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a sephora giveaway

I’ve been feeling off all week . . . so on Wednesday I ran over to Sephora to try and cheer myself help. It definitely helped make me feel a little happier 😉

Unfortunately I still felt off, which has finally given way to some kind of sickness today. So we’ll be back to our regular programming next week, and to help any of you who might feel off (but not be sick) I have a special treat for you . . . a sephora giveaway! 

Sephora Giveaway 2015


Prize: $250 Sephora Gift Card

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

the one with a new dirty 30

A year and a half ago I started – what I call – a dirty 30 list. At the time it was 30 months until I turned 30, so I listed 30 things to do before I turned 30. For a good long while I haven’t really mastered anything on that list. I was really hankering to mark something off, when I realized that after reading 7 Harry Potter books I might have actually reached a goal.


And I did. When I made this dirty 30 list, I didn’t have too much time on my hands to read books. I hadn’t picked up a book in awhile – months. So my goal was to make sure I read 1 book a month until I turned 30. That, of course, would be 30 books. Then life changed a bit and I was able to start reading more often. So here I am a year early having read 3-0 books.

Some were rereads, some were to pass the time at work during the slow season, some were just to take my mind off stress, and some were educational. This isn’t a list of books I’d necessarily recommend – although only 1 do I remember thinking this book is bad so I guess if you want some new books to read I can share the list. But basically it’s just a list of books that made me love to read again.

Reading is important to me again – I make time for it now. Iron Man and I always have some down time together before bed and we usually ended up wathcing television. Now it’s a toss up of whether we’ll watch tv or read. That’s a win . .

Thanks for letting for ramble on about how I like to read and complete things on my dirty 30 list. To thank you for reading all of my rambles I have a big giveaway for you!! Happy blogiversary to some of my favorite ladies!!


The Prize: $180 PayPal Cash!

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the one about bracelets

I’m a little behind the times on this post I feel. But better late than never, really, is my motto . . .

For Christmas my brother in law got me the perfect rose gold watch and now I’m wanting some bangles or bracelets to wear with on a daily basis. Just 2 or 3 simple rose gold, maybe even mixed metals and throw some gold up in there to set off the watch.

With my capsule wardrobe getting ready in the morning is so easy . . . except trying to do decide on which accessories. I love accessories so there’s no way I’ll be limiting the amount I have of those. I’m a girls, girl who loves shopping so I just can’t give up accessories. But I’d like to some simple earrings to my arm stack and for my ‘usual’

Here’s what I’m trying to chose from . . .


druzy amethyst  – top of the list because it’s purple. I just can’t help it.

initial heart – an s of course for iron man. but is wearing a heart on a daily basis too much?
heart of gold – it’s kate spade and rose gold so this is top of the list.
chain link bracalet  – these are very trendy and maybe even a little too blingy, but I really like it.
feather cuff – just a cute little addition i can’t get out of my head. Plus since it’s a cuff it’ll be easy to slip on and off.
Do you have bangles or bracelets you wear daily with your watch? Whats your favorite place to get them?

the one with DIY leather strap shelves

With the office  finally done and even shared on the blog it was time to get everything organized! But I refused to use basic shelving. I wanted something stylish, yet sturdy. Something chic, yet organized. Something small, yet substantial. I knew I would have to go the DIY route and I happen to stumble upon some reclaimed wood in the process. So I created these awesome rustic shelves out of that reclaimed wood and 2 leather belts!


For the how to on how to make the shelves just run over here and visit My Crafty Spot . But before you do be sure to link up with me and Ash from The Nashvillian!

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the one with workout clothes

Last week I started talking to you about the delicious health shakes I’ve started eating to help get healthier. Losing, maintaining, or gaining weight it starts with food. BUT you get fit in the gym . . .


It seems like flashy workout clothes are everywhere these days. I’m not into it. So I like to stick with a basic color scheme and clothes that will enhance my workout. This whole outfit is from the Old Navy Active line. The colors keep it simple and slim me out. The compression pants keep me from jiggling . . . which it’s a goal to still jiggle when I am healthy so that’s helpful. And the fabric of the tank . . . o the fabric  . . . it’s exactly what a workout tank should feel like. dry. silk. smooth. Old Navy isn’t a sponsor . . . I just really love their clothes. I also wanted you to see my pale winter skin.


Now back to the kitchen. . . like I said last week, it’s not about size for me. it’s about getting healthy. This isn’t about being a certain size, or a quick fix, and it’s not just about eating right and working out. It’s about general wellness . . . health, fitness, mindset, skin care, body image, self esteem, i could go on and on . . .


So Nina from wear flowers in your hair and I have started a project. We’re going to be accountability partners for each other about our general wellness. Each month we’ll each post about a certain focus topic.


For me, wellness is going to start in the kitchen with weight loss. Food affects our mood, our behavior, our mindset, our self image . . . food affects all of it!! And before last week I mostly ate bad stuff that made me feel even worse. When I’m not having a shake, Nina and I will be following a whole 30 diet. Go to for all the details and check back in at the end of February to see how we did, how we feel, and what the next topic will be.

What are your favorite work out clothes? Where does wellness start for you!

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the one with 5 reasons you need an eye cream

Last week I told you all about my skin care routine. But I left out one important part. Why you ask? Because it’s a very important part that young women don’t think they need.

I’m talking about eye cream.

I’ve heard lots of reasons why ladies don’t use it. – it’s too expensive. they’re too young. it feels greasy. they already use a really good moisturizer under there.

But I’m a firm believer that an eye cream is worth it and here’s why.


1. moisture. First and foremost if you read the bottle of your favorite moisturizer it probably says keep away from eyes . . . that includes underneath. Also, you have no oil glands underneath your eyes so the skin there needs extra moisture. Without glands there the skin is more sensitive so you need something other than a regular moisturizer to compensate.

2. puffiness.  Regular moisturizers also don’t usually have anti-inflammatories. But most eye creams are made with specific products to decrease that fluid retention.

3. wrinkles. It’s called prevention. Why wait until you start to get those crows feet to start using an eye cream. use it before you start and it won’t happen to begin with.

4. dark spots. Without glands under there, it also makes for some sensitive skin right there. sensitive = easily damaged. easily damaged = dark spots. How do you keep those spots away  . . . with a cream to keep it hydrated, but is gentle enough for that sensitive area.

5. you’re not gonna be young forever. i don’t want to be a debby downer, but you’re not. i mean i’m almost 30 and i have honestly no idea how that happened. i feel like i’m 18  . . .

I’m currently using Instanaturals eye serum! I love it! the eye dropper applicator gives me just the perfect amount.

Do you use an eye cream? What’s your favorite?

the one about kushyfoot

I’m not a big sock wearer . . . I much prefer to let my feet live free from the bonds of socks and closed toe shoes. Even if I’m wearing closed toe flats or heels I rarely have on socks.

My issues with socks don’t just end at letting my feet live wild and free. My feet get this sweaty feeling while in socks, socks don’t ever stay in place, and unless I have full on fuzzy socks they don’t even keep my feet warm. I live a life with cold feet – which is ironic because I never have cold feet about adventures especially marriage.

I know what you’re thinking and believe me I understand  . . . I live in a state where we experience full winters. Negative temperatures, snow, ice, violent winds . . . how do I not wear socks. Well, until a few weeks ago I only wore fuzzy socks with my boots . . . and my feet were really cold.

Socks are a basic foundation garment that help our clothes and shoes stay on better, fit and look the way they’re supposed to – just like a bra – But our feet aren’t as delicate as what our bra’s are used for so it just didn’t seem as important to me.  That might be a bit a of stretch, but you get the idea.


What happened a few weeks ago? I found kushyfoot . Specifically I found fleece lined trouser socks. Not only do they keep my feet warm . . . but they stay up all day long under my boots – or under my pant leg if I choose to wear my booties. And that weird sweaty feeling when I wasn’t sweating . .  . it hasn’t come with these socks. They now always go under my boots – most likely with some fuzzy socks over top of them since it’s so cold.


Not only do I love the fleece lined trouser socks! I love the crew socks to wear with my booties. The padding on the bottom feels like I’m walking on a pillow! Now am I going to start wearing socks all the time now . .  nope. Will I wear socks with my flats when it’s cold out? . . . nope. I’m just not a socks girl, but when I have to wear socks I’m going with Kushyfoot.


the one about Visalus health shakes

I don’t know what the difference is this year. I don’t know what finally clicked in my mind, my heart, and my body … But I can feel it. I know that it’s there. That need, yearning to finally get healthy  . . . to finally lose this weight I want to lose.

I’m not here to tell you that you have to be skinny . . . I will probably never be called skinny. I’ve always been a little chunky . . . I’ve always been a lotta curvy . . . and I like it that way. If you’re naturally skinny I’m not here to shame you either . . . even though I like the way my curves look in my jeans sometimes I think it might be easier to be naturally skinny so there may be some snide comments, but that’s because I’m sarcastic and a little jealous .

It’s about our health not our size . . . and I’m not healthy . . . So I’m not here to talk about size, but I am here to tell you that if you like me aren’t healthy that needs to change.

So I’m challenging all of you to join the Project10 Challenge with me! All you have to do is lose 10 pounds by drinking some delicious shakes. . . and you’ll feed a kid for 90 days! Go here  for more info!

On a daily basis I have some sort of eggs along with some sort of meat for breakfast and then a Vi Shake for lunch followed by a healthy veggie filled dinner. I feel good, I have energy, I feel full, I’m getting my daily nutrients, I’m losing weight, and I’m helping kids while I’m at it . . .

Here’s some of my favorite Visalus health Shake recipes!



Easy Strawberry Splash for a light meal or snack 

2 scoops of Vi powder

4 frozen strawberries

12 oz of almond milk


Peanut Butter Chocolate when I really want some sweets

2 scoops of Vi powder

2 tablspoons of cocoa

1 tablespoon of low fat peanut butter

12 oz almond milk


Hangery Monster for when I’m about to bite a head off 😉

1 cup of spinach

1 banana

1 tablepsoon peanut butter

2 scoops of Vi powder

12 oz almond milk

Will you join the challenge with me? Go here  to start today!


the one with the bathroom reveal

Today I have both of our bathrooms to reveal to you. It is not weird to me at all to feature just bathrooms in one post . . . two of them at that . . . because our bathrooms are where I have the biggest dreams for this house.


We’ve done a lot in our small time here, but barely touched the bathrooms. I have big dreams for what I want to happen in here . . . honestly the only other room that I would change would be the kitchen. And at that I would only update the kitchen cabinets . . . and I think I can tell you now, confess to you that I would put butcher-block counter-tops throughout. I love our laminate, and I’m so proud of us for going out of our comfort zone with them. We chose a medium we didn’t know about and we had no idea how to install, but we did it and they turned out well. I love them and I have no regrets. But I love the butcher-block more.

That’s it . . . the only major changes I would make other than the bathrooms. They’re wonderful, normal bathrooms the way they are now . . . but this is a spectacular house and it needs spectacular bathrooms so I have big plans. By the way there are no windows anywhere near these rooms hence the pictures . . .

2bath4 2bath3 2bath2 2ndbath1

That is our guest bathroom. So you can see why I love it 🙂 It’s warm, inviting, and that lovely mirror from Target (where everything else is from also). We actually didn’t do anything in here except paint the poop brown walls – Eggshell by Valspar – and the chalkboard is a built in medicine cabinet. Ya know, the ones with the mirror on them. I just painted that mirror with some chalkboard paint because . . . pretty.

And here’s the master bathroom . . .

masterbath4 masterbath3 masterbath2 masterbath1In here we painted the walls Sweet Orchid by Valspar and painted the dark espresso mirrors ultra white. The closet door was cracked in places so we took it down and put up that curtain to give the room a nice soft feeling. I thought I could live with the door on the shower – I thought I might even enjoy it. I don’t. So we’re putting up a shower curtain as soon as I find one or make one I love and the splash guard needs recaulked, but that’s all to be done in here.

As you can see, like the rest of the house when we moved in, the rooms have good bones. They’re good sized and in good shape. But other than me adding some color to them they don’t have much style. My inspiration to update these rooms you can find below – they help me dream and remember that not having Starbucks everyday is worth it.

bathroominspiration3 bathroominspiration3=2 bathroominspiration1

Right now we’re in the process of finish up small things around the house and saving for the bathroom. It was nice to have the break of the holidays and now easing back into projects and renovations, but i’m aching to get some big stuff done 🙂

Any projects going on in your house? maybe other bathrooms?

the one about cold dreary dark rainy days

bexcoat2 bexcoat3 bexcoat5 bexcoat6 bexcoat4

 Coat :: Target . Shirt and jeans :: old navy . Boots :: . Scarf :: forever 21Earrings :: old navy . Umbrella :: practically perfect in every way . pictures :: Nina who wears flowers in her hair


Rainy days . . . dark rainy days . . . dreary dark rainy days . . . cold dreary dark rainy days

I’ll stop with the adjectives now.

Cold dreary dark rainy days are what we’re having here in Indiana since it is January. And when I say cold I mean 1 degree . . . when I say dreary I mean cloudy . . . when I say dark I mean we don’t see the sun . . . and when I say rainy I mean it’s a wintery mix.

For being so darn pretty in the spring, summer, and especially fall – like the stuff that’s on calendars, guys – Indiana is awfully gross and  ugly in the winter.

I said I would stop with the adjectives, but I have not.

You know what isn’t all those adjectives I said up there . . . this outfit. Well it is sorta dark – black shirt and all – and it’s perfect for a cold and rainy day, but it is not dreary. It is a cold, rainy day in Indiana . . .Olivia Pope style

This coat is my favorite winter coat in the whole world. I got it at Target 2 years ago. It’s wool so it’s warm, but there’s a bit of a stretch to it so it fits perfectly. Also if you forget to wash it regularly the wool doesn’t scratch your face  . . . not that I would know.

What’s your favorite thing to wear on cold dreary dark rainy days?

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