the one with 5 reasons you need an eye cream

the one with 5 reasons you need an eye cream

Last week I told you all about my skin care routine. But I left out one important part. Why you ask? Because it’s a very important part that young women don’t think they need.

I’m talking about eye cream.

I’ve heard lots of reasons why ladies don’t use it. – it’s too expensive. they’re too young. it feels greasy. they already use a really good moisturizer under there.

But I’m a firm believer that an eye cream is worth it and here’s why.


1. moisture. First and foremost if you read the bottle of your favorite moisturizer it probably says keep away from eyes . . . that includes underneath. Also, you have no oil glands underneath your eyes so the skin there needs extra moisture. Without glands there the skin is more sensitive so you need something other than a regular moisturizer to compensate.

2. puffiness.  Regular moisturizers also don’t usually have anti-inflammatories. But most eye creams are made with specific products to decrease that fluid retention.

3. wrinkles. It’s called prevention. Why wait until you start to get those crows feet to start using an eye cream. use it before you start and it won’t happen to begin with.

4. dark spots. Without glands under there, it also makes for some sensitive skin right there. sensitive = easily damaged. easily damaged = dark spots. How do you keep those spots away  . . . with a cream to keep it hydrated, but is gentle enough for that sensitive area.

5. you’re not gonna be young forever. i don’t want to be a debby downer, but you’re not. i mean i’m almost 30 and i have honestly no idea how that happened. i feel like i’m 18  . . .

I’m currently using Instanaturals eye serum! I love it! the eye dropper applicator gives me just the perfect amount.

Do you use an eye cream? What’s your favorite?

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