capsule wardrobe #9

capsule wardrobe #9

There is only 1 more week left in my capsule wardrobe. It’s gone by really quickly you guys. There are several shirts that have not been worn . . . and will not be worn next week. I did – hopefully you’re excited to find out – make the decision to do a winter capsule January thru March 2015. This first round taught me a lot and I think I’m very ready to continue and do it better next time.

Here’s capsule wardrobe #9 . . .

look 1


look 2


look 3


look 4


Weather update . . .

Hello 50 degrees everyday of this weekend. It was very nice to see you. Although I would like a white christmas, if you stuck around I’d deal with it.

Weekly thoughts . . .

It was a busy weekend (reminder that all my outfits are worn Thursday thru Sunday because of work uniforms Monday thru Wednesday) Thursday date night (outfit 1), Friday Christmas play with brother’s family (outfit 3) , Saturday fun day (outfit 2), Sunday Christmas lunch with my bestie (outfit 4) and a show at a hipster bar with the sister (repeat outfit 3).

My nephews the Atrain wanted to go see a Christmas play so we tagged along . . . it was white christmas by a local theater. It was awesome – mostly the time with family. Those 3 boys have turned into the coolest kids around. #proudauntie

My friend Shanna is probably my oldest and closest friend. She is the best. Yesterday she gave me what I’m sure will end up being my favorite Christmas present of 2014.

My sister and i went to see a lovely and funny Christmas show yesterday by some local radio DJ’s (smiley for you locals) LOVED it! and love my seeeester.

It was a really great weekend, and this might have been my favorite week of capsule outfits.

I finally changed the chalkboard from Thanksgiving to Christmas!

How was your weekend?

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  1. Faith says:

    I love the first and third outfits! You do this capsule wardrobe so well…I would totally be breaking all the rules. Lol! What was the gift you got that you loved?? I want to know. 🙂 can’t wait for you to get my gift.

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