friday love – influence conference style

friday love – influence conference style

Today and tomorrow I am hanging out in downtown naptown (Indianapolis) with lots of other lady creative minds at the influence conference. Saying I’m excited for this is such an understatement. It’s hard to control my excitement and not just be that girl. So I’m letting some of my excitement spill over here for 5 things friday on the blog so that I hopefully keep it under control the next 2 days.

1. I finally get to meet my friend Faith, and we’re going to start coming up with ideas for a hoosier blogger monthly meetup!

2. tonight the lovely ladies of the peony project who are attending are all getting together for dinner. this group of people warm my soul on a daily basis and give me so much encouragement. and I finally get to hug some of them.

3. I get to carry this bag around all weekend. canvas, cognac leather, monogram . . . heaven

4. I get to hear these guys speak . . . some of them I have been following their blogs/shops since before I even started here at my little niche.

5. I’m going to come home so motivated, but also ready for a lazy sunday evening with my hubs. and then get back into sort of a routine on Monday after 6 weeks of no routine.

what are you excited for this weekend? are you going to influence? come find me!




  1. Faith says:

    So ..yea..we met and now we are besties!! It’s so great!!! AHHH!! I can’t wait to get together for coffee, lunch, dinner…whatever!! This weekend was amazing and dinner with the peony girls was just amazing!! 🙂

    Ps ….. FOLDER or NOT? LOL!!

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