Capsule Wardrobe #5

Capsule Wardrobe #5

We’re only 5 weeks into this capsule wardrobe and I am seriously thinking that I will end up with some shirts that I won’t wear. Since I only end up with 4 outfits a week #werkingirl 37 items might be too much. BUT I’m not ready to give any up yet . . . Here’s we go capsule wardrobe #5 (which makes me feel like this should be called chanel #5 or even better mambo #5)

favorite outfit: fancy jeans


outfit 2: cute and comfy


outfit 3: girls day


outfit 4: leopard at church

capsule wardrobe

Thoughts for the week ::

BANGS GOT TRIMMED!! Gosh, if you don’t have bangs you don’t understand.

That’s also why the hair was down most of the week . . . because a fresh color, cut, and blowout can last daaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyysssssss in this dry weather.

that grey sweater is from stitchfix and is the I’ll take several more just like it please.

shoulda taken the 2 minutes to put on tights for church with that last outfit . . . but the hubs had to help with opening prayer and we had to be there early!!! #nightowlstruggles

things I’m grateful for this week – girl friends 🙂 there are 5 girl friends who helped me through this week. It wasn’t a bad week just a very surprising week and they were there.

I also got to meet 2 of them in real life for the first time and now I have 2 new family members 🙂

Lastly because Christmas is 5 weeks away . . . yup 5 weeks away . . . some lady-ladies and i are back this fine monday morning to offer you some sweet sweet mula and a personalized clutch from monkeyseeboutique!

we wish you the very best of luck as you try to win yourself some christmas cash!

(and don’t forget to show each of these gal-faces some love while you’re at it.)

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