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friday ramblings and 5 things I’d marry

You guys, I finally had my first house related breakdown. We all knew it was going to happen – it was just a question of when and the question has finally been answered. Everything is actually going perfectly, but I feel a little behind schedule mostly because we’ve been able to save money in a few places and therefore add a couple projects to the before we move schedule. We also hadn’t started packing at all  . . . until Wednesday. Sooo while starting packing on Wednesday I told the hubs that I was over it. . . this was after said breakdown and realizing I was being just a little irrational and piecing together why it was happening . . .

photo 3 (23)

That picture is our kitchen in the new house. the color is hang ten by valspar and if I could marry a color this would be it.

we’ve been trying to keep our apartment relatively put together and clean so that the place we are actually living in is a ‘home’ still and stuffing all our mess and boxes into the office. So we’ve been trying to keep up with our cleaning schedule and I’ve been cooking like I normally do except on Saturdays when we spend the whole day at our new house and hiding the moving mess . . . and I’m over it . . . it’s time to live in chaos because our life is a little chaotic right now. It’s a good chaotic and with all the wonderful, appreciated help we have and how organized we are it’s going great and it’s going to get us the best house for us right now (seriously if this place had 1 more bedroom I’d stay here forever, but since it doesn’t we’ll probably be here until kid numero dos comes or as my husband says 5-7 years).

photo 1

that fabric is the fabric i’d marry. and it’ll be somewhere in our new house and not just because i’ve already ordered 2 yards of it with no ideas on where to go . . .

honestly that chaos/mess is probably going to help my attitude because I feel like I’m checking more things off the ever growing house renovation and moving checklist instead of just cleaning an apartment I’ll be at for only 3 more weeks. so instead of keeping the mess to 1 room I think I’ll keep the cleanliness to our bedroom/bathroom so we can still sleep and shower in peace and cleanliness.

photo 4 (19)

If I could marry a quote I think I’d marry this one – found on

so October 1st is the light at the end of the tunnel . . . will I be completely done with everything I want to do in our new house? no, that’s not even a goal. but the MAJOR projects will be done and we’ll be moved and if I know myself we’ll be unpacked and organized by then too.

painted housethat’s the house I’d marry . . . and it’s mine 🙂

So how was your week? anybody else stress and freak out? anybody else have a great week 😉

175and there’s the guy I married and always will have my heart.

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the one with september goals

On July 15th I posted some goals for July/August, that was really the first time I had set out with monthly goals and not just a daily to do list! Now that August is over I feel like posting it kept me accountable and reminded me of the things I want to get done! Here’s how I did ::


1.New glasses – check

2.Dentist – just went on tuesday

3.Cleanse with hubs  – half check. We started it and I got sick so we stopped. Ha!

4.Raise social media followers by 5% on twitter, pinterest, and Instagram – they were raised by more than 5%

5.Take the kids to the zoo  – half check again. The zoo is expensive yo! I didn’t realize the prices had raised so much, but we did have a fun day with the kids.

6.Find 2 new blogs for ad spots in the month of august. – check and check

7.look into selling the pretty invitations I make for the parties I have in my head.  – in progress hopefully more to come later.

8. read another book – read gone girl can’t wait for the movie!

9. have apartment professionally cleaned before we move out – I did look into this – we don’t actually move for another 3 weeks tho so not quite checked off.

10. finish floors in new house – in progress and should be done by the end of the weekend

Since last month worked out so well I thought I’d try it again for September  . . .


 1. fully moved – out of old apartment – by September 20th. I’m talkin’ cleaned and keys turned in 1 week early.

2. old appliances sold or given away

3. kitchen reno done

4. look into having chimney cleaned

5. grow twitter/instagram/bloglovin followers by 10%

6. guest post on 2 blogs

7. start marketing for virtual assistant business

8. steam clean apartments in new house

9. plan weekend getaway with hubs for oct/nov

10.get 5th tattoo

What are your goals for September?

the one when i bought appliances

Our house is 90% painted and floors are underway as we speak so the two biggest projects are almost done! I am so thrilled  . . . but now the hard work begins. All the little projects and moving . . .

But today I wanted to tell you about our appliances . . . we had a pretty strict budget and were definitely going to be doing all the work ourselves in order to make this the house of our dreams. and with that budget I wanted to include all new appliances . . .

I’m a dreamer. but I’m not the only one . . . i’m also a diyer . . .

I researched what I wanted – I say I because Scott doesn’t really care … if it works and I like it he’s cool with the kitchen – and I found that for us we needed a basic, but good dishwasher, side-by-side fridge with an ice/water maker, and I really wanted a nice stove with a delayed start, timer, and convection oven. So we went to Sears because around here that’s pretty much known as the best place to go . . . and on the July 4th sales we could get everything we wanted for $2000!!! amazing . . . not quite . . .

We hadn’t actually closed on the house yet and our mortgage advisor told us it wasn’t a good idea to spend that much money before closing. If you’ve bought a house you know that you’re not fully approved until like a week before and then right before closing – like an hour before – they run your credit again. I was frustrated because without the sales we couldn’t afford what I wanted and I knew we were strong candidates – because we’ve worked to make better decisions in the past year to be that way – so I was finding it hard to believe spending $2000 was going to change that . . .


But I was forced to listen and in the time I had to wait – I stressed about the fact that the kitchen I had fallen in love with wasn’t going to be on sale again – and most importantly, I was also told about sears outlet. I knew of scratch and dent stores and we were open to looking there, but I’ve looked there before with friends and didn’t really have much luck so I wasn’t hopeful . . . but sears outlet isn’t really scratch and dent. Basically it’s the stuff sold at sears that has been returned for whatever reason, or sat on the showroom floor, or was damaged slightly.

From there we were able to get  a fridge, range, and dishwasher – the only thing wrong with any of them is one small dent in the side of the range. you can’t even see it guys . . . and it was almost $300 less than the sales prices.

so here’s 5 tips for shopping for appliances at the outlet stores ::

1. have an open mind – no, not everything there is going to be just a floor model and in pristine condition. some things will have much more wrong with them than a small dent or 1 missing shelf. If the first 2 or 3 things you look at are unacceptable to you just keep looking. Most of it will be decent and all of it is usable.

2. make friends with the sales team – Perfect example – when we first got to the store the fridge I had seen online and already purchased wasn’t really the fridge I had seen online . . . so I started looking for another one on the sales floor. During that time I made friends with one of the delivery guys who was helping load our truck and one of the managers. The best thing they did for me was show me the best they had – I didn’t have to search for it myself. they know what they have and they know exactly where it is so let them show you. These guys are just like the salesmen at any other big name appliance shop – they know their stuff. They also let me replace some plastic shelving for glass shelving, and the manager took $100 off since I thought I was coming to the store just to pick up my items.

3. know what your deal breakers are – is having a dent in the side of your stove a deal breaker? do you really need 4 shelves in the fridge or will 3 do – think about the taller space you’ll have? can you use the power hose/cord from your old appliances instead of purchasing new or in case it doesn’t come with? that way you can go into the store saying these are my deal breakers, but I’m ok with this. For example while I was looking for the fridge I told the manager I needed a completely working side by side stainless steel fridge with most if not all the shelves, but I was ok with it if 1 shelf was missing, i didn’t care where the ice maker was, and it didn’t have to have led lighting. he knew the exact 3 to show me. with our stove I knew I wanted a delayed timer stainless steel and convection oven other than that I was open. he knew the exact one to show me.

4. take a deep breath – they may not have what you want today but their inventory changes consistently so take a deep breath and look again in 3 days. maybe the one you want has 1 small dent like the stove or you show up to the wrong fridge . . . take a deep breath and think about your deal breakers. I knew my deal breakers and the dent is not visible nor will it affect the function so I took a deep breath and took it – the fridge had several deal breakers so I took a deep breath smiled at the manager and asked if I could pick out another . . . you also have 30 days to return it.

do you have any tips for buying appliances? anyone else bought them at an oulet?

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the one when I wore heels to church

I’m a big fan of the way heels appear. I’m also a big fan of the way they make my calves look. I’m not a fan of how they make feel. So I don’t wear them very often.

photo 1

I always want to look my best for church, but our building’s parking lot is quite lumpy  . . .  and if I’m being totally honest I’m usually running late . . . weekends are for sleeping in so why do we have to get up at the same time on Sunday?

photo 4

I know . . . I get it . . . I’m just kidding. I ,of course, get up, but I’m usually running into the building as church starts hoping my mom remembered to save us a seat. Heels aren’t very conducive for running to a pew.

photo 3

these heels I’ve had for a loooong time. I love them, but they hurt. This particular morning I felt adventurous and they matched my belt. so we went for it . . .  I even rolled my hair into a side knot! guess what . . . it wasn’t too bad!! Now I only had them on for about 3 hours, but there was no blood shed plus my hair stayed in place.

Oh, and those sunglasses . . . I got ’em at the dollar tree . . . yup . . .

photo 2

Dress, belt, bag: Target

Cardigan: Old Navy

shoes : Steve Madden (old)

earrings : forever 21

sunglasses : dollar store

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the one with expensive makeup

This month I – out of character – didn’t try very many new beauty products. So here’s a quick wish list of things I’ve had in my Sephora cart for awhile. All except one are things in my Sephora cart that I’m trying to convince myself are worth the price since spending over $20 on a beauty product makes my heart skip a beat – most of the expensive stuff I feel like you can find a just as good drug store dup . . . some you can’t and these are the ones I’ve got my heart set on . . .





lip color

What’s on your wish list?

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they like me, they really like me

The lovely Sarah at 12TwentySeven and Sophi at Simply Sophi sticated nominated me for a Liebster award on the same day and I could not be more honored. Seriously ladies thank you from the bottom of my heart this has proven to me that my little blog is being read and enjoyed by others and while I like it for mostly a creative outlet it’s nice to know others enjoy my little space here. If you aren’t reading these two ladies DO IT NOW! that’s an order. they are both so so lovely I have been reading their blogs for about a month now – seriously about the same time length what’s the chances? and I hope to get to know them better now that we’re liebster sisters. did I just make a thing? can we make that a thing?

A Liebster is an internet award given among bloggers to get to know each better! the rules are different everywhere you go I’ve learned 🙂 so I’ve sorta made up my own . . . combined the two I was given sorta thing . . .


the two most important rules are

1. Post the award on your blog.

2. Thank the blogger who presented this award and link back to their blog.

Then you list some random facts about yourself (I’ve seen 5-11), nominate other bloggers (5-11 again), and give them certain questions they must answer (5-11 again) . . .

So 11 random facts about myself . . .

1. my parents were in their 40’s when they had me and all of my siblings were in high school. I was a big surprise.

2. I think I’m starting to get gray hair, but I haven’t seen my nautral hair in 7 years so I’m not positive. but my witch hair (on my chin, only hair on my chin, grows super long) has officially turned grey

3. I like to teach lessons like Lilly from ‘how I met your mother’… like the episode where she stole Ted’s boss’s baseball to ‘teach’ him to stop being mean to his employees . . . that’s me

4. I used to have a big birthmark on my nose that faded over time. my brother told me it was a bruise from when I was little. He told me I fell from my high chair because I was so excited to see him . . . and I believed him.

5. I’ve been blogging for a year, but only in the past 2 months have I really started gaining a community. I don’t consider myself friendly so it’s sorta hard for me. The Peony Project really helps with that.

6. I’m a stress eater . . . and in order to avoid gaining weight I stress shop . . . it’s a problem. a good problem.

7. I have 4 tattoos with plans for more . . . 1 is coming in just a couple weeks. all but one is hidden. That one is small and on my foot so you might have seen it . . . or you might not have seen it.

8. I have nicknames for everyone . . . and if I like you a lot then your nickname will be shortened. for example one of my best friends in the college years . . . her name was Stefani (pronounced like Stephanie) we went to see No Doubt so I started calling her Stefooooni . . . then it was Stefaaani . . .  then it was just Fani . . . even now when I talk about her I call her Fani.  if you don’t know your nickname . . . well . . .

9. I may or may not have a slight obsession with Leonardo Dicaprio . . . I will not discuss it here because it will go on forever . . . I hid it from my husband for as long as I could, but then Leo’s first movie – I think it was Django – since we had started dating came out and all bets were off. I get so mad at Oscar season . . . see #6.

10. fall is not my favorite season and I think pumpkin flavored things are slightly overrated. *please don’t hate me*

11. I basically wear a uniform to work. I just realized I’ve never said that since I started doing fashion posts . . . yup I basically do and it’s not a fun uniform . . . but I have a little leeway.

And here are the questions that Sarah asked me . . .


and miss sophi


and now 6 questions for my nominees to answer

1. What’s your favorite animal?

2. What’s your favorite meal of the day? and what’s your favorite thing to eat during that time?

3. What TV show do you relate to most?

4. Would you rather fall from 2 stories or be body slammed by the rock?

5. What is your favorite memory?

6. guilty pleasure?

And finally my 5 nominess . . . if you’ve already been nominated I apologize feel free I tried to search and be sure you hadn’t . . . to do it again if you want if not it’s cool I still like you.

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yet another friday

GUYS! I will have a post for you tomorrow! this weekend! I know . . .I never do that! But I did and so you get one! I’m probably more excited about it than you are . . .

anyway for your viewing pleasure today here’s a quick life update with my usual 5 things.

1. so much work has been done on our new house. next week – probably Thursday – i’ll give you an official update. I just haven’t figured out what I want to share and what I think will be boring for you and how I want to organize it all . . . if you have requests let me know – we’re basically doing a complete update. the house is in good condition so renovation is a bit harsh but we’re doing something fairly major in every room but the two spare bedrooms. as you can see I obviously am rockin’ the blues and greys for this house – with a dash of purple because duh.

photo 4 (19)

2. just because . . . I love her.

photo 1 (27)

3. I love this ice bucket challenge guys. that’s all. this is my super cute under 18 so hands off ladies, nephew 🙂

photo 5

4. his little brother is in a band that is in florida with their management team rebranding so to say. but they came back for a weekend to be at the fair and say hi to their fans. they’re just so talented . . .

photo 3 (23)

5. just because . . . I love him

photo 2 (25)

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the one with Jello Cake – that’s sort of paleo

Jello cake is one of my favorite and easy desserts! It’s light, fruity, easy to make and has one of my favorite things ever – cool whip. Now jello and cool whip are not paleo , but I was determined to make the rest of it paleo.

photo 2

Dessert just isn’t dessert if it’s completely perfect is it? my answer is no

here’s what you’ll need . . .

2.5 cups of almond flour

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon baking soda

4 eggs

2/3 cup maple syrup

2/3 cup coconut oil

1/2 cup almond milk

2 tablepoons vanilla extract

1 package of your preferred flavor of jello

cool whip for topping

Preheat your oven to 350 and coat 9×13 pan with coconut oil

sift almond flour, salt, and baking soda in a bowl

add the eggs to that mixture

mix the maple syrup, oil, milk, and vanilla – the coconut oil will be clumpy and I’ve learned that’s ok.

add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients

pour batter into pan and bake for 30ish minutes.

once the cake is completely cook to the touch – I like to leave it in the fridge overnight just to be totally sure.

take a fork and poke lots of holes in it.  . . . lots of holes in it.

prepare jello per box instructions except don’t let it set  . . .

pour the liquid jello into the cake and then let it sit overnight.

service with cool whip on top. or however you like your cool whip

photo 3

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the one with the cobalt skirt

Last week when I posted my white hot outfit for the ‘creative closet linkup’ I saw that this weeks was for bold and bright . . . I looked down and realized I had on the perfect outfit!

photo 4 (2)

I love these shirts from old navy. They’re super comfortable, good quality, and my favorite part . . . you can wear them with anything. I already have about 4 colors . ..  and you know i’ll be getting more.  . . . and I’m basically a walking ad for old navy like usual because the skirt is from there too. I bought it for my rehearsal dinner and since then it has become such a great transitional piece. I wear it all the time  –  with so many different tops.

t shirt (exact)


similar skirt

similar shoe

belt (exact)


photo 2 (2)

photo 1 (2)  photo 5 (2)

 photo 3 (2)

what are your favorite transitional pieces?

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the one with a diy makeup roll

When I went to Chicago about 6 weeks ago I picked up a new makeup bag at Forever 21 (which isn’t on their website) and decided I also wanted a new brush roll. I could have very easily went to etsy, but I just decided I wanted to make one. So that’s what I did . . .

makeup roll

I found Kate’s tutorial and decided to follow that because just grabbing a placemat at Target seemed easier than choosing a fabric. I did not put the straps in because I just don’t need them. This is basically to organize my brushes, eyelines, and tubes that I use every day so I don’t have to dig for them every morning.

Step 1: once your place mat is ironed out and flat fold the bottom half up about 3-4 inches – however tall you want the pockets to be – and sew the ends together. I used a zig zag – because I forgot to check the setting if I’m being honest, but I do notice that this seem is a little stronger hold for whatever reason (I’m a rookie at sewing so there probably is a reason I just don’t know it) so it worked out best for the ends.

photo 5 (3)

Step 2: Measure each pocket for whatever size you would like. I used my brushes as a template to see how big each one needed to be. Once I had enough for all my brushes I made about 2 more in each size and then left a large spot open at the end for tubes.

photo 1

Step 3 : Sew straight line for each pocket – I chose not to go the whole way up, out of laziness, but I did go the whole way down.

photo 3

Step 4: fill and enjoy! BOOM!

I love it, it works perfectly for what I need it to do, rolls easily, and the grey makes it easy to clean.

What makeup organizational tools do you use?

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