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the one with a Father’s Day Gift Guide

I’ve never done a Father’s Day Gift Guide before. That is for two reasons : 1. my dad is super easy to buy for. 2. my father in law is also. They want time, life experiences, conversation. So they get tickets to events or nicer than usual dinners. This year might be a little harder considering they live 1200 miles away now. But if I know them at all, I know they’d rather wait until we’re in town to receive their gifts.

That leads me to the theme of this year’s Father’s Day Gift Guide, what I would get my husband if he were a father. Hopefully, next year he will be so I need to prepare. Besides he’s so much fun to buy for!


Weber’s Way to Grill :: I don’t wanna brag, but we can grill year ’round down here. I usually come up with recipes and the meal plan, but one day a week I let him take over and we grill.

Damn Handsome Beer Soap :: weird gifts that have to do with beer are perfect for the 21-40 year old man who loves beer. Iron Man is one of those.

Dollar Shave Club :: Funny story – For the first 3 years that I knew Iron Man, he grew a beard every winter. Seriously, I thought I loved Christmas before I met him, but I had no clue how wonderful it could be. One year for his birthday (which is in early spring=beard turns to scruff) I got him some really nice shaving stuff so he could get a good shave. Worst mistake I ever made, but best gift I ever got him. It’s a clean shave all day, erry day.

Old Navy Tee :: Old Navy’s tee’s for guys are so soft. It’s a win, win for both of us.

bourbon marshmellows :: I probably won’t ever buy these for him because he gets really upset when I share his gifts. He calls it many things . . . sharing is not one of them.


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  • Reply Liz @ Baby Got B.A.

    Hahaha sharing is not one of them. You make me laugh girlie

    June 16, 2015 at 10:31 am
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