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the one about a ikea Brimnes hack

All of our bedroom furniture is from ikea or we made it ourselves. That is a fact that I am immensely proud of for several reasons . . . it’s chic on a budget, we built it, and we didn’t kill each building ikea furniture together nor at the actual store. Our marriage has survived the ikea test. #praisehands.

The key, ladies, is to pick it out and then leave your husband alone while he builds it 😉 Go have a pedicure, lunch with the girls, shop with your mom, do whatever you want to do and let him build it. Then come back and let him go do what ever his heart desires while you decorate.


Moving on . . . we chose the tarva collection for our dressers because I wanted sturdy wood furniture that I could personalize the colors I chose. I stained the tops and painted the bottoms with white. You can find how I did those on my crafty spot. But our nightstands we wanted to have more storage so we went with the brimnes. The only problem was I needed to figure out how to get the stained top to match our dressers.

Head on over to my crafty spot today for all the details on how I accomplished my goal of an ikea brimnes hack!



the one with a review of ‘Make Up’

I’m sure you’ve all heard of or seen the girl on Pinterest who does crazy awesome make up tutorials. The girl is a genius with makeup, but after reading her book ‘Make Up’ I quickly learned she is much more.



First of all . . . I had no idea that she actually started ipsy (which as I have recently found lately is rockin’ it harder than birchbox), she has her own makeup line, and she’s an ambassador for Lancome . . . all while keeping up with her millions of followers on her youtube channel and starting numerous other adventures.

But more than that she was once struggling to make ends meet in Florida, but her family somehow made it possible for her to make it to art school . . . which made everything else possible.


Her book ‘make up’ tells her story (much better than I can) and gives life tips. Skin care tips, beauty tips, hair tips, dressing your body tips, and even tips on business, resumes, etiquette. Some of them are maybe a little young for me – at almost 30 years old – but they’re always good reminders.

And for my 20 year old cousin whom I love so much and want her to do life right . . . this is the perfect gift.


*I was given this book by Blogging for Book. all opinions are my own*

the one with an asymmetrical jacket

asymmetricalIMG_5844 FullSizeRender (3) FullSizeRender (4) IMG_5857 IMG_5871jacket – Target very old

skirt – thrifted

shirt – old navy

shoes – thrifted

belt – Target

wristlet  – Coach

Almost 2 months ago I signed up to co-host the Creative Closet and I went through a very wide range of emotions . . .

excitement started it, of course

then confusion as to why I had to signed up to do this with out having an outfit planned

then horror at the thought that I didn’t have anything asymmetrical

then repulsion at the thought that I was going to have to break my capsule wardrobe and buy something – at the time I was still trying to convince myself I could do it.

then elation at the thought that I was going to have to break my capsule wardrobe and buy something – because I wasn’t doing a very good job convincing myself.

then the realization that my favorite jacket is in fact, an asymmetrical jacket

devastation that I now had no real reason to break my capsule wardrobe and had to continue trying to convince myself to keep up with it.

acceptance that I now had no real reason to break my capsule wardrobe.


The Creative Closet


the one with a $300 anthropology giveaway

Today was supposed to be all about the 2nd month of my winter capsule. . . you were supposed to get lots of outfit pictures of what I’ve been wearing this month and if I’m struggling not to buy things and how I feel about the month that’s left . . .

Well, I have a confession . . .

a winter capsule full of warm pants and sweaters and long johns doesn’t really work when you’re going back and forth between 3 degrees and 60 degrees. So the winter capsule has died. I do intend to do one again later this year. But I want to get through the move and see what kind of clothes I find myself in down there most often. The spring/summer wardrobe has now become the official wardrobe for year round.

So since I don’t have the planned post for you today I have something super fun 🙂 an anthropology giveaway!

Anthropologie INSTA


Prize: $300 Anthropologie Gift Card

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Giveaway organized by: Oh My Gosh Beck!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

the one with 5 things to do with a whole chicken

I’ve mentioned that we’re moving to Florida, but I haven’t really told many details yet. That post is for another day today all you need to know is from the time we accepted the job to Iron Man’s starting day was 1 month . . . so in 1 months time I had to find a place to live, pack up our entire life, say good bye to every one and thing I know and move 1200 miles away. Every day is spent finishing up things at my day job, packing at least 1 room up, feeding myself and my husband 3 meals, calming down enough to sleep, sleeping 8 hours so I don’t smack everyone I come in contact with, and making myself look and smell presentable each and every day.

Meals. They must be quick and they must be healthy. So for this past week I cooked up a whole chicken in the crock-pot and we got a few meals out of it. . . .

wholechickenGo to My Cooking Spot to see how I cooked up the chicken. For our first meal I tore off the wings and the legs and we ate those up just as they were with a easy side dish of fresh vegetables. Then I tore off and diced up the chicken on the carcass for the rest of these meals . . . 5 things to do with a whole chicken.

1. chicken tacos :: added a little salsa, avocado, cheese and a tortilla shell.

2. chicken noodle soup :: take the chicken stock, some celery and carrots, some spices and noodles.

3. chicken salad :: add spices, vegan mayo, grapes.

4. chicken pizza :: add a ready made pizza dough, tomato sauce, and cheese

5. chinese lettuce wraps :: add some soy sauce and spices, scallions, celery, honey, and wrap it up in a thing of lettuce.

There’s 6 meals from 1 chicken for 1 week . . . so easy, inexpensive, healthy, and yummy. Have you tried a whole chicken yet?


the one with a tshirt remix

On Monday I shared a casual look to wear my favorite v neck tshirts from old navy and a plaid top. But that was 1 of only several ways I wear my tshirts. I’m stating the obvious when I say a good tshirt is versatile, but I think we can all learn new different and exciting ways to wear them from each other.


One of the things i love about style is imagination. Everyone’s is different and unique – i’m talking about our imagination and our style. So something as simple as a soft vneck tshirt has thousands of different ways to be worn Here’s 6 of the ways I’ve been wearing mine lately. I paired all of them with jeans for this feature, but all of them could be switched out for a chic skirt or some skinny black pants.

FullSizeRender (5)


Of course, there’s just by itself with some killer shoes and simple jewelry. And the way I showed on monday by just adding a fun button up.

FullSizeRender (4)


Keeping it simple and casual, how about just adding a belted scarf.

FullSizeRender (1)

To fancy things up a little change up the accessories, add some heels and a blazer. Now you’re ready to hit the town with your girls or have a date with your man.

FullSizeRender (3)

You can even rock a tshirt at work with a simple button up underneath and some simple jewelry. If you’re going on a date after work, just switch that out for a statement necklace and some heels.

FullSizeRender (2)


What are you favorite ways to rock a simple tshirt?

the one about a DIY coat rack

Over on my craft spot last week, I showed one of my favorite recent DIY projects in a while. I love it so much I had to show you guys over here too. My house has 1 coat closet at the entry and then you either go directly to the kitchen or directly to the living area which includes our formal dining area. So I needed a functional but stylish area to work as a foyer. A foyer for us is just a place to throw our coats, my purse, our keys, and a scarf or two. So this DIY coat rack was my solution . . .


This project we got done for $30 – I could have gone cheaper, but I really wanted the crystal hooks and they were $6 – and in 1 hour! My favorite kind. Inexpensive and fast. The crystal hooks, the coat hooks, and oak 2×4 – stained with leftover Rustoleum Kona stain – came from Lowe’s Hardware.
Once it was up and ready I needed some things to style it and make it a chic area that blended in well with that area of our house. Here’s that rundown –

Mirror (always need to check your lipstick before you walk out) . Target
Cream bin (for gloves and hats) . Target
Bench (for shoes) . Target
Pillows (for style) . on bench pillows covers from elemeno pillows on etsy
Blue chair (for putting on shoes) . thrifted and painted Blue Sea by Rustoluem
Ampersand Pillow . thrifted at Goodwill

There’s the rundownof my new favorite area in the house – you know that will change after the next project as it always does 😉 Maybe one day I sit down and think really long and hard and decide what my favorite spot really is (it’s the kitchen).

Do you have any DIY projects going on – or restyles of the stuff you already have?

the one about plaid

FullSizeRender (2) FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender (3) FullSizeRender FullSizeRender (4) FullSizeRender (5)
plaid top . thrifted vneck t . old navy jeans . old navy shoes . old navy 

Since last week I fancied it up a little bit for Valentines day I thought I would bring it way down a notch and go causal this week.

Casual wear is what you will find me in 90% of the time. But I still want to look stylish and put together. Since causal wear is usually cheaper than fancier items I also use those days to try out trends. Being on a capsule wardrobe doesn’t really allow for many trends or fads and that is a – ok with me. But occasionally there’s a trend I want to play around with . . . plaid is one of those for this season.

I grew up in the days of grunge so to say plaid is a trend almost seems a little weird. But it hasn’t really been popular in the past few years until here lately. I have to say i’m ecstatic that it’s back . . . especially for men’s fashion.

And yes these pictures were taken in my new home 🙂 I had to go down there and find a new place to live!!! Also, if you know someone who wants to buy an awesome house in Indiana I have one for sale 😉

What’s your go to casual wear lately?