the one with diy washi tape cards

the one with diy washi tape cards

Now that I live a few hundred miles away from all my family and most of my friends, snail mail has become much more important in life. Ever since church camp at age 12, snail mail has been one of my favorite things. But now it’s much closer to the top of the list.

Just like most aspects of my life, I need the snail mail I send to be original and sentimental. Insert diy washi tape cards.

All you need is some washi tape (mine is from the dollar tree!), blank cards (mine are from Michael’s), scissors, a few markers/pens, and your imagination ( or pinterest to gather some ideas).


On this round I needed 4 cards . .  a thank you card, a wedding card, a birthday card, and a card for a baby shower. So I decided to keep things simple for 3 and get a little crazy for the last one. Ok, not really . . .



Thank you card – pretty simple, but just in case. I measured out some washi tape the length and height of the card. Then I placed it along the bottom and left hand edges. A simple ‘thanks’ later, and we’re done!

Wedding card – I cut a 4″ piece, 3″ piece, and 2″ piece of washi tape; then arranged them in order of a wedding cake with a cake stand and a cake topper.

happy birthday – do I need to tell you!?

shower – I love the theme of umbrella’s for baby showers. I don’t know why, but I do. This umbrella is 3 pieces of washi tape with rounded corners, bunched up together, and the bottom piece with a little wave on the bottom.

What ideas do you have for diy washi tape cards?



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