high five for friday March 20th

high five for friday March 20th

I haven’t done one of these for awhile, but lots has been happening in life lately. So I figured it was about time.


1. There’s our new little house. I’m not gonna lie to you . . . I miss my old house. I miss it a lot. We had just bought it and renovated it and it was my little dream house (for now). Then we got this opportunity that we couldn’t pass up, and so I had to say goodbye. It’s in safe hands now, and this little number isn’t so bad. It’s really nice actually.


2. On that note, moving 1200 miles away is not a journey I want to make again. We did the whole move ourselves. Just the two of us, my parents, a uhaul, and this little lady. She did so good on the 16 hours drive. She only asked ‘are we there yet’ 2 thousand times.


3. She and my parents stayed for a week to help us get settled (and see the beach), and I couldn’t let the time pass without a little Disney. We are only an hour and a half away after all.


4. She and her uncle had lots of bonding time over the week that they were here. Seriously it melts my heart. They created a new way of walking and they walked this way everywhere. Also, my husband has to wear a suit to work everyday . . . God is good.


5. Everyone’s been gone for almost 2 weeks now, so Iron man and I are trying to get into our new groove, find a church, and all that jazz. The only thing I’ve decided on is I will visit the beach every day – preferably in the morning to see the sun rise and spend some time with God.

How have the past few weeks been for you? I’d love to hear.


  1. I loved this little update! Florida is the best, I promise! You’ve already figured out the whole Disney World in your backyard thing. And isn’t it nice to wear shorts while the rest of the country is buried in snow?

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