the one about bracelets

the one about bracelets

I’m a little behind the times on this post I feel. But better late than never, really, is my motto . . .

For Christmas my brother in law got me the perfect rose gold watch and now I’m wanting some bangles or bracelets to wear with on a daily basis. Just 2 or 3 simple rose gold, maybe even mixed metals and throw some gold up in there to set off the watch.

With my capsule wardrobe getting ready in the morning is so easy . . . except trying to do decide on which accessories. I love accessories so there’s no way I’ll be limiting the amount I have of those. I’m a girls, girl who loves shopping so I just can’t give up accessories. But I’d like to some simple earrings to my arm stack and for my ‘usual’

Here’s what I’m trying to chose from . . .


druzy amethyst  – top of the list because it’s purple. I just can’t help it.

initial heart – an s of course for iron man. but is wearing a heart on a daily basis too much?
heart of gold – it’s kate spade and rose gold so this is top of the list.
chain link bracalet  – these are very trendy and maybe even a little too blingy, but I really like it.
feather cuff – just a cute little addition i can’t get out of my head. Plus since it’s a cuff it’ll be easy to slip on and off.
Do you have bangles or bracelets you wear daily with your watch? Whats your favorite place to get them?


  1. Anne says:

    I would definitely get the amethyst, the heart one and the feather one. Having said that…I would probably get them all! Love them. And I don’t think wearing a heart everyday is too much. Go for it!

  2. Emily says:

    I love the initial bracelet!! (I’m really glad you posted the E initial because clearly I need it now.) As for one to go with a watch… my favorite is the Heart of Gold. So pretty and simple!

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