the one about cold dreary dark rainy days

the one about cold dreary dark rainy days

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 Coat :: Target . Shirt and jeans :: old navy . Boots :: . Scarf :: forever 21Earrings :: old navy . Umbrella :: practically perfect in every way . pictures :: Nina who wears flowers in her hair


Rainy days . . . dark rainy days . . . dreary dark rainy days . . . cold dreary dark rainy days

I’ll stop with the adjectives now.

Cold dreary dark rainy days are what we’re having here in Indiana since it is January. And when I say cold I mean 1 degree . . . when I say dreary I mean cloudy . . . when I say dark I mean we don’t see the sun . . . and when I say rainy I mean it’s a wintery mix.

For being so darn pretty in the spring, summer, and especially fall – like the stuff that’s on calendars, guys – Indiana is awfully gross and  ugly in the winter.

I said I would stop with the adjectives, but I have not.

You know what isn’t all those adjectives I said up there . . . this outfit. Well it is sorta dark – black shirt and all – and it’s perfect for a cold and rainy day, but it is not dreary. It is a cold, rainy day in Indiana . . .Olivia Pope style

This coat is my favorite winter coat in the whole world. I got it at Target 2 years ago. It’s wool so it’s warm, but there’s a bit of a stretch to it so it fits perfectly. Also if you forget to wash it regularly the wool doesn’t scratch your face  . . . not that I would know.

What’s your favorite thing to wear on cold dreary dark rainy days?

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  1. Totally can relate to cold, rainy days — I live in Portland, Oregon! Makes for… interesting photo shoots 😉 I lasted one rainy winter before getting my first pair of legitimate rain boots.

    Lovely coat and scarf — and I love your purple earrings and how they set off the look.

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