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Every day I write out a to do list of what I want to get done in order of importance. this is really the only form of ‘goals’ I usually have. I don’t even usually do New years resolutions . . . I’ve just never really been a goal oriented person, but I’ve noticed lately there are things that are in the ‘I need to do this soon’ category that never get put on a list . . . and therefore rarely get done.

So with that realization and being inspired to put a plan of action to some things I think about in regards to the blog, I’ve decided to do a ‘monthly to do list’  which will consists of my goals for the month. I probably won’t share them on the blog every month, but I figured I would this month to keep myself accountable . . .


To do by August 30th, 2014

1.New glasses


3.Cleanse with hubs

4.Raise social media followers by 5% on twitter, pinterest, and instagram

5.Take the kids to the zoo

6.Find 2 new blogs for ad spots in the month of august.

7.look into selling the pretty invitations I make for the parties I have in my head.

8. read another book

9. have apartment professionally cleaned before we move out

10. finish floors in new house


What are your goals for the rest of the summer?

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