the one with the sponge holder and nasty water

I’m so excited to show you my little DIY craft today. I should not be so excited over something so simple, but alas I am. Maybe it’s because of the cute pictures of my husband . . . probably is . . .

I saw this pin, and knew I had to make one. See I usually have at least 2 sponges just hanging out in nasty, dirty, sponge water somewhere on the sink or the counter. It gets pretty disgusting and occasionally pretty stinky.

I followed the directions from the tutorial pretty much exactly . . . I did change it up a bit so here’s my steps


1. take an old shampoo bottle and cut it down to slightly longer than a sponge – if you want it to have the circle attachment like the pin you’ll need to cut it a couple inches longer. We just used a sharp bread/meat knife.


2. use a sharpie and mark off a rectangle at the front – I didn’t measure it I just marked the shape and used sharp kitchen shears to cut it off.

3. take some sand paper and smooth out all the edges and corners if needed so they aren’t sharp


4. poke 2-4 small holes in the bottom for drainage. We could have easily used a knife or scissors, but my husband was helping so we used a drill.


5. cut a small slit and a small circle in the back to hang it off the faucet. if you cut it longer you’ll want to follow the pin tutorial to have the larger circle, but my little cut lets me separate it any time I need to take it on and off – and the little circle is big enough for it to stay around the faucet.


I absolutely love it! Never before has a kitchen helper helped so much – that might be an exaggeration – but it only goes to show how much it works. no more mess, no more nasty water, no more occasional stink.

I used pink because that’s the empty bottle I had . . . now I want it to match the kitchen so I may end up redoing it 😉 I don’t think my husband will mind if I let him use the drill again!

Do you have any DIY kitchen supplies thatn you can’t live without? will you try the sponge holder?

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  • Reply Megan Walker

    We got a Bed Bath and Beyond gift card for Christmas last year, and I used it to buy a sponge caddy for my sink. What a difference! I always hated how the sponge leaked dirty water all around the sink, so the caddy is a miracle. Great DIY idea!

    August 4, 2014 at 1:21 am
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