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the one about our new floors

When we first bought our house I was disgusted by the carpets in the living room – I also just didn’t want carpets in the majority of my house. The hubs and I knew we wanted the appearance of hardwood. I don’t think I have to explain why – it’s classic and never goes out of style. Obviously the real thing was our first choice, but right now it’s just not in our wheel house. After coming to that conclusion we had 2 features that were most important to us – does it look fake and how durable is it?
photo 5 (4)
After LOTS of research and looking at all sorts of floor – engineered hardwoods, laminate, ceramic tile, etc. We settled on Allen and Roth 12mm laminate in Toasted chestnut from Lowes (it’s not listed on their website to purchase – but 2 weeks ago it was so maybe I just can’t find it). The finished product is amazing and completely changes the look of the house! There are tons of blogs out there about how to install so I didn’t want to share the process. This isn’t our first rodeo with laminate flooring so instead I’m just going to share of few photos of our process and some tips we’ve figured out over the years.
First, and this is probably most important, buy a house with square rooms. Of course I’m kidding, but just know that if you plan on installing new floors in a room with lots of angles or features like a fireplace or strange corners the job gets much harder. We have a small hallway with some strange angles and doorjambs, and it took us about as long to floor as the entire master bedroom which is almost perfectly square.
Secondly, you need to have the right tools. Hardware stores sell kits for installing flooring and you’ll need one of them. You’ll also need a table saw for cutting boards lengthwise against the side of your room, and a jigsaw for cutting unique shapes to go around corners or doorjambs
Finally, I highly suggest buying the little sample pieces they sell at the store. Take it home, set it out, and think over your decision. We thought we’d picked out the perfect design, but after a week or so of it sitting on our kitchen counter the hubs started to think it wasn’t the right one. On the display at the store it looked cool, but once I gave in and we looked again we decided the pattern looked like the flooring version of an over-the-hill actor with six pack abs painted on himself with spray tan… fake. The floors we ended up with are perfect and we couldn’t be happier!
photo (29)
Have you ever installed laminate floors before?

the one with an attitude of gratitude


 Life is full of choices and our attitude is one of the most important ones. But having an attitude of gratitude is not always the easiest choice. When hard things or difficult times come into our lives, our selfish nature causes us to place blame. It’s hard to think of glorifing our lord when we are looking to place blame. And the easiest place to lay that blame is on one we cannot see

 What could he be trying to teach me?  Why would he do this me? Is he really there?


In these moments I’ve learned there really is just one simple thing you need to remind yourself to do  . . . pick up your bible and have a conversation with God. I find reading through some verses helps me rearrange my thoughts so I can clearly see that everything happens in his time. Maybe this is happening as answer to a prayer from years ago . . . or maybe this is just the opposite of what I think should happen, and I will eventually see his plan.

Here are the verses I turn to when I need a reminder to have an attitude of gratitude



And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him :: Hebrews 11:6

After he had dismissed them, he went up on a mountainside by himself to pray. When evening came, he was there along. :: Matthew 14:23

 My insides are turned inside out; specters of death have me down, I shake with fear, I shudder from head to foot. “who will give me wings I ask “wings of a dove? Get me out of here on dove wings – I want some peace and quiet. I want a walk in the country I want a cabin in the woods. I’m desperate for a change from rage and stormy weather :: Psalms 55:4-8

Be cheerful no matter what; pray all the time; thank god no matter what happens, this is the way god wants you belong to christ jesus to live. :: 1 thessalonians 5:6-18

What verses do you turn to?



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the one with mexican pasta cassarole

Lately I have this thing for Mexican food. I just can’t get enough. My favorite food is nachos and I consider tacos the easier, usually cheaper version of nachos. So when this months pasta treat came around I decided to do my version of a mexican pasta casserole.


Guess what, it was deliciouso! And my little lady niece, Amauri loved it too so it’s good for the kiddos J Sometimes Cassaroles don’t look pretty and they’re hard to capture in a picture, but I really think this just captures the tomato, sour cream, cummin flavors … paper plate and all.



1 lb ground beef with garlic and onion seasoning

2 cups pasta – I used broken lasagna pieces, but it’s your choice

1 can of tomato sauce – about 16 ounces

2 tabelspoons taco seasoning

2 cups of veggies – I used 1 of corn and 1 of black beans.


Brown 1 lb of ground beef seasoned with onions and garlic. Drain and rinse once fully cooked then return to skillet.

Add pasta, water, tomatoe sauce and taco seasoning and bring to a boil.

Add your veggies – for this round I added 1 cup corn and 1 cup of black beans

Let simmer for a few minutes.

Top with cheese and bake for 20 minutes.



Next week I will be heading out to my very first influence conference. I’m nervous, excited, motivated, just all sorts of emotions about it. I’ve been searching lately for where God is trying to lead me . . . I feel stuck in my career, I feel like there is potential laying dormant and I’m hoping this conference can light a fire for me and remind me of why I serve Him so I can hopefully start seeing that path again.

over here is a fun meet and greet for everyone going to the conference, and I’m joining in, of course!


a little about me: I’m Rebekah and I get real upset when people assume I spell it with c’s . . . my retort is normally very sarcastically – Jesus spelled it with a k so will I. Your best bet is just to call me Bex – it make me feel cool to have an x in my name. I’m a proud hoosier (Indiana) girl who loves to shop at target, eat popcorn, cook, read, and watch tv. I’m married to a tall, lanky, stock brocker named Scott who tells our nieces and nephews he’s related to Iron Man since our last name is Stark. They all now assume he saves the world and is super rich. When I’m not blogging I’m a sales assistant at a Ford Dealership, but my real passion shines forth through my style. Whether it be in our home décor, recipes, or, of course, my clothing, I love to make things pretty from the inside out and show that you can be a woman of God with style and grace throughout your life.

What I’m looking forward to: Gosh, all of it! I really have no idea what to expect, but I think I’m most excited to meet blogging friends in real life, and meet even more blogging friends.

What I can’t leave home without: a notebook and paper or my iphone to write down any notes or all the ideas that I’m sure will be tossing around my brain at a 100 miles an hour.


Are you going to the conference? Have you been to a blogging conference before – any advice?


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the one with white after labor day

The prompt/inspiration for this weeks let it shine link up was a statement piece so I thought it the perfect day to post about wearing white after labor day. My thoughts on the matter . . . I wear what I want, when I want. I understand that wearing white when it’s snowy/rainy/horrible outside doesn’t make since, and I won’t when it’s bad outside. But really what are the other reasons for not wearing white? You’ll blend in with the snow for the winter? Who spends that much time in the snow? A white coat makes you look like a marshmellow? . . . ok that makes sense.



Even with unpredictable Indiana weather I don’t spend that much time in the snow unless I’m fully covered and not in white. So wearing white after labor day while spending most of my time indoors just comes natural to me and I don’t question it. Especially in September when it is still technically summer most of the time. Same thing with shoes . . . I prefer to leave my feet open to the elements unless it becomes harmful. so the sandals remain on unless it’s below 40 degrees – or it’s fall/winter and I feel that boots will look best with an outfit.



And really how do I not look like fall with my dark red and the details on this hat? How do you feel about white after labor day?

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friday about my closet and a giveaway!

Of course you all know that my brain and life are still obsessing over our new house. and that’s really all there is to say about life. I realized something this week that I totally spaced thinking of anything new and fun for…. My closet! I have to share with the hubs or make him go to the other side of the house every morning so I mentioned making us a jazzy new closet  – and I got deer in the headlights stare for a few seconds.

Guys just don’t get the fun closet do they?

So for today’s Friday high 5 I wanted to show you a quick 5 things that I would have in my dream closet.

dream closet

chandelier  .  painted floors  .  organization  .  wall art  .  outfit

  1. A better light fixture – because why not? This is my closet to get glam in – yoga pants and a tank top are glam in their own way – and what’s more glam when it comes to homedecor.
  2. A fun floor – I’ll probably just end up putting the same wood flooring we have throughout the house, but these fun painted floors give me floor envy.
  3. Plenty of storage/organization – I’ve never had a closet with more than a shoe shelf and some rods. Now I have my own house with my own closet that I can do anything with so the possibilities are endless.
  4. Wall art – daily motivation to start your day with.
  5. New clothes – obviously 🙂



Also, another special treat on this Friday for ya’ll! Christine who blogs over at So Called Homemaker just completed one year of working out 5 days a week!! So proud of my blogger friend and to celebrate we’re having a giveaway! You could win a FitBix Flex, a PiYo base kit, and an ab roller just enter below!


You can click on any blogger’s picture above and it will take you straight to their blog! Neat, huh?

Now for the giveaway details:

Open to US participants only! Sorry international readers, but we still love you!

Entries will be verified before winner is notified, so don’t cheat!

Winner will be notified by email after the giveaway closes, and will have 48 hours to respond. If no response is received, a new winner will be chosen, and so on and so forth.

With that said, start entering! Good luck to all of you!

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the one with a 30 for 30 update

1 year ago today I posted about my 30 by 30 list, and this year I’ve decided to update my list. At first, I felt bad changing any or taking any off – like I was cheating – but then I went ahead and wrote out my thoughts about each one and realized that life has changed a lot in the past year. With those changes, some of the things I wanted to do don’t make sense anymore or I just simply don’t want. We’re all allowed to change right?


1. see wicked on broadway – My sister and I saw the broadway cast here in Indiana and I’m considering that a success. It was so much fun, and the show was so good.

2. go to paris with my hubby before we have babies – most definitely on the list.

3. girls trip with the fam – this has been mentioned to the other girls in the fam, but nothing has been put in the works yet. It’s still definitely on the list.

4. actually make it back to Chicago – I did this! I went once about 5 years ago and had such a good time. I’ve been trying to make it back and things keep coming up like snow storms. But in June my bestie Shanna and I had a long weekend there and it was just what the doctor ordered.

5. go on a trip in the winter – in the works for this year!

Wifely life

6. throw Scott a 30th birthday party – done and done.

7. make a baby  – still on the list.

8. take a day trip to Muncie and let my boo show me his old stomping grounds – He doesn’t seem so keen on this idea as he usually has been so I’m thinking about replacing this one, but I’m just not sure what yet. I definitely want it to be something for my marriage/my boo

9. get a tattoo for my boo – should have it in about 2 weeks 🙂

10. cook a 5 course gourmet meal for our 1st anniversary – done and done.


11. complete a 30 day yoga challenge – I plan on starting in October. a nice relaxing month to recharge from the absolutely cluster life has been in august and September.

12. teach Me’Sean to play soccer – I really need to get on this. He wants to and I want to and yet I’ve missed two deadlines for signing him up. luckily he keeps occupied with basketball and I’ve never promised him dates so he’s not let down yet, but he does know it’s on the list and he’s excited so I need to find a spring league and do it. I have had a few backyard sessions with him myself to be sure he likes it and wants to, but I want him to be on a team and those backyard sessions be my little way of helping him hone in his skills and giving him tips his coaches won’t.

13. consistently drink 60oz of water a day – done and done.

14. reach goal weight – so I’m updating this one. I never actually said what my goal weight is, and honestly that number has never mattered to me. It’s more about being a healthy weight, which I’m not. But we are doing 80% paleo (except now while we’re moving) and doing the work out challenges are encouraging me to keep active. So I’m changing this one to lose 50 lbs. If I can gain enough control over those things to lose 50lbs and keep it off then I will be at a healthy weight and finally have control over it.

15. paleo for 1 month – done and done. we actually live with 80% paleo diet consistently now.



16.  learn to sew – done and done

17. read 30 books  – I’m actually only about 5 books away so I should reach this by the end of the year

18. learn to play guitar – working on right now.

19. learn to grow hydrangeas that actually live – work in progress thanks to a hydrangea bush at the new house!

20. master mom’s cheesecake recipe – done and BOOM!

For others

21. pay for a strangers meal – done!

22. give away my formal dresses to a young girl for prom – gonna do this at the beginning of next year.

23. volunteer at a soup kitchen – done!



24. find a career I love – keeping this one …  for now.

25. say goodbye to ruby – done and done.

26. save to buy myself something from Tiffany’s – honestly I’d love to have something from Tifany’s and I think this will help me do better with saving, but I want to do something more significant so I’m changing this to having 3 no spend months in the next 2 years, and 1 this year.

For me

27. sell (for actual dollars) something I bake – for a long time I wanted to open a bakery. But I’m sort of over it. I just don’t think that’s the route for me to go down, and if I’ve learned something about myself it’s that if I’m not 100% into it and committed it won’t happen so this one is gone.

28. watch every movie that has won best picture – I haven’t even started eek! And actually looking at the list there are some movies that I think to myself ‘I’ll be happy if I never see this movie’ but my hubs and I are movie buffs and have discussed doing this together so for now it stays.

29. have a dog – now that we don’t have a deposit at the apartment this one is only a matter of time and still most definitely on the list.

30. complete this list

the one with carrie underwood

who here thinks carrie underwood is just gorgeous? this girl right here does . . . my hand is raised super high.



I’m not really sure why . . . her bangin voice and killer legs don’t really make her much of a normal girl . . . but yet she seems pretty normal to me. I also like to pretend I’m her while by myself in the car. . .

so when I heard she was a spokeswoman for Almay I decided to go ahead and give their products a shot.


The exact products I used are pictured above and found here

Almay intense i Color Play up liquid eyeliner in black pearl

 Almay intense i color smokey eye for hazel eyes

I followed my regular makeup routine and just inserted these in where I would normally use other eyeshadows and an eyeliner. I placed the eyeshadows just as the package shows and recommends for a toned down smokey eye.


Overall, I really liked them. The eyeliner is definitely one of my favorites and is now a staple in my makeup bag. It’s tip is a bit pointy so I can get a nice crisp line if I need to instead of a thicker line. The shadows while nothing extremely special about them they did go on smooth and stay on. I’ve done this look a couple times now and once with a more intense smokey eye and I’ve had consistent results. (almay doesn’t know who I am I just really love carrie underwood so I decided to try)

Have you tried almay products? what did you think?

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the one with my new house

If you haven’t heard we moved . . . which if you haven’t then that means you’re a new reader and WELCOME! I’m so happy you’re here. For those of who have heard I have happy news . . . I’m going to share a real life project with you not an inspiration board!

I thought it best to start at the beginning with our front door 🙂 We started with just a plain, white, dirty door with lots of gold. I wanted something a little more cheery and something definitely more sleek and not gold. gold just isn’t my taste . . .


So I started taking the old door knob and lock off – super easy just unscrew it 🙂 Then I took a scraper and poked it between the door and the kick panel . . . I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was just glued on so I carefully pried it off. After a good cleaning – just with hot water and soap – I went through and filled all the holes with spackle. and I let that dry for a couple hours.


We used Valspar Reserve semi gloss paint in Birds Song blue and put two coats on per Sherry’s instructions. I really found everything to go just as she said. It was easier to do the squares with a brush and then go through and roll the rest – and I waited an hour between coats also. The picture below is after one coat.



I did this all before noon, and then before dinner – about 6 – we went back in and added the new knocker and door set which I purchased here. It came with a template for the holes, and the only difficult part was being sure the two parts of the lock met in the middle so it worked properly. Here she is all ready for her debut . . .


As for the rest of the outside, we have a little front porch so I added all of the items from our apartment porch and the two stone pots (left by the sellers) to make it seem more homey – that wreath i’ll tell you all about in a couple weeks, and I picked up the new mat from Target.


I love coming out for a one or two breaks while we work on the rest of the house! In this one little spot it really does feel just like home – decorated, organized, and all!

What do you think? Anybody else doing projects around the front of your house?

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the one with fall transition

September equals fall around here. And I’m not gonna lie . . . I think fall is a little overrated. The weather is nice, but I’d rather it be warm. The foliage are beautiful, but I’d rather see the ocean. If it’s offered I will eat pumpkin spice anything and enjoy it, but it is not the be all end all of flavors in my book. I do however LOVE dressing for fall. boots, leggings, scarves, my leather jacket, hair down more than up, layers . . . what’s not to love.

So today I wanted to share a quick and easy way I transition one of my favorite outfits. I’ve posted about old navy tee’s many times, and if you’ve looked at 3 or 4 of my outfits you know I love their swing skirts. for the fall I add a long sleeve tee and some boots. I keep it super simple around here.

transition links

but look at how different all the outfits look! and my cold self is now warm for those chilly fall mornings. It’s what I love about dressing for fall . . . no need to go buy a new big wool sweater or fleece lined leggings . . . just use what you’ve been wearing in the summer and wear it in different ways.

What’s your favorite way to transition to fall? do you hate me now that you know I’m not a super fan 😉

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friday five on the fifth.

you guys . . .I need to sleep . . . seriously. I have recovered from the break down of last week and I do not feel as stressed as before, but I still feel behind on sleep . . . I think I mainly need a vacation. but lots of good things have happened this week . . .

1. our floors are done. the apartment is completely packed except for necessities. and by this weekend only 2 projects will be left. I am so dreading moving though. I’m trying to come up with a plan to make it a little easier, but I just keep avoiding it.


2. I got to see my Me’Sean and Amauri this weekend and it was so lovely 🙂 they light up my heart – I just can’t wait until the house is done so we can have a real weekend with aunti bexi like usual.

photo 4 (24) photo (27)

 3. I found my old doll, Ruby this weekend and gave it a place of prominence in the house. My older brother bought this for me for Christmas one year. He told me that it was for my niece so I helped him wrap it all up and then had a special surprise Christmas morning! 🙂

photo 5 (22)

4. found this in my old pictures and just love it. lr5

5. date night last night we went to my favorite restaurant  – Kona Grill – and had a nice leisurely dinner with appetizers and everything. It was so nice to not feel rushed and just sit next to my favorite person and enjoy some time with him.

how was your week? what’s your plans for the weekend? I will be at work for awhile on Saturday since we’re having a big sale, and then guess what else I’ll be doing . . . yup more renovations.  😉

Lastly, a special treat for all of you . . . I’m super honored to be a sponsor over on Meg‘s blog – Rivers and Roads – today she is doing her monthly favorite things giveaway!! This month it is $75 to Minted – a lovely shop for all things stationary! Be sure to enter 😉

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