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projectwellnessWhy, ‘ello readers of the good Butcher’s Niche! It’s Nina of Flowers in my Hair and I happen to be a blog friend turned real life friend of Bex. She is super busy and will be updating you on all things Bex related soon but in the meantime, I am updating you on our wee little collab, Project Wellness.

(Is it weird that I wrote that entire paragraph with an English accent in my head? It’s not that weird because Bex and I do accents all the time but you guys aren’t there all the time so I wanted to include you in on the joke and I don’t know if it worked.)

So, she wrote about nutrition on my blog way when. Truth be told, with my birthday and some major life changes, I could have done a better job of this. Tomorrow, however, I am actually starting this sugar detox. Not a cool celeb detox where you only eat lemons and it is unhealthy but where you eat real food but cut out processed sugar. I was just meal planning for it. IMG_1187

But today I want to talk about movement. Not even the word exercise, just movement. Because the thing is, I have an autoimmune disease which means I can’t work out too little or too much. Plus, because I have let my health go a bit, I am carrying more weight than I normally do. This becomes less of a vanity issue and much more of a health issue because if I am carrying a dumbbell in each hand representing the weight I’ve gained while living with this autoimmune disease, it multiplies the problems. So here is my goal: move more.

I was given a fitbit for my birthday and so I take the stairs instead of the elevator. I walk on the treadmill. I am never going to be ready for a muscle competition but I can keep track of my movement with the fitbit and little by little, I know, from experience (because I have been here before), that I will start to feel better. Again, it isn’t about vanity or a number on the scale.IMG_1181

Like we said from the beginning, this is an ongoing project of wellness. It doesn’t have to do with a size or weight. It’s about health–and not just they physical either. So I encourage you, despite the snow (if it’s snowing where you are), just to move a bit more than you normally would. This may sound so dumb but sometimes I will gather everything I need and take it from room to room with me. Instead now, I force myself to leave things behind so I have to go back for them. Small things add up. I’ve done it before and I am doing it again.

Here’s to wellness!





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