Twice in 3 months. So I finally took that old faithful pair that should be awesome, but they’re just a little too old and cut them off. The result is more than I could have dreamed. Seriously. I love these diy cutoffs.

I wanted them to be clean cut. That way I could wear them casual or fancy. So it was more than just cutting them off. Here’s the how to . . .


– 1 Pair of Pants
– Scissors
– Ruler
– Tailor’s Chalk
– Iron
– Straight Pins (Optional)
– Sewing Needle
– Thread
1.  pick out your favorite pair of jeans! If you don’t know already know the length you want the inseam to be, out them on!
2.  I know I wanted a 5″ inseam. Old Navy makes wonderful shorts at 3″ or 5″ and I prefer the 5″. If you don’t know them pick a good place while your jeans are on and place a mark on the outside seam with tailors chalk (or whatever pen you might have)
3. Place your pants and lay them facing up on a flat surface. Using your ruler, measure from the hem of your pant to the mark you made on the side seam. Remember that numba!
4. Go to the inseam (the seam on the inside for all you sewing newbies) of the same pant leg. Measure up from the hem using the measurement from above. Mark the measurements with your chalk.
5. Using your ruler, draw a line connecting the two measurement marks. This will be your new hem.
6.  Measure down 1″ from your new hem and draw another line. Consider this the fold line.
7. Repeat Step 7. This is the line you will cut.
8. Repeat STEPS 4-8 on second pant leg.
9. Cut pant legs on the CUT LINE.
10. Fold your pants in half (so the legs are on top of each other) make sure your cuts are even.
11. Go to your ironing board/ironing area. Fold your cut line up to the fold line and iron in place. repeat on other leg.
12. Fold up to your new hem line and iron in place again. repeat on other leg.
13.  Taking a needle and thread tack each seam down (4 total).
14. put your pants back on before someone walks in and sees you in your undies.
15. rock your new shorts!
Be sure to come on back to the blog tomorrow to see the first way I styled these bad boys!

the one with grey & black for girls night









lip color // nyx candy apple

hexagon frame sunglasses

sweater . Target clearance similar // similar

grey jeans

bag . vintage similar here

T Strap Sandals

Hey there! hi there! ho there!

My Aunt Jean used to say that all the time. No clue why. She also used to say things like ‘sin and corruption’ while watching soap operas and ‘oops! i shot a bunny’ when she farted.  Weird, some don’t make sense, and some are gross. So I probably shouldn’t say her funnies out loud.


How was your weekend? I hope it was wonderful. My weekend was on the tail end of a week back home again in Indiana. It was wonderful. Iron Man and I got to see all of our favorite people. We even brought one of them home with us.

We also got to spend quality time with our favorite restaurants. As a foodie, this was a big deal. I needed to look my best for my reunion with my favorite meals. Also being in public, of course, meant that I had to have my fashion game on point every day.

This outfit was for a quieter night out for some tacos at Bakersfield with one of our best couples. It’s colder in Indiana than in Florida, but not cold. So jeans with sandals are definitely the way to go, and so versatile as we all know. Grey & black are unusual colors for summer, but they’re still some of the best so they deserve to be brought out. Don’t you agree? What are your go to outfits for a casual night out with friends?

the one with carry on makeup

It’s become a rule in our house that we do not check luggage unless it simply cannot be helped. Week long trips home or to another beach, aren’t reason for more than a small carry on and a big purse.

That limits the beauty products I bring with me to the essentials (and under 3 oz.). I also have an irrational fear (one of many) that I will loose all my makeup while I’m gone. So all the makeup I take with me is from the drugstore. easily and cheaply replaced.


Since I trip home is quickly approaching I though I’d share what I bring . . .

ALMAY Clear Complexion – for when you need a good, full base

Olay BB Cream 

Sephora correcting concealer – not my favorite by any means, but it works for under the eyes

Almay intense Liquid Liner 

Anastasia Brow Gel Clear – amazon has travel size for drug store prices 🙂


NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil

COVERGIRL Bombshell Shine Shadow – great by itself or as a primer! 

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

Sonia Kashuk Creme Blush


similar maybelline eyeshadow pallet – mine is actually quite old, but this is what I’m assuming they’ve updated to based on colors.


What do you take on vacation for your beauty needs?