the one about kushyfoot

the one about kushyfoot

I’m not a big sock wearer . . . I much prefer to let my feet live free from the bonds of socks and closed toe shoes. Even if I’m wearing closed toe flats or heels I rarely have on socks.

My issues with socks don’t just end at letting my feet live wild and free. My feet get this sweaty feeling while in socks, socks don’t ever stay in place, and unless I have full on fuzzy socks they don’t even keep my feet warm. I live a life with cold feet – which is ironic because I never have cold feet about adventures especially marriage.

I know what you’re thinking and believe me I understand  . . . I live in a state where we experience full winters. Negative temperatures, snow, ice, violent winds . . . how do I not wear socks. Well, until a few weeks ago I only wore fuzzy socks with my boots . . . and my feet were really cold.

Socks are a basic foundation garment that help our clothes and shoes stay on better, fit and look the way they’re supposed to – just like a bra – But our feet aren’t as delicate as what our bra’s are used for so it just didn’t seem as important to me.  That might be a bit a of stretch, but you get the idea.


What happened a few weeks ago? I found kushyfoot . Specifically I found fleece lined trouser socks. Not only do they keep my feet warm . . . but they stay up all day long under my boots – or under my pant leg if I choose to wear my booties. And that weird sweaty feeling when I wasn’t sweating . .  . it hasn’t come with these socks. They now always go under my boots – most likely with some fuzzy socks over top of them since it’s so cold.


Not only do I love the fleece lined trouser socks! I love the crew socks to wear with my booties. The padding on the bottom feels like I’m walking on a pillow! Now am I going to start wearing socks all the time now . .  nope. Will I wear socks with my flats when it’s cold out? . . . nope. I’m just not a socks girl, but when I have to wear socks I’m going with Kushyfoot.



  1. Jennie says:

    I have tried Kushyfoot and absolutely Love their products! I haven’t tried the fleece lines socks, so may just have to check them out. Thanks for sharing!

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