a GiGi baby bag giveaway

a GiGi baby bag giveaway

I know last week was filled with giveaways to celebrate fall week, but I can’t help but add another one today. I see giveaways as a way to thank my readers and connect with other bloggers with an added benefit of growing my followers not the other way around. BUT I know sometimes there are too many . . . I promise to get that under control

. . . But today I’m so excited to raffle off a GiGi New York baby bag, beloved by fashion bloggers, bloggers, and fashionistas alike. And I get to do with it some of my fave girls. Happy Monday. Am I right?


a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Faith says:

    CUTE bag!! Love it .. and who doesn’t like a giveaway? Them people be crazy! lol. 🙂 Told you I was gonna stalk …. you were warned …that’s all I’m saying. LOL!

  2. V says:

    Alright, so I was on the hunt for some new blogs to read and I came across yours. Absolute bonus that you’ve got some awesome suggestions here. And double bonus….an adorable bag!! I have the perfect place for that beauty…in my hand…


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