Thick hair. It’s my blessing and my curse (that and big boobs) . . . and it gets tangled.


I’ve tried every detangler I can find. I’ve used several different combs and brushes. But until a month ago it still hurt and it still took too long.

Changing my shampoo and conditioner just didn’t occur to me. I changed it up when I wanted more volume or if my hair was dry. Usually between Thermasilk or Herbal Essence. I still like those products . . .

But in the last month I’ve received samples to No 4 Volumizing Shampoo or Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Shampoo


and it was a game changer.


These are the first shampoo’s that a nickle sized amount actually cleaned my hair. My hair has never felt so soft or stayed in place or been so unfrizzy . . . and all the tangles brush right out.

It’s heaven to wash and then brush my hair now. Honestly I can’t decide which one I like best . . . but I know now that it’s time to find a better shampoo. . .

So tell me what you use? why do you like it? how often do you have to get more?

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