Capsule Wardrobe #10 – the finale

Capsule Wardrobe #10 – the finale

It’s the finale. The end of all things capsule wardrobe :: fall 2014.

Yes there is still time in December left . . . but next week i’m pulling out everything red and green I own and wearing all of it, everyday. Especially the shirt with Santa’s face on it. And then it’s all about sparkles and pj pants to ring in the new year.

But not really because I’ll be doing a review next week.

And the week after I’m going to introduce Capsule wardrobe :: Winter 2015. Are you excited?

Here’s the outfits from capsule wardrobe #10 . . .

look 1


look 2


look 3


look 4


weather update . . .

the weather is the weather. there will be no white christmas in the hoosier state this year.

weekly thoughts . . .

This weeks activities included lots of holiday movies at home with Iron Man (including wolf of wall street), going to the mooovie theeeateher with Amauri and Me’Sean to see the new Annie, and Christmas with my fam bam.

If you scroll up, the floor gets cleaner. It’s like one of those flip books

Don’t worry I finally got my bangs cut – it’s been 3 weeks of this flat bangs or off to the side situation. I’m not ready for full time side swept again so a trim was needed.

outfit #4 – is in the top 2 favorites of the Fall capsule. The other one is also with the red dress. I’m still a little torn as to whether or not to include the red dress in winter’s capsule because it’s short . . . but I think it’s just going to end up being in all of my capsules forever and ever, amen.

Side notes:: I’m basically taking the rest of the year off from blogging to rest and relax and gear up for an amazing 2015. There will be a couple random posts thrown in to round out the year, but nothing too spectacular. If you do happen to comment I will be checking in and dong some cleaning up so hopefully I find the time to respond. If not know that I love you still and I will see you back here on January 5th, 2015!

Oh, and i’ll be all over the instagram still find me @butchersniche





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