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the one all about the color marsala

Pantone just announced the 2015 color of the year . . . and some people are freaked out. It is the color marsala . . . and I have to say I’m not sure why some people are upset. It’s basically a muted version of the the color wine guys. And wine is EVERYWHERE this fall! If you put it in gold, it’d be rose gold . . . beautiful!

So the blogging bestie and I got together to come up with 5 ways each to incorporate the color into your everyday for 2015 . . . marsala2015 persian rug // Persian rugs are another thing that are all over the place right now, and they kit marsala right on the head! nail polish // if you want inspiration to incorporate any color into your wardrobe start with your nails! eyeshadow // if you pick a muted tones with lots of red instead of orange it’ll come off like pink eyeshadow! so delicate and feminine! sweater // It’s already cold outside so January and February are only gonna get worse right . . . comfy sweaters are needed. -ring is vintage- // ruby rings =marsala rings

Now it’s faith’s turn!

 Curtains // I love these deep red/marsala curtains. I think they would bring warmth to a dining room. My mother has a somewhat similar color in her dining room but different style. Mixer // I’ve always wanted one of these mixers and there is not another color better suited for my kitchen than this one. Sofa // I LOVE these sofa’s. They remind me of shows like Downton Abbey & Anne of Green Gables and what better would work with curtains too. Tie // What better way to add the newest color to your favorite guys wardrobe than with this gorgeous tie! Watch // I love this watch! 

There ya have it! Our picks for the 2015 color of the year! do you plan on incorporation it in your life!

the one with December’s vlog

It’s time for another installment of the golden vlog! I am having so much fun as a co-host these past 2 months! I know I speak for the other girls when I say it’s so heart warming to see the excitement in all of you and the growing participation!
I never thought I would ever, ever vlog. Let alone be so involved with one, but I don’t want things to ever change! Let’s get to December’s vlog . . .


Faith @ Life with Mrs. G & the Artist // Bex @ butcher’s niche
Elizabeth @ Elizabeth Loves //  Sarah @ 12 TwentySeven 

Here’s the Rules . . .

1. We want to see your face! How many times you roll your eyes, and if you talk with your hands! So link up a post featuring your VLOG answering this months questions! Please link up a post not your blog’s home page, and be sure there is a VLOG (video blog) featured! This is the Golden Vlog after all 😉

2. Add the button above or a text link to one of the hosts to help us promote this crazy thing!

3. Spread the love! go watch, listen, and comment on other blogs and make some new friends!

If you have any questions at all or want to be included on our monthly Golden Vlog Letter with next months questions just email

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Once these bad boys finally go up, I see myself in a whole new light. Am I the only one? I get to see ALL the eye rolls, the weird things I do with my lips, and just how many times a girl can subtly burp in a 12 minute vlog.

I sat in my husbands chair so you could see our Christmas tree . . . because it is December’s vlog . . . I think you see it once.

Mele Kalikimaka friends . . . you won’t get that unless you watch it . . . watch it.

the one with christmas jewelry

Today I’m hanging out over on my friend Jana‘s blog Life could be a dream! We’re talking about all the different ways to wear a black skirt. If you’re visiting from there I just wanted to say thank you so much for visiting Butcher’s Niche! Here we talk about all things style, home decor, and even recipes. I hope you find something you like and stick around for awhile! I’d love to get to know you all better!

There’s something about the Holiday’s that makes me step up the sparkle and shine. It probably has something to do with the twinkle lights, glittery ornaments, and the fact that new years eve is right around the corner. I’m currently dreaming of wearing that perfect black skirt, a simple white top, some high heels, and lots of statement jewelry. I might even add in a sparkly cardigan.

But since I’m doing a capsule wardrobe right now, I can’t justify buying new clothes. But that’s what accessories are for, right?!  Here’s some of my favorite Christmas jewelry pieces for this December . . .

christmas party jewels

shop bop  .  lookbookstore


Statement necklaces just won’t go away and that’s fine by me. I love the new knotted rope and beaded styles.


sole society  .  express

Mix a deep red Christmas dress with some pastel statement earrings and an updo . . . the epitome of Holiday Christmas party to me.


gojane  .  simplymeart

I’ve always heard the rule to put on all your jewelry – then take one piece off. That piece for me is usually a bracelet, but these make me change my mind.

What are your favorite jewelry pieces to wear during the holidays? do you like to rock the casual wear more than the gliztz and glam?


the one with a gift guide for him

My husband is the hardest person to buy a Christmas present for. If he wants something he just buys it himself . . . I could buy him things he needs, but what is the fun in that.
And to make it even better worse . . . he buys the best gifts. His gifts are gifts you don’t even know you want – like a sewing machine – or gifts you want but don’t expect – like a coach purse.
Seeing his face when he opens that perfect gift is my favorite time on Christmas morning. So here’s my gift guide for him . . .


tender belly :: a bacon of the month club. need I say more.

the art of shaving :: Most winters my husband grows a bear and then shaves it off in March. So last year I got him this shaving kit for when that time came. He LOVES it. 3 of his friends now use it because of his recommendation. As a grizzly, scruff loving wifey, that was the worst mistake I’ve ever made.

tacticle pen :: I don’t know why. Please don’t ask me to explain why men want them and they are cool. But every man in my family wants one.

ice balls :: Iron Man loves ice. So when our nephew saw these and said” Uncle Scott needs these ’cause he loves ice” It became Iron Man’s favorite gift ever. If the man in your life loves ice or any hard liquor these are a great stocking stuffer.

paddle your own canoe :: Nick Offerman, the man behind Ron Swanson, wrote a book and has a store that is all Ron Swansony. It’s a masculine, woodsy, libertarian man’s dream.

shawl collar sweater :: If your husband is anything like mine . . he won’t buy new clothes unless you tell him to or if he needs them. So Christmas is the perfect time to add a few things to his ol’ closet.

tie clip :: If you want to get him something sentimental a tie clip or cuff links with a symbol, engraving, or picture are the perfect option. He’ll wear it a lot, and no one will know but the two of you how sentimental it is.

What’s on your list for your husband?

capsule wardrobe #8

So much to say, so little time . . . let’s just get to it with capsule wardrobe #8

look 1


look 2


look 3


look 4


Weather update ::

We’re staying pretty steady between 25-65 degrees – on any given day at any given time. But there’s no snow and just light rain. Let’s be thankful for the little things . . .

Thought for the week ::

Only 1 thought for the week because my best friend (rachel, benny and the jets, bbbbbenny, benson, the only person who calls me Butcher) got engaged!!! And she deserves the whole post!


I got to be involved in the process and it was and so.much.stress.

Friday night I had to convince her to go get manicure’s so her nails looked good and while her boyfriend got everything he needed together at their house! Please note we’ve never gotten manicures together . . .

Then Saturday I had to keep her occupied for a few hours in the afternoon while all her family came into town. Please note she thought she was going to spend the whole day with her boyfriend and was super disappointed the whole day. So we crafted and had girl talk about how the spark goes away a little bit when you’ve been together for so long, haha!

keeping a straight face I’ve learned is in fact one of my strong points . . .

Saturday night he took her to the spot of their first date, got down on one knee, and made my bestie the happiest girl in all the land for the evening! While I got the house ready and greeted their family and friends for a surprise party!

I’m so honored to have been asked to be part of this process and I love these two crazy kids so much!! They deserve all the happiness in the world!


How was your weekend?

Currently on this friday

I really love these currently link ups. I love reading about what’s happening in other bloggers lives, and it’s an easy prompt for a day you don’t really have much going on! So here’s what’s currently happening in my life . . .



listening – as I write this, I’m listening to Pentatonix ‘sleigh ride’. There’s lots of Christmas music happening and 80’s music on the radio at work.

watching – I finally started Gilmore Girls . . . so it’s like a Gilmore girls/harry Potter party in my brain at all times. I might explode.

wrapping – I’m in 3 gift swaps through blogging and they are all getting finished up and wrapped this weekend! I’m really excited for everyone to get their gifts!

making – One of the swaps I’m in is a cookie swap so I’m making gingerbread men to send my pick! I don’t think I can fully explain my excitement over who I get to make these cookies for. She’s a blog friend that I truly admire and can’t wait to meet in real life at influence next year.

anticipating – other than Christmas day? the hubs and I have a big Christmas party to go to on Saturday and I’m SO EXCITED!! I wish I could tell you more about it but I can’t 🙂 if you’re super curious watch instagram. or i’ll be back Monday to tell you all about it.

What are you up to  . . .  currently? Any big plans this weekend?



the one with december goals

November was a slow month when it came to goals. My main goal in life was just have a chill month and that I did. It was wonderful to recharge. Here’s how I did with the ones I had . . .


November goals ::

1. continue yoga challenge and capsule wardrobe – Both of these are on going things from last month that I’m well into as you can read above and I will continue. So the goal here is to simply continue :) Capsule wardrobe spending rules aren’t going to change.

I did pretty well. you’ll see more about the yoga challenge below, and you know all about the capsule wardrobe if you’re keeping up with the blog on Mondays 🙂

2. read 1 book

I started rereading all the Harry Potter’s . . . and so you know how life is going now.

3. finish dining room table upgrade

didn’t even start, oops!

Blogging/VA goals

1. hit 500 instagram followers and 2000 pageviews again this month. – self explanatory. Last month I had the goal to catch instagram up to twitter, and it’s only about 150 behind. I’m considering that caught up since I use twitter more than instagram and I think most others are the same.

done and done!

2. VA – I found a book about VA that per the reviews will get into good ways to market that. So my goal is to read that, make a button for my VA website, and put that button on 2 websites.

done and done!

December goals!

1. get up at 530 work day mornings – This is going to be so hard, and when I accomplish it I think I’ll do a post on how I finally figured it out. But I go to bed in order to get up at 530  . . . and then sleep until 7. There are days I want to work out and don’t. There are days I plan to shower before work instead of the night before and then I leave with wet hair . . .  I could just get so much more done if I got up at 530. the worst part of all of it . . . iron man gets up at 530 4 out of 5 work days so I’m already awake anyway – I just lay in bed.

2. yoga challenge again. so yes I do feel accomplished and marked it off the list . . . but I half assed it so I want to do it again.

3. finish harry potter’s

4. sell old iphone – do you need a refurbished 16GB white iphone 5? email me

5. refurnish dining room table

blog goals

1. get a better plan/budget for the blogs I sponsor

2. decide on blogging schedule for 2015. I’m considering going down to 4 days a week . . . and possibly posting on the weekends . . . like do M – W – F and then one other day a week . . . My reasons behind this are I just don’t want to get burnt out and I worry I’ll run out of ideas.

3. look into invitation/paper shop  . . . again

What are your goals to round out the new year?

the one with Salted Chocolate Pecan Pie

Melt in your mouth pecan pie . . . is there anything better?

I’m pretty sure I say that about most recipes I love.

But this stuff is sooo good, and when I saw a recipe (from Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe) that upped the ante a little – I knew I had to try it out.


Salted chocolate Pecan Pie is it’s name, and Thanksgiving was it’s game.

If I had to make it again and I will – I will probably cut the sea salt in half – maybe just not add it on top. It was just a tad too salty in bites, but when you got a little salt, some pecans, and a good whip of chocolate . . . delectable!


the one with Salted Chocolate Pecan Pie
  • •1 recipe homemade pie dough (or 1, 9″ store-bought pie dough)
  • •1 1/4 cups brown sugar, loosely packed
  • •5 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted and slightly cooled
  • •3 medium sized eggs
  • •1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • •1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • •1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • •1/4 teaspoon ground cloves
  • •1/2 teaspoon sea salt
  • •1 tablespoon good quality whiskey
  • •2 cups pecan pieces
  • •1/3 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips or pieces
  • •1/4 teaspoon more sea salt (for top of pie)
  1. Preheat oven to 375°F and line a cookie sheet with foil. If you’re making the pie dough do so now.
  2. Mix together your brown sugar, melted cooled butter, eggs, vanilla extract, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and sea salt
  3. Next stir in your whiskey, pecan pieces, and chocolate chips.
  4. Pour into your crust and top with extra pecan pieces
  5. Bake on your cookie sheet for 10 minutes. then turn the temperature down to 350 and bake for 30 more minutes.



What was your favorite thanksgiving dessert?


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the one with a gift guide for the home

Today I’m here to share my gift guide for the home! The 3rd of the 2014 gift guides!!

I love to have people into my home for dinner parties. And by dinner parties I just mean spending time together while eating and drinking. Whether it’s popcorn and wine (like the Pope’s) or eggs benedict and orange juice with my brunching bloggers, I want my home to be an inviting place.

I tell Iron Man it’s why I’m such a neat freak. Clutter is not inviting. But that is neither here nor there so let’s get to the good stuff


globe – globes are everywhere in home décor! If you can find some vintage ones grab them quick!

throw pillow – every home décor enthusiast most likely switches out her pillows on a fairly regular basis. They’re easy to switch, easy to store, and easy on your wallet.

crate & barrel – They’re Olivia Pope’s favorite wine glasses.  So 1. they hold a lot and 2. they’re pretty.

world market – They’ll need a place to hold that wine, so here’s the perfect place. * I super love this and it’s hexagon shape, anyone who wonders what to get me for Christmas*

mrs. meyers soy candle – Since our memories are triggered by certain scents, it’s important to have your home smell appropriate. Long lasting soy candles at a decent price are the perfect gift for anyone!

gem vase – don’t worry these come in more colors than just purple 🙂

blanket – It’s cold, and it’s about to get even colder! A stylish blanket can be left on the couch so you don’t have to pull it out every time you want to cuddle on the couch.

elephant bookends – Bookends can be used for more than just keeping some books together, and I’m all for versatility. Plus elephants symbolize strength, honor, stability . . . everything you’d want brought up on your home.

What’s on your list for your home?


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Capsule Wardrobe #7

Am I the only one that feels like this year went at a decent pace? Everyone else I hear says it flew by and I gotta tell ya . . . I don’t feel that way. Here we are at my favorite month counting down the days to my favorite holiday –  it was a good year, but I’m so ready for 2015.

Here we go with capsule wardrobe #7

look 1

IMG_4640 (1)

look 2

IMG_4643 (1)

look 3

IMG_4642 (2)

look 4


Thoughts for the week . . .

I really wish it would stop raining on the weekends so I could try to take the picture outside again. I know it would be cold but I could go through it to give you guys some decent pics . . . at least that’s what I tell myself.

you know how in the summer it rains at night and you wake up and the ground is wet and then by lunch time it’s dry . . . that’s what’s happening with the snow

I found the perfect grey jeans . . . guess where? old navy sweetheart skinnies

the only thing I’m ‘allowed’ to buy in the month of December is a structured black blazer to replace the one I currently have . . . I’ve made it this far I can make it 4 more weeks.

This week I’m so grateful for our wonderful family. Iron Man and I hosted Thanksgiving in our new home with both sides together. It was wonderful to have everyone under one roof laughing, talking, and sharing a good meal.

I’m also really thankful for my mom. Now that her kids are older it always just seems like she doesn’t host the holiday meals as much. And Christmas it’s usually just my parents, Scott and I so my younger nieces and nephews can be home for Santa. But this thanksgiving seeing her boss people around and making sure everyone was eating before she did – and at my house not hers – I realized she’s still that lady, she’s still that mama, and she might let me have it at my house and she might let me make the turkey but she still runs the show.

how was your thanksgiving?

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