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the one with 5 braids

I’m not a good braider. At my wedding, I really wanted to do God’s Knot to show our unity as one. He braided the whole thing while I giggled. He’s very frustrated with me about it still. But I’ve been practicing and getting better. So while Nina was visiting the Sunshine State, I had her show me 5 braids that were fun and easy to do this summer . . .


Head on over to her blog to get the how to on each of the 5 braids. Seriously, they’re so simple and so bangin’. For reference, my hair is fine, thick – so, so frickin thick I have too much hair, I also have long layers in the front (that’s why there is so much hair left at the end for some), and for most of these braids it hadn’t been washed in 3 days. Let’s get to the 1st of our 5 braids.

bexbraid1 (1)

1. Messy Fishtail . . . I’ve tried a fishtail many times, but always thought my hair was too thick. The way Nina messed it up a little I LOVE! LOVE! It’s the perfect beach hair for those days you’ll be in and out of the water and need to be fashionable the entire time- just add a kimono like cover up!

for fishtail

2. Dorothy Braid . . . I was against this braid at first. I’m almost 30 years old – should I really be wearing pig tails. But I let her try and I kinda like it. This look is soft and very girly so the outfit should be the same, but with a little edge to it. I chose girly fabrics, designs, and kept the main color edgy black. 

for pig tails


3. MilkMaid Braid . . . This one is my favorite. As soon as it was up I knew it would be because it’s so versatile. Hipster, boho, feminine, edgy . . . you can wear it all those ways. Olive is so in this summer. Paired with your go to jean shorts, this is an outfit that simple accessories can take any of those different ways. a floppy hat for boho, delicate earrings and necklace for feminine, round sunglasses and boat shoes for hipster . . . on and on and on and on



4. Braided chignon . . . This is the braid I was looking most forward to. But with my hair type it wasn’t working. It looked good, but I’d never wear it regularly because of all the bobby pins we had to use. It wasn’t holding tight enough because my hair is so fine (it was also freshly washed so I’m going to try again with dirty hair). If you’re lucky with course hair, I would rock this look weekly. With high heels and a dress every. single. time.





5. Headband Braid . . . For me, this look was all about getting my hair outta my face. Days when I want my hair outta my face are days when I’ll be busy, so my outfit should follow suit. I chose light fabrics like linen and cotton along with some comfy shoes and a big tote bag for errands.



Do you wear braids a lot? What’s your favorite thing to wear with? Also, don’t forget to go check out Nina’s blog for the how to on these bad boys.



the one with over the top Florida Glam









ava & viv swimsuit  .  similar earrings//similar earrings  .  palm tree coverup//similar cover up  .

similar headbands and bracelets found here  .  wedges

Picture it . . . One of your good best friends travels down to your new home in Florida to see you. Your hair is super greasy. Like 4th day with no wash, so perfect for just about hair style you wanna do. Obviously, you spend some time playing around with curling wands, too much hair spray, and cat eyes. Because this is over the top Florida glam

But then you decide you need to go to the beach. Need to. Because Florida. So you leave your hair, you leave the cat eye, and you add some jewelry for your beach trip. Because this is over the top Florida glam.

You walk outside the house to officially head to the beach, you look to the left and realize your neighbor as the most amazing lime green house. Because this is over the top Florida Glam.

So you nonchalantly walk right over there with your good best friend and you have yourself a little photo shoot. Until the person that lives there starts looking at you through the window. So you nonchalantly walk away with your good best friend, and quietly say to each other “We’re gonna walk right past the house so she doesn’t know where we live.”

If she would have simply asked us, it would have been a simple explanation. Because this is over the top Florida glam.

Kate Spade Giveaway!

The parentals and 2 little people (nieces and nephews) came to see Iron Man and I last week and it was true magic. So this post will just be some pictures of them that I took while playing around with my new camera – along with good wishes for a wonderful weekend and a kate spade giveaway you can enter, but i hope i win!!



Mama, so pretty.



If it looks like she’s about to plunge into the water it’s because she is. That’s all she did all day.



just a quiet little dude enjoying the beach.



first look with grandpa


a chair big enough for the both of them equals amazing photo opp, but annoyance for big brother.

I don’t think anything could be more apropos than the words emblazoned in gold on the storage bag that the clutch comes with to house this beautiful, coral leather baby: “She tucked her coral lipstick away and floated back to the party.”

Isn’t that darling?

So enter to win the perfect coral Kate Spade clutch to tuck your fab coral lipstick into and float away to many summer parties.giveawayjune2015

Anne | Bex | Nina
Susannah | Lindsay | Alexis
Faith | Daisy | Liz

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the one about 14 day Skinny Teatox

At the beginning of this year, health was on the forefront of my mind. Losing weight, getting healthy, being fit . . . all top priorities. But then we moved to Florida and life was a mess for awhile. Once things were settled I felt bloated, I had no energy, I wasn’t sleeping well, and on top of all that since we had just moved across the country my eating habits were all outta wack. I really wanted to eat all the time because that and moving boxes was what I had been doing for the past few weeks.

I usually am not on board with cleanses and detoxes, but when Skinny Teatox contacted me about their 14 day Teatox I decided to give it a try. My best friend is getting married in 5 short months and I have a dress I have to fit in. I needed something to motivate me and get me back on the healthy track.




Skinny Teatox is a 100% natural detox tea system to help you lose weight, boost metabolism and energy, and suppress appetite. All the ingredients in Skinny Teatox are 100% natural. There are no chemicals or preservatives. Gluten free. GMO free. Nut free.

A 14 Day Teatox Help You With:

-Weight loss
-Burn calories
-Boost metabolism
-Suppress appetite
-Increase energy levels


With this Teatox I received, the day time tea – which tastes a lot like a lemony green tea – which is a loose leaf tea that gives your meatabolism and energy levels a stead boost throughout the day. I also received the evening tea – which is a lot like a white tea  – this is a colon cleanse so all the toxins get flushed out. For 14 days, I drank the day time tea every morning about 10am and the evening tea every other day around 9pm; I also ate a gluten free diet and worked in some short workouts 3 days a week (so 6 total).

I didn’t loose a noticeable amount of weight, but I definitely lost that bloated feeling and gained energy throughout the day. I was a little worried about the colon cleanse (would I be up all night in the bathroom!?!?) I had also been a little ‘off’ lately. It wasn’t bad, and I’m back on track now.

So would I recommend a Skinny Teatox? Sure, if you need something to help kick start a weight loss or health plan. Have you ever tried a teatox?

*This post was sponsored by BrandBacker*

the one where 4 bobby pins changed my life







similar skirt .  similar top  .  similar halter .  similar sandals  .  thread watch  .  cat eye sunglasses  .  floral earrings

Bobby pins. They are the bane of my hair’s existence. My hair is heavy, dry, there’s lots of it so bobby pins just don’t really like hanging out in there. My hair is almost always down, in a pony tail, clipped back, or a top knot. That’s it. It’s too heavy for much else, and I am horrible at doing hair. But sometimes 4 bobby pins do exactly what I need them to do and a chignon works. It’s truly life changing. And this time it stayed put long enough and didn’t frizz out long enough to take pictures. AND the husband nailed it when I said ‘ I want to get one that shows how bangin’ my hair looks’. I’m very modest.

Let’s talk about this top . . . it was my very first goodwill purchase ever. I’ve had it for quite some time. No idea where it came from originally, but I love it. A full year will go by before I wear it again, but every time I do a good closet clean out I can’t part with this one. It’s probably sentimental.

the one with diy washi tape cards

Now that I live a few hundred miles away from all my family and most of my friends, snail mail has become much more important in life. Ever since church camp at age 12, snail mail has been one of my favorite things. But now it’s much closer to the top of the list.

Just like most aspects of my life, I need the snail mail I send to be original and sentimental. Insert diy washi tape cards.

All you need is some washi tape (mine is from the dollar tree!), blank cards (mine are from Michael’s), scissors, a few markers/pens, and your imagination ( or pinterest to gather some ideas).


On this round I needed 4 cards . .  a thank you card, a wedding card, a birthday card, and a card for a baby shower. So I decided to keep things simple for 3 and get a little crazy for the last one. Ok, not really . . .



Thank you card – pretty simple, but just in case. I measured out some washi tape the length and height of the card. Then I placed it along the bottom and left hand edges. A simple ‘thanks’ later, and we’re done!

Wedding card – I cut a 4″ piece, 3″ piece, and 2″ piece of washi tape; then arranged them in order of a wedding cake with a cake stand and a cake topper.

happy birthday – do I need to tell you!?

shower – I love the theme of umbrella’s for baby showers. I don’t know why, but I do. This umbrella is 3 pieces of washi tape with rounded corners, bunched up together, and the bottom piece with a little wave on the bottom.

What ideas do you have for diy washi tape cards?


the one with that red lip, classic thing that you like









Calvin Klein linen button down  .  Short Sleeve Button-Down .  similar shorts  .  Coach Sunglasses  .

Mary Kay Crème Lip Stick Red  .  Envelope Clutch  .  shoes

I’m about to say something really unpopular right now. After you gasp and pet your cat, please hear me out.

I worry about Taylor Swift, and I think she’s a bit overrated. My friend Liz sent me Tay’s newest album because she was trying to sway me. It almost worked. I am not too proud to admit it. It almost worked. I know she’s talented, and I certainly don’t hate her. She does have that red lip, classic thing down pretty tight. But I just can’t get on board to the level which a lot of you are. She does have some really catchy songs, and they get stuck in my head ALOT. I hate it . . . I sort of love it.

So today’s look is my take on that red lip, classic thing that my husband likes. So this look is on repeat quite often in my house. Luckily, it’s quite easy . . . very comfortable . . . and that linen fabric is good for the hot weather.

What’s your version of that red lip, classic thing?

the one with 2015 swimsuits

Let’s be honest. I live in Florida where we’re reaching 90 degrees most days, so this post was only a matter of time from happening. Here are my favorite 2015 swimsuits from my favorite stores – Old Navy and Target – plus an extra for the plus size gals.


I’m gonna be honest. I think cut outs defeat the purpose of a one piece bathing suit. I don’t know where I would classify them (mostly because i don’t like them), but not a one piece. What I look for in a one piece is support, some tummy tucking/hiding, and it must be pretty. This plus size one is from mod cloth!


I might be alone on this one as a christian woman, but I found this year’s tankini’s to be pretty boring. Normally they’re the perfect solution. Easier and more versatile than a one piece, but much more modest than a bikini. But this season they are very basic, boring, and don’t show a woman’s shape at all. I think there are modest ways to show your shape and be stylish. These 3 get that done. This plus size one is from Old Navy.

bikinicollageBikini’s and I have a love hate relationship. Even high waist-ed I feel a bit too curvy for, and there’s the support for the girls issue. Of course, there’s the modesty issue too. But I do think it is possible to find a the perfect bikini. These are the ones I’d try this season. This plus size bikini is from Target.


That old navy cover up is sitting in my shopping cart right now just waiting to be purchased. Seriously, how amazing is it? That plus size cover up is from Target’s new Ava & Viv collection.

What are your favorite bathing suits for the season?