the one with an etsy lovers gift guide

the one with an etsy lovers gift guide

For the next 5 Tuesdays, I thought I would share some gift guides! I’m doing 5 because I refuse to believe that any of you will shopping 2 days before Christmas . . . you’re better than that!

My goal this year was actually to delay my Christmas shopping . . . the last couple years I was done before Thanskgiving even came. Then I would change my mind on certain gifts or I’d just really want to shop and experience all that Christmas had to offer. And end up spending more money than I had planned. So this year I made a schedule of who I was going to buy for, what I wanted to get them, and when I was going to buy that present. I’m still going to be done shortly after the beginning of December, but not as early as usual! Having that schedule also really helped with being sure I got everything I wanted to order from Etsy!

Handmade gifts are some of my favorites and supporting small business is my jam. But I know they get busier near the holidays and if you wait too long it might not get here in time! So if you want to order something from Etsy for a loved one, I’d totally recommend doing it now! To help here’s my etsy lovers gift guide . . .



clickandblossom mug . Frostbeard booklovers candle . agogo pillowcases . SaSea sweatshirt . Garvin and Co print . PlumPaperDesigns planner . Elisabeth Ashlie necklace

I’m not the only making gift guides so be sure to go check out these lovely ladies!!


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  1. Faith says:

    I’m like obsessed right now with buying from etsy shops. I’m needing washi tape and I have so many in my cart to buy but just haven’t yet. I need to know because it’s Christmas tape and I NEED it!! Lol!

  2. Jana says:

    I love that mug and planner! Doing my Christmas shopping from Etsy is my favorite because I know I’ll be getting something unique and supporting handmade business is the best. 🙂

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